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Jupiter Transits in the Houses

Jupiter Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     2 Comments

These are interpretations for Jupiter transits through the natal houses.

Transit Jupiter in 1st House

When Jupiter transits through your first house, normally, there is tremendous self-confidence and an extraordinarily optimistic approach to life’s circumstances that inspires confidence in others. It is a good time to work on your spiritual improvement and towards a more constructive way of life. There is often a strong desire to travel that, at this moment, is an influential priority. You don’t really feel the need to get away from people.

This is a very good time, and you should not react by exaggerating your own importance, but by looking deeply into yourself to see the truth of who you are. Transform your childish attitudes and any type of narrow-minded thinking. This is a fortunate transit for yourself and for all those who you come in contact with during this time. Any help from others can cause you to grow.

Transit Jupiter in 2nd House

When Jupiter transits through your second house, it is a good time to realize what your values are. You have to formulate your plans and study your goals honestly to see what you have to do to achieve them. Make your plans wisely and, above all, practically. Your finances may improve, perhaps because you are asking for a raise or because you are being granted a loan.

Your generosity with money and with material resources increases. You may perhaps give donations to educational, religious or creative causes. You have to be careful not to mismanage your resources during this transit if you are not clear about what you need or want. You will be learning more about yourself while having to manage your possessions. Knowing how to handle the material world will be of great value and will foster self-understanding. Make your plans wisely and it will be relatively easy to make the necessary changes in your resources to achieve your goals.

Transit Jupiter in 3rd House

When Jupiter transits through your third house, in your daily life, you will now receive wonderful opportunities for advanced training in some field of study that could be useful to you. Even if communication is not part of your everyday activity, writing and the media will take an increasingly important place in your life. Also, travel will give you the opportunity to understand much more about yourself and of your life.

You will benefit economically thanks to family members or those with whom you have a close relationship. Contact with them will be very positive. Your attitude towards those around you and your way of thinking will not be influenced by prejudices or limitations. You will feel the need to learn everything by your own experience. You will have to be careful to not commit to things that you will not be able to do later.

Explore your feelings frankly and honestly, and open yourself emotionally to what the world can offer you. This time is wonderful to dream, write, give lectures, travel and publish. If Jupiter forms difficult aspects, there may be intellectual pride and religious, educational and cultural views full of prejudices.

Transit Jupiter in 4th House

When Jupiter transits through your fourth house, relations with family will be full of harmony, affection and opportunities to share. Your family environment might be expanded by more members in the family circle. Your house may be used as a place for spiritual retreat and meditation. You will probably improve both your living conditions and family prosperity. There may also be a change of residence or change of country of residence. There is usually an extraordinary sense of protection over the house, as well as benefits through real estate investment, agriculture, construction and domestic products and services.

If you have any problem at this time, you should go to your family for peace and understanding. Your relationship with parents is also good and could benefit you in some way. You will be more in touch with your inner being than normally, and can accept some truths about yourself more easily so that in the future they do not become a problem. If Jupiter forms difficult aspects, it can produce inertia and interfere with the effective management of domestic responsibilities.

Transit Jupiter in 5th House

When Jupiter transits through your fifth house, it is the perfect time to be interested in cultures or religions of other countries and for recreational trips. Artists, musicians, actors and creatives will receive inspiration and cultural recognition. It is also an excellent time for romantic relationships because you do not feel that you should hold back. It is really possible to have an authentic relationship with someone at this moment, in which each one knows who the other is. Any relationship that begins now will teach you more than you would have dreamed.

Women who want to get pregnant will probably get it now. You will be more interested in the well-being of children. Your relationship with them will improve and you will be proud of them. It is also a time when you feel healthy and sure of yourself. It is a favorable period for teachers and for those who work with young people. There is the possibility of extracting some benefit from speculation. If transiting Jupiter makes difficult aspects, it can provoke excess in the pursuit of pleasure.

Transit Jupiter in 6th House

When Jupiter transits through your sixth house, the key words are: duty, responsibility and service. There will be opportunities to find work, improvements in working conditions and benefits through commercial work associations. When Jupiter transits this house, it gives you the ability to progress in the world, precisely because the demands of your ego are gratified at a level that most people do not really understand, but you feel and enjoy it very much at this time. Your work now gives a sense of purpose to your life.

You will accept more work without necessarily receiving a promotion, but you will deserve, of course, the respect of your superiors. Be kind and considerate towards your employees and collaborators. You will have good health and good medical care during this period, but try to cultivate good dietary habits, and avoid overeating. If transiting Jupiter forms difficult aspects, there will be a tendency to be lazy and to take too many things for granted as far as work is concerned.

Transit Jupiter in 7th House

During Jupiter’s transit through your seventh house, you will meet people who can help you in various ways. For example, it is a very favorable moment for activities that have to do with public relations. This also applies to artists, speakers, professors, ministers, psychologists, politicians, businessmen, judges and arbitrators. It is a good time to handle legal matters. However, this transit should not be taken for granted, because you could overlook some very important detail.

Keep in mind that Jupiter also refers to foreign places and people, and that contact with them would expand your knowledge a lot at this time. Close relationships and associations can arise with foreigners of quite different customs. Your point of view about life and your personal role in it will now become more philosophical. If Jupiter forms difficult aspects, you can take stability in relationships for granted, too much.

Transit Jupiter in 8th House

Jupiter’s transit through your eighth house stimulates the psychic faculties and you could use this energy to help others or for business. It is possible that a large part of your activities at this time have to do with the law, publications, higher education, hospitals, institutions or cultural matters. There may also be participation in foreign trade and travel for business or even commercial activities related to real estate.

This is also a good time to start a relationship in which you combine your resources with another person, such as making a business partnership. It is also excellent for requesting a loan, unless another transit prevents it. In other words, other people are willing to help you in some way. It is important to remember that if you have just gone through, or are currently going through, a moment of psychological stress, this transit helps a lot in any healing process. If transiting Jupiter makes difficult aspects, lawsuits or difficulties may arise due to commercial or economic issues.

Transit Jupiter in 9th House

When Jupiter transits through your ninth house, it is a wonderful time to develop greater cultural and spiritual awareness. It is interesting to note that individuals with these transits tend to be interested in seeking a religious or philosophical system to guide their lives. You will be presented with many opportunities for study and travel, and for teaching others, either formally or informally.

You feel like writing, it’s a good time for that. You will feel a greater sense of spiritual, ethical and moral responsibility and ultimately, this transit is very favorable for association with universities and cultural institutions. If Jupiter forms difficult aspects, it may expose intolerant, sectarian and fanatical views.

Transit Jupiter in 10th House

During the period when Jupiter transits through your tenth house, you will have the opportunity to progress professionally or receive public honors and recognition. It is a good time to ask favors from people who hold positions of power and authority. If Jupiter forms difficult aspects with other planets, you may become too arrogant, authoritarian or dominant, thinking that you are above others. There may also be abuse of power and prestige for selfish reasons, then falling into disgrace.

The trips you make now will be for professional and business reasons, or to associate with foreigners.

Transit Jupiter in 11th House

When Jupiter transits through your eleventh house, you will feel interest, without prejudice, for cultural, intellectual and scientific ideas. You will be enormously kind to your friends, and they will reciprocate. The activities in which you participate with friends, groups and organizations will increase and often take place in the home. These friendships will be frequently associated with universities, churches and other cultural and foreign institutions.

This is not the time to be selfish, since if you do behave that way, it will be returned to you in greater quantity. Since this is the case, do not try to do everything individually and do not just work with a single person. This transit of Jupiter will increase your social and cultural participation, your sense of belonging to a universal brotherhood, and your humanitarian concern for the happiness and well-being of others.

Transit Jupiter in 12th House

One is usually protected from evil during Jupiter’s transit through the twelfth house, as long as the past actions and motivations have been constructive and noble. Meditation and introspection will benefit you, and you are likely to seek space and isolation to make a spiritual retreat. You will feel an even deeper appreciation for art, religion, philosophy and natural beauty. However, there will be a new understanding of subconscious motivations and a compassionate discernment towards those who need help.

Your past experiences will provide important insights into past and future trends, allowing you to understand people in all kinds of situations in life. You may know someone who acts as a spiritual guide. This person can appear under any disguise and has no reason to be a person known publicly as such. Maybe you feel the need to be healed and then this person appears.

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  1. Tosin solomon on said:

    your explanation of transit Jupiter through the 2nd house ring true. I’m currently experiencing it. however, it’s more about reexamination of my value.

  2. Thank you Corinne for writing these detailed posts, much appreciated.

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