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Neptune Transits to Natal Saturn

Neptune Transits to Natal Saturn

By Corinne Lane         2 Comments

Transits of Neptune to your natal Saturn can be a tough and confusing time. It may feel like everything is depressing or desperate. Your perception of the world changes, and sometimes it’s not entirely accurate because you struggle to determine your role or responsibilities.

During this time, reality and the meaning of your life undergo significant disruption. It’s a test to see if your spiritual path remains valid or if you can stay grounded. You may find yourself avoiding practical and tangible matters, perhaps even sacrificing everything for a spiritual ideal.

All the challenges arise within your mind, which can make you ineffective and lead to illusions or confusion about your daily reality. These transits dissolve old beliefs, revealing a new reality that you hadn’t considered before. Unless another transit is present, there may not be external events causing this inner turmoil.

These periods are excellent opportunities to explore the psychic, spiritual, and hidden realms. However, you need to have clear priorities and take the time necessary to change the fundamental structures of your life. It’s possible to make significant discoveries about the meaning of your life during this time.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Saturn

When transit Neptune is conjunct your natal Saturn, your reality changes and you may feel disoriented and confused. Avoid stress and seek comfort, and be cautious with important decisions. Through this period, you may discover new dimensions and a spiritual path. Stay calm and avoid negative influences.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Saturn, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Saturn

During this transit, there is a balance between idealism and reality. You can make practical changes to achieve your ideals and prioritize spiritual development. Others trust you and you have a good sense of priorities. This is a good time for creative organization and keeping work secrets if necessary.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Saturn

The transit of Neptune square Natal Saturn affects you psychologically. It causes disorientation and insecurity, leading to withdrawal and isolation. Surround yourself with positive people during this time. This transit teaches you to let go of material possessions and focus on humanitarian ideals. Wait until you see more clearly before giving what you can.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Saturn

The transit of Neptune quincunx natal Saturn causes health issues, workplace deception, and the need to keep secrets. It affects you psychologically, leading to confusion, anxiety, and withdrawal. Surround yourself with positive people and let go of material possessions.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Saturn

The transit of Neptune opposite your natal Saturn is a significant and disorienting experience. Your perception of reality is changing, and you’ll struggle to distinguish what is real. This is an opportunity for personal growth and to open up to a more spiritual level of existence. Consider seeking psychological therapy during this time.

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  1. Thank you so much for your writing on this — as Neptune is exact conjunct my natal Saturn at 24 degrees — it’s spot on. I have not been able to define my role within a nonprofit I’ve volunteered with for 4 years. A news article came out about me and my astrology buisness but the vagueness around my role at the nonprofit and lack of awknowledgement for my efforts there reflects the immense confusion the owners and I have felt do to changing circumstances around resources (they would offer money, and then have to take it back by choice or by force due to grants not being approved – which also seems like an 8th house issue – where my Saturn lives). I know our struggles with getting on the same page are not all my fault because I found myself caught in the middle of relationship dynamics… but this transit illuminates how the lack of clarity in my life is really sourcing from within me (or from Neptune’s influence). I may be too hopeful for a good ending to my friendships here, but I have to believe the lesson that is being illuminated here is possible to seize and level up from regardless of how they feel about me. I am ready to level up out of the confusion, disorientation and depression…and I think I will once I let go, grieve the loss, and move to the next chapter of my life. My prayer is to call in the spiritual illumination, life meaning and maturation possible with this transit… which I feel is more accessible due to my Saturn being in Pisces naturally. Hope my reflection helps anyone going through a similar transit! I’m grateful to know my loss of self-confidence around communicating clearly around my work is only temporary…or at least this period of immense pain and suffering around it is. Cheers to transformation (says the 8th house Saturn, Scorpio Moon/NN – more to say on that in another thread). Grazie!

    • I would truly hope you take into consideration how much the God who made the universe, ❤️ loves you so much He gave his only Son who paid for your sin(missing the mark) on the cross to give you eternal life, to be in the most incredible eternal Home,our real home, I to have studied astrology, for years. But by the grace of God he led me out of a limited and an impossible way of seeing the whole picture. I suppose I am hypothetical ,I would just love to see you at peace and feel real freedom, God enables you to see, he will bring through anything with Love and grace.

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