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Pluto Transits to Natal Mars

Pluto Transits to Natal Mars

By Corinne Lane         3 Comments

When Pluto transits your natal Mars, it signifies a period of intense exertion and perseverance in the face of obstacles. However, it is crucial to monitor your physical energy levels to avoid exhaustion. Taking appropriate and necessary measures for your health can prove beneficial.

During this transit, you might encounter aggressive and confrontational individuals. It ignites ambition and desires within you. How you utilize this energy determines whether it empowers you with strength, courage, and resilience to tackle challenging tasks and bring about significant changes in your environment or profession. You are capable of investing hours of work to achieve your goals. It is wise to avoid direct confrontations with enemies or individuals considered threatening.

Expressing anger or resentment in a timely manner is crucial, as bottling up these emotions can lead to disastrous outcomes both internally and externally. Be cautious of selfish individuals or emotions, as they can provoke strong opposition, challenges, and attempts to dominate others. This transit can bestow immense willpower and self-confidence upon you.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Mars

When transit Pluto is conjunct your natal Mars, it can help you overcome any obstacle and succeed in the area you want. Your energy level is high and needs an outlet. Avoid risks and dangerous situations. Use the power for good, not to dominate others. Avoid dark and dangerous places.

Transit Pluto Sextile Mars

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Mars, it provides more energy and vigor. It gives power over others and allows for making changes. Good for rebuilding and undertaking group work. Reform the environment and the life of those around you.

Transit Pluto Square Mars

When transit Pluto is square natal Mars, it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Strength is increased for achieving goals, but be cautious of getting sick. Enemies and disagreement may pose potential harm. Selfishness may be present, leading to resistance of others’ advice. Avoid unnecessary risks and anger. Manage energy effectively to fight honestly and bring positive changes to benefit others.

Transit Pluto Trine Mars

Transit Pluto trine natal Mars provides extra energy, empowering success and the ability to make desired changes. It also grants influence over others and strengthens willpower. Use this energy wisely to improve your environment and the lives of those around you.

Transit Pluto Opposite Mars

Transit Pluto opposite natal Mars is powerful and intense. There is a strong urge to dominate, leading to tension and conflict. Avoid repressing anger to prevent bigger explosions. Stay open and honest while avoiding being a victim. Understand the reason for anger to avoid negative energy. This transit can lead to transformative changes through creative confrontations with others.

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  1. katarina on said:

    OMG, I started my education as opera singer att university level when Pluto was 0° in my 3rd (coming from 12th) opposing natal Mars on 5° in my 9th. Competition, aggression, envy, so much hard work together with the competition, by myself …. It was kind of a hell, that I know wonder how I got thru… Jupiter was transiting conjunct my natal MOON, maybe that is why I managed. Had a great career for a few years, travelling all over the world, royalty, televison, great pay… (Uranus transiting my 6th opposing natal Uranus and Pluto)..And 2007 when Pluto started to work on my 4th house it all stopped, and I had to go deep… And it has been a slow EGO-death. Remembering the past wounds. Pluto opposing my SUN, Mercury, slowly moving towards a conjunction with my MOON in Capricorn… and now 2021 Pluto is squaring my ascendant in the last degrees of Libra. A lot of dental work, letting the grey hair “out”, loosing weight…. hoping it won´t start any more serious “problems”…. Thank You for Your great site.

  2. GEEKYGUY on said:

    A pre-adolescent boy I knew went through a period of being badly bullied in school when transiting Pluto went stationary right (within 5 minutes) on his natal Mars.

    As per the interpretation of the conjunction transit I wonder whether the boy had some ability which he had not acknowledged and hence was causing other people to work against him?

    Certainly an example of Pluto and power issues. I believe he sometimes acted out by becoming aggressive himself.

  3. 3 years ago transit Pluto conjunct my natal Mars for the last time of 3 passes and certainly was a life altering experience…at the time not realizing that it was rebuilding my future for the better…even through the pandemic…soon to trine my Moon, my MC and conjunct my venus creating a grand trine (if the MC counts)…I have no interest whatsoever in a romantic relationship so I haven’t any idea what’s ahead…

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