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Neptune Transits in the Houses

Neptune Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     1 Comment

These are interpretations for Neptune transits through the natal houses.

Transit Neptune in 1st House

When Neptune transits your first house, your behavior is controlled to a great extent by the subconscious mind. Your actions are being guided by intuition and psychic consciousness. This is a particularly favorable time for people involved in the artistic world, and especially for musicians. Self-deception is quite frequent if Neptune makes difficult aspects, and this can cause psychosomatic diseases and neurotic conditions.

Your compassionate side is awakened so that it is possible for you to take care of someone who loves you, whom you care about, and who needs your help. It is like you want to save someone. But, be careful that people do not depend on you too much, because that could prevent them from being completely self-fulfilled. Also, your enthusiasm could confuse others. Another possibility is that you become demoralized and without values ​​and look for someone who seems stronger for you to hold on to, but be careful not to become permanently dependent on this person and thus lose your freedom.

Transit Neptune in 2nd House

When Neptune transits your second house, there will be subtle and fundamental changes of attitude with respect to money and possessions. It is not that you will lose everything, but that you will experience a lot of confusion about property issues and may incur a lot of expenses.

The truth is that if you identify with your material possessions and give them priority, this could bring you serious problems. Because transiting Neptune teaches us the mystical principle of detachment and not getting too involved in the things of this world. By not giving too much importance to material things, you will find the opportunity to exercise your imagination in finding ways to make money. You may find yourself working in businesses related to art, music, entertainment, psychology, photography, or hospitals. If Neptune forms difficult aspects while it travels, you will lack realism and discipline in financial matters. You need to have a completely realistic attitude towards any business during this time.

Transit Neptune in 3rd House

When Neptune transits your third house, it is an excellent time to study religion, mysticism, art, music and psychology. Maybe related mysterious circumstances arise with siblings, neighbors or friends, secret communications or short trips.

This transit can also increase the telepathic faculties. If Neptune forms any difficult aspect, there is a tendency to be evasive or dishonest and your thinking can become confusing and impractical. For example, forgetting dates and a tendency towards misunderstandings in communication with others. On the positive side, it can indicate a profound transformation of your thinking, especially an increase in your concern for spiritual truths and metaphysical disciplines. But, if you are not prepared, everything can be quite confusing.

Transit Neptune in 4th House

When Neptune transits your fourth house, there is an intense stimulation of subconscious memories, caused by an enormous emotional sensitivity and even melancholy. During this period you need a place where you can pull out and get away from the commotion. The spiritual bonds with the family will be accentuated. Some individuals may choose to live in an ashram or some religious institution. If Neptune forms difficult aspects, psychological problems can arise with the intimate family, and this could become a very heavy burden, such as being responsible for a family member with a disability or a psychologically confused family member. Be careful with your house, problems with gas leaks or water leaks are possible. This could also mean that one of your parents may have difficulties that affect your well-being or sense of security. Finally, your inner being will be changed by psychological forces in a fairly obvious way.

Transit Neptune in 5th House

Neptune transiting your fifth house is characterized by ideal romance accompanied by much romantic fantasy. Neptune dissolves the material. Therefore, what you are looking for is a union where the spiritual predominates over the physical. One of the dangers is to confuse what you are seeing with an ideal. In other words, you tend to idealize your partner and think that they can save you from yourself. It can also work the other way around, in which you become the savior. If Neptune forms difficult aspects, you may be subject to psychological paranoia about sex and romance, disappointment in love, unwanted pregnancy, overdose of drugs or alcohol, sexual debauchery, or psychological problems related to children. It is very important to stay alert and with a very clear mind because there may be losses caused by speculation and gambling. Your artistic, musical or creative side will be greatly stimulated.

Transit Neptune in 6th House

When Neptune transits your sixth house, the priority here is health and work. It often means that the harder you work for your own benefit, the less you get. In other words, you have to work with a spirit of service for others. You will be interested in diets, but be careful not to follow them blindly, especially for religious or spiritual reasons that have nothing to do with what your body needs. Also, your creative imagination will be strongly stimulated, especially in relation to work, with art, music, entertainment, photography, psychology, spiritual healing, hospitals, institutions, etc. If Neptune forms difficult aspects, psychological problems can interfere with work efficiency, or your work can be inappropriate, or work conditions are bad, or you will be out of work. It is possible that find yourself in a position of servitude. Be careful, because there is a tendency to psychosomatic illnesses, glandular problems, or other diseases. Also a tremendous sensitivity to drugs, medicines, or anesthesia. There is an inclination to evade responsibilities at work.

Transit Neptune in 7th House

When Neptune transits your seventh house, there is a greater sense of intuitive empathy and telepathy in close personal relationships. In other words, you can share your spiritual values ​​with the people with whom you have a very close relationship. Subconscious psychological aspects can be a great influence on your marriage and other important relationships, and it is difficult to see whether for good or for bad. Behavior in intimate relationships is strongly influenced by subconscious memories. In social relationships there is a tendency to shyness or impressionable reactions to other people. You may perhaps even suffer from withdrawal and disillusionment in marriage and other important relationships, if Neptune forms difficult aspects with other planets. You may also have to take care of someone close to you who is sick, probably someone you live with. In marriage relationships problems can arise because resentments are not brought to light, and so the feelings are kept hidden and make it difficult to solve problems. You have to try to communicate very clearly.

Transit Neptune in 8th House

When Neptune transits through your eighth house, the interest of life after death and reincarnation can bring a deep, intuitive and revealing perception and mystical experiences. You can apply your imagination and intuition to any of the following issues: joint finances, corporate money, taxes, insurance, alimony, inheritance, estates of the deceased. If Neptune forms difficult aspects, the opposite can happen and you would be prone to self-deception with respect to those issues. In some cases, death occurs in mysterious circumstances. During this period, your old way of life is ending and a new one is being born. It is a very subtle process and you may not realize it after a few years. You will learn about yourself, and this will help you deal more successfully with your unconscious compulsions.

Transit Neptune in 9th House

Neptune transiting through your ninth house is characterized by wonderful prophetic insights regarding future cultural trends, also by mystical practices and teachings from foreign cultures. In fact, during this time you are being given the opportunity to have intuitive experiences of spiritual realities. You may even make long journeys in search of spiritual teaching and cultural enrichment. However, if Neptune forms difficult aspects, it could provoke the desire to reach a peculiar position by being a disciple of some supposed guru or spiritual master. It could lead you astray and confuse your perspective of the world. Of course, this is not a suitable time for ego games. It is simply a time to learn and to be grateful for what you have learned and for life’s small miracles.

Transit Neptune in 10th House

During a Neptune transit through your tenth house, which will last a few years, you will feel insecure about your direction in life. You will also wonder if what you are doing really makes sense and has purpose and if it is worthwhile to continue there. There will be many people who will try to discourage you and who will be against you for no apparent reason. You will feel pushed to use your intuition to guide yourself, and your creative imagination in your profession and to fulfill your public reputation. Perhaps fame and celebrity will come through mysterious circumstances. On the other hand, if Neptune forms difficult aspects, it could provoke a very unrealistic attitude toward your profession and what it takes to succeed. You may have strange fantasies about fame and prosperity, but without the support of practical actions to make it come true. It is possible that you will go through an uncomfortable time and that your private affairs will be subject to public scandal.

Transit Neptune in 11th House

Neptune transiting through your eleventh house awakens the compassion that you have within and you want to devote your time and energy to helping people. You have to be careful when choosing friends because there is a tendency to see them as you would like them to be more than what they really are. You will know and befriend many new people who share your ideals, but be careful that this does not cause illusions that become obstacles to growth. Neptune will facilitate telepathic exchange and intuitive precognition. During this transit, classmates and friends may be psychologically confused, and care must be taken particularly not to associate with people who take to excessive drinking or drub abuse.

Transit Neptune in 12th House

The key to Neptune transiting your twelfth house is to explore the subconscious to discover your creative imagination. You will strongly feel the need to isolate yourself, and you may discover that you have skills that were previously hidden. This is a time when you become more aware of past lives. Diseases that come from the subconscious can arise and manifest themselves physically, helping you now to be more compassionate with people in need or who have psychological problems. If Neptune forms difficult aspects, you can become your own worst enemy, as several types of subconscious distortions usually occur, without any rational basis. If you do not feel fulfilled, you will tend to feel depressed because your life will seem meaningless and empty. Now is a good time to delve into the conscious and discover what you need to feel fulfilled.

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  1. Anyone have transiting Neptune on ascendant…it has now moved into First House…..I see to do a lot of sleeping!

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