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Neptune Transits to Natal Sun

Neptune Transits to Natal Sun

By Corinne Lane         3 Comments

Neptune transits to your natal Sun can have either very positive or very negative effects, depending on how you choose to navigate this transit. One of its main impacts is dissolving your sense of reality and enhancing your sensitivity, compassion, and willingness to make sacrifices.

If you already struggle with a weak sense of self, this transit has the potential to be extremely debilitating and humiliating. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize and appreciate your individuality, self-confidence, and awareness of your ego. Additionally, take the time to assess your general situation and spiritual growth needs during this period.

This transit has the power to make you exceedingly idealistic when it comes to matters of spirituality and can provide a tremendous amount of inspiration for creativity and artistry. However, it can also bring about illusions, fantasies, and confusion. Nonetheless, it generally contributes to a greater sense of sacrifice, whether imposed by external circumstances or driven by your personal desires.

Neptune transits often lead to a change in your perspective of the outside world, although this transformation occurs gradually over an extended period. They have a calming effect on your ego and encourage devotion to spiritual and meditation practices. Additionally, if you are spiritually prepared, they help dissolve past karmic patterns.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Sun

Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Sun increases sensitivity and compassion. It may bring spiritual or artistic opportunities. Take care of your physical body and avoid deception, both from yourself and others. Strive to find a balance between being realistic and idealistic during this period.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Sun, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Sun

When Neptune transits your Sun, you become more spiritual and compassionate. You’ll have heightened intuition and can perceive others’ needs. It’s a great time for spiritual practices and involvement in spiritual groups. This transit stimulates creativity and romantic inspiration. But make sure to work towards your ideals and not just daydream. Others may appear as spiritual messengers.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Sun

Transiting Neptune square your natal Sun brings uncertainty and confusion about your life direction. It’s important to stay true to yourself and avoid deception. Don’t take unnecessary risks and dissolve past influences.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Sun

During this time, be clear about your intentions and work with people you trust. Be cautious of dishonest individuals and don’t commit to new ideas without analyzing their worth. Take care of your health and avoid feeling depleted. This transit can bring spiritual growth and artistic inspiration.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Sun

During this period of uncertainty and confusion, be mindful of self-deception and draining energy. Focus on self-care and avoid adopting others’ beliefs. Stay true to yourself and dissolve past illusions.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    When transiting Neptune was quincunxing my sun, I went through a period when I felt confused about my job and life direction. Also, some prescribed medication I had already been taking began to make me feel incredibly drowsy, which started to become dangerous, meaning I had to switch to an alternative medication.

    Perhaps this is an example both of the magnifying effect Neptune can have on drugs of any kind, and of quincunx transits asking us to make adjustments by generating a sense of unease and discomfort.

  2. Within a degree I feel sleepy although I don’t sleep well at night. It’s like a brain fog. I’ve become more intuitive however.

  3. One more year. Conjunction
    I feel drained.
    It like just no energy.
    I still swim and do other. Daydream lol. Whether dreams come reality or not.
    I also have Uranus in fourth . Transit.
    I dread the square of Neptune to progressed mars and mercury . A couple degrees away.

    How do you get energy????
    I eat right and all. It seems I’m still depleted .

    Lynn Koiner. Said follow your Saturn . Ethics ! Plug along

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