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Pluto Transits to Natal Venus

Pluto Transits to Natal Venus

By Corinne Lane     19 Comments

When Pluto transits your natal Venus, it has a significant impact on your intimate relationships, how you utilize your resources, and your sex life. Your relationships become incredibly intense, transforming your day-to-day life as you delve into the depths of your emotions and sexual desires. Your sexual needs become heightened and require an outlet.

You become aware of the power of your emotions and the transformative nature of love. Everything takes on a greater emotional intensity. Your artistic and creative abilities are magnified. Both your physical and sentimental sensations intensify to such a degree that it is essential to avoid any form of obsession or individuals who are overly fixated.

This transit ignites the need and opportunity to transform your relationships with others. It is crucial to examine yourself and your position within all of your loving relationships. You may discover acute issues that need to be addressed during this period. With this transit, all emotions become stronger, and it is important to avoid possessive or obsessive relationships.

During this time, many unconscious patterns in the realm of emotions are brought to the surface, necessitating your attention. Your financial needs, tastes, pleasures, and indulgences may undergo transformation. It is important to discern what is truly essential and avoid taking unnecessary risks or engaging in economic speculations with partners, as this can lead to significant conflicts within the relationship.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Venus

When transit Pluto is conjunct your natal Venus, it can greatly affect your relationships and sex life. It may bring intense relationships and obsessions. You must be careful as it can create fascination with someone who may not be right for you.

Transit Pluto Sextile Venus

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Venus, it brings love and physical creativity to all relationships. There is a great transformation in life through relationships, whether they are new or old. The process is slow and smooth. Love and creativity can transform your life now.

Transit Pluto Square Venus

When transit Pluto is square your natal Venus, relationships become challenging and lead to internal changes. New or old relationships bring transformation and require deep self-reflection. Beware of being fascinated by someone as unconscious forces are at play. Communicate honestly about conflicts and work through unconscious motivations. Relationships may experience tension due to jealousy or possessiveness. Economic resources may go through a conflicting period.

Transit Pluto Trine Venus

Transit Pluto trine natal Venus brings love and creativity to relationships, both professional and romantic. It transforms your life slowly and smoothly, increasing pleasure and emotional intensity. Be careful not to become too sensational or sensual, but let love and creativity transform your life.

Transit Pluto Opposite Venus

Pluto opposite your Venus affects sexual relationships. There may be an obsessive attraction and hidden motivations. The relationship can transform your sexual appetite and change how you view life. Be cautious of manipulation and possessiveness. All relationships and values will undergo transformation.

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  1. Susan Kerry on said:

    OMG. I will need to read this again and again to understand it entirely. The first reading nailed me. I do struggle with romantic and sexual partnerships. All or nothing at all. I am even more a believer and dedicated student of Astrology.

  2. Saturn conjunct Pluto transit will conjunct my natal Venus which conjunct my DSC. A new relationship is on the way?

  3. I just got finished have Pluto in Capricorn transit my Ascendant about 2 or 3 years ago… now transiting Pluto has entered my 2nd house where I have a stellium of planets in Capricorn: Venus 21 degrees, Mercury 24 degrees, NN 24 degrees and sun 25. Degrees. I went through the loss of my daughter when Pluto crosses my asc. and discovery of my husband’s affair. It was a tough time. I exposed her to her husband and managed to try to mend things and forgive my husband which was not easy. Lots of power/control issues to deal with. Now Pluto is with 1 degree on crossing over my Venus in 2nd house and will follow eventually over my stellium of planets in Capricorn which are in a T square opposite my Uranus in cancer in the 8th house and square my Neptune in libra in my 11th H.
    I am again dealing with power/control issues from others around me and from my husband. I feel the intense stress from it all and have felt like up and leaving everyone around me to get away from the drama. I’m doing a lot of self searching on what do “I want” and feeling like I want to stop giving freely if my time due to not being valued or appreciated. These are my thoughts. However, practical crappy has a sense of duty that is hard to break from. Pluto is ready to cross over my Venus soon here… I am not looking for anyone else or one to jump into any affairs. It’s the drama and power control issues and intense emotions of those around me that is draining me. I understand what I am going through here and I keep trying to bide my time knowing this will pass eventually… I have always loved every unconditionally and been there for them. I am a flexible kind person feeling unappreciated at the moment. I’m strong a can deal with a lot.. but I am getting tired of being pulled into everyone’s drama which I choose not to be. Wondering what lies ahead when Pluto starts hitting my T square of planets… grrrrr

    • Julianne on said:

      I hope you’re hanging in there! I’m sure you have plenty happening with the big conjunctions in Capricorn! My Sun and NN are in the late degrees Aries, and Moon and Ascendant in the late Degrees Cancer. So square and opposite these Capricorn Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunctions. I felt for a while that I just couldn’t catch a break. I started leaning in more to what issues were being brought up. I’m doing lots of energy healing and subconscious work to heal old patterns. Pluto transits really are intense! The energy is getting easier the more I face what makes me uncomfortable about myself (which is uncomfortable too, but at least this type of uncomfortable is paying off and I’m seeing and feeling gradual change). Breathe though it!

    • Linda, can you please let me know what happens with your Pluto transit opposing Venus? I have almost the exact transits. Pluto conjunct my AC and now I’m in the process of divorce. I will have Pluto oppose Venus and conjunct second house cusp. I can almost guess what may happen, but I am too afraid of looking forward now. I had two other outer planet transits indicating potential divorce, and I was too blind to see it coming and thought that it’s my kid leaving home going to college.

  4. My husband had this when we dating. Engaged. Pluto conjoin venus. It was intense. He has the square natally. I do not have any pluto venus aspects.
    Aqua venus. Lol.

    Not sure. Then i had the trine. I became a highly creative designer. At least something evolved. No real crazy relationship. Married.

    Then pluto hit my moon square sun. It was freaking awful. Hit his sun. My daughters rising.
    All of the sudden. Jealous women appeared.

    Pluto Pluto now crossing my rising. Give me a break.

    • What happens when transit Pluto square natal Venus? I’m a bit scared tbh. My Pluto is gonna square my Venus in exact degrees in a few years.
      And what will likely happen when Pluto transits 7th house and square natal Venus which sits natally in 4th house and conjuncts Jupiter and Ketu which are natally in 7th house? I’m really scared as my bf is gonna have such transit in 10 or 12 years or so. By that time, Pluto will transit my 5th house and form trine with my natal Venus tho.
      Rn I’m going to have Pluto square Venus and he is Pluto sextile Venus rn

      • To P, Pluto conjunct DC or 7th house cusp is all about your partner/marriage. It’s a bit similar with Pluto conjunct AC, or 7th house cusp. I know another person who got divorced when Pluto conjunct 7th. Nothing is ever for sure, supposedly. But close relationship or partnership will go thru a “revolution”.

  5. Ok, I have looked a bit at various sites…..yet not one discusses how long a pluto transit venus can take. Anybody?

    • Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. Pluto retrogrades every year for up to 6 months. During the retrograde time transiting Pluto could make 3 or 5 contacts with the natal planet. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transits opposition Venus.
      It takes 3 years to complete it’s transit.

  6. I had a tough 4 years with Pluto in Sagitarius transiting my Asc. Opposite my 7th.
    It could react in many ways. Mine was power control issues with my husband who I found was having an affair. The apple cart was turned upside down. It squared my 4th house as well. Pluto could be hidden secret things behind the scenes or control/power issues with others, health issues, sex issues, etc. it destroys and rebuilds.
    My husband moved out during this time, my daughter’s sudden death at age 25 and my battle with his married mistress. I knew my husband well and decided to fight to try to save my marriage. We. Had too much invested in 32years. Being married with 4 kids. Conclusion: it was a long haul & battle but i contacted the mistress’s husband to let him know about his wife… dealt with my daughters loss and grieving other kids and tried not to fight Pluto with ridgedness. The affair was all about money for the herself & her daughter because she wasn’t getting enough from her husband. Her daughter was in the beauty contest field. My husband was very financially secure. In the end with hard work & gentle determination… 10 years has passed, we are still married and work as a team together. It was my husband’s issues with power & control, money power and running in the fast lane due to his success. In the end we had a rebirth in our marriage. Married 42 years now. However, you can forgive, but it is hard to forget.

    • Linda,
      Thanks for shedding more lights in your personal life. I can’t believe what you had to go through. Your astro natal setup is a bit similar to mine, in terms of transits. Could you shed more lights on Pluto going through your 2nd house, conjuncting your Venus (which is also about money besides love)? My stellium of Mercury/Sun/Mars/Moon is in 8th house instead, and Pluto when it will go thru my 2nd house, will oppose my entire stellium. It will coincide with my old age, and it’s likely that I won’t survive the transit.
      I just finished Pluto opposing AC, and now it opposes my Venus, which was mixed with Neptune opposes Moon, Uranus conjunct IC, Saturn square IC, and my divorce is still pending, and I still don’t know if I will end up divorcing.

      • Interesting Shawn…
        I have a stellium of planets too, with sun/merc/venus/NN in my 2nd House in a T square in cappy opposite Uranus in cancer in the 8th.
        Pluto took time to hit my 2nd H. Due to Retrogrades/ and direct motions.
        It actually faired well for me. 2nd house is about resources, money and how you make it. I actually purchased 14 acres & ripped it down to the ground & rebuilt it into a self-sufficient farm. I raise all my own organic food and it turned into a great business with the community without me trying to create a business.
        Pluto/venus was actually good for me at this time. On the romance side Pluto/Venus had me running across a few unexpected suitors which I was cordial to them and passed due to being married. This combo could create sexual tensions, intense passion or obsessions or big business in finances or intensity in affections. 2nd H. Pluto could turn the apple cart upside down dealing with all these issues or good…
        it being opposite the 8th H. Brings in death issues and/or past karmic issues that need to be resolved. Or it could be your significant others 2nd house and dealing with their issues due to past life connections. Add Saturn/neptune in the mix affecting 8th H. Could also be your wife & health issues or Dementia,(neptune)substance issues or passing?! Many possibilities. Saturn rules joints/ bones/teeth, arthritis, restriction in movement. Yes the 8th H. Can be passings but a transiting planet could be the trigger planet … but Jupiter could also be involved on passings along with a 1st house ( physical body) and transit to the 4th H. … many combinations to watch on one’s passing. Pluto rules cancer, lower extremities, sex organs, prostrate. Neptune was crossing over 1st house when my daughter passed plus other combinations. Can’t remember it at moment… but it was a perfect death chart involving 1st H. (Physical body)/4th H. (Endings) 8th H. Death.
        The key to Pluto is to not fight it… or it can turn into power/control issues or violence/intense arguments or plan hell. Back away from it. If you are around others using control or power issues on you… best to walk away…hope this helps
        Pluto/venus can be intense sexual affairs or intense business dealings or BIG business dealings.

  7. I have this transit right now and it also transits Neptune.

  8. My observation of self behavior was what brought me to real astrology a little over a year ago.
    The short story: About three years ago one of the best relationships/affairs I ever experienced began, unknown to me, so did Pluto conjunct Venus in spring 2019. Also unknown to me; Astrology -except I did know my Sun in Aquarius, however I never felt like one, Scorpio ASC opposite Moon Conjunct Algol and Mars, Grand Trine in Air Sun/Jupiter/Merc trine Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra, so I am chatty, know it all with a lot of hot air and bad temper that escalates rapidly until I lose my head, took me some time to understand the pieces, I am still learning the energies and therefore watch Transits closely thanks to Corrine in my emails daily, thank you. Back to the story…
    I had been attracted to her for a couple years, made a move we hit it off and it was INTENSE for the both of us as her Venus is opposite mine. In time for me, it brought power struggles, possessive and suspicion issues. Suspicious of her ex husband and felt she cared more for him than me as we were planning on long term relationship. Things were hot or cold for us enduring several break-ups until we finally broke up. I was alone for the 2021 holidays through birthday, smoking/drinking to excess, trying to mend a broken heart. I felt like there was something really wrong with me ADHD tendencies kept coming up and I found myself searching online trying to figure it all out and seeing a therapist as well during some of this time. I quit therapy and searching and was sad as 2022 was supposed to be great for Black Water Tiger Aquarius; marriage, success, worldly understanding. That’s all I knew of Astrology at the time, Sun sign and Chinese year and did not believe in it, hoped it could be, but I was raised Christian, don’t eat pork, shellfish, some fish like Judaism but that was the extent of what I was, I was spiritual, not very religious.
    I stumbled onto Astrology Library and tried Corrine’s Birth Chart interpretation and was amazed what I read, it explained so much of the things I never understood and I began to study everything I could. I did not really understand Pluto/Venus and shared what I found with my friend hoping it would help us/her but it did not as she had no interest.
    I however found purpose, natural talents and began to follow transits, everything changed. I discovered I feel Moon transits, so I really took to Astrology, learned why Pluto is so strong for me, chart ruler- pay attention to that one. Today is another Retrograde conjunction (exact) which prompted me to come here, it is the second to last pass until it finally moves on in 2025.
    I also have Eros (Venus’ son) and Juno conjunct natal Venus which explained the marriage tendencies (Juno) as well as a strong attraction to my mother, long passed away and bless her had a lot of my attention as a teen and that was very awkward for me, forgot all about that until this transit at times, but seeing it in the chart it made sense. To note my ex was similar to my mother and at times I felt her presence. I will guess probably during Moon aspects, it was not weird, I am grown up, but it occurred/crossed my mind.
    I have, since discovering Astrology in March 2022 come to understand a tremendous amount of knowledge, learning humanity, inspiration, being a lot more understanding of others as they may have absolute hell occurring in their lives whether they are aware or not. Reading the post above and all the comments and I totally get whats happening regarding Pluto and Venus for others, you all have my sympathy. Understanding the natal chart and how we are, being aware of the Mundane with our Transits then understanding our Synastry workings is all very important. I share this because it may help someone that relates to some of this thinking, searches and if suffering reads Corrine’s ‘Real Astrology’, gets/conducts a chart reading, understand ALL their placements and aspects, then follow Transits as I do with the Daily Transit Report, the last thing you want is to brush it off, if you find yourself at wits end and losing your mind, it may be a Transit, you feel it or some part of it, the impelling and nagging sense of something beyond yourself, you may find you have a clairvoyance, be it intuition, spiritual, vision, senses emotional or may find serious flaws challenges, squares/oppositions, conjunctions and looking for answers, Astrology can show this. It is also important per my experience and reading above in close relationship Synastry/Mundane/Transits it can be you experiencing the transit, or your loved one, projecting, especially if unawares, I used to pray to God, then I got specific and called it God of Abraham, Creator, now I find all this Astrology and feel I am closer to our Creator, understanding what it created.
    Back to what Corrine created (applause) and these interpretations, Pluto Transits to Natal Venus, very significant to relationships, acute issues, for me to experience a relationship that had all the difficulties I suffer between my afflicted Mars/Moon Scorpio ASC, leading to therapy and deep soul searching and back to my Mom, who was studying Astrology when I was small and the eventual return to the Universe, Pluto has burned my soul to the ground and I arise a Phoenix… well I hope so, I’m still running damage control and watching the fire burn, still much to do, Saturn just walked backwards from my IC, Uranus will walk backward from my DC and I get to write a novel, get rid of old modalities, stuff that isn’t working for me and maybe in a couple years get some feathers. Good luck to all you visiting this page, reading the comments, hope it helps.

    • To D,
      I learned everything that I know about astrology, starting from not knowing anything, when Pluto trine my Mercury in about 2 year span. So my astrology indicated that I was going to learn about astrology. Go figure! I know a lot of Chinese astrology before that, but there is nothing like the western astrology. I CAN feel the influences from Moon transit that even lasts just a couple of hours. The timing & orb verified that it’s a max of 1.5 degree of orb (for all planets), but mostly just 1 degree.

      • D or DB or just Dave on said:

        Hi Shawn, if you told me years ago I’d ‘feel’, ‘believe’ or ‘understand’ any of this I’d have said BS. Having lived mostly through my Mars(H6) and lower self and extremely frustrated over people not understanding me. Moon/Mars/Algol/DC(H6) is anger and rage, I felt a call for service most my life and architect in abstract coming up with many ideas. Western vs Sidereal either I am Aquarius or Capricorn IDK, but the relationship between planets does not change, some call Mercury(H3) conjunct Jupiter that are both Trine Saturn(H7/8) and Uranus(H11) in Air signs a Grand Trine, add that M/M/A/DC which is a T-Square or Hung T-Square (Trine included), the other side with NN it becomes a Kite, or Merc SQ ASC, Uranus SQ Venus(H2), ASC Sextile Venus and then it becomes a Tree, Another T-Square is created with Neptune(H1) SQ MC/IC, the chain reaction(s) that occur generally leave me without guidance or the lessons or feeling it all at once. These are all within 0-5°. All my life I’ve felt too much, Neptune in 1st (massive info here at Astrolibrary on that) says I am a little inclined to esoteric and sensitive to environment/surroundings, but so does Mercury as well as Moon on DC, so to say I am a little stressed with 24ft between houses, noisy neighbors, airplanes overhead, for 20 years, I am becoming “that guy”, my ex saw that and other things and although I’ve controlled the anger most my life I pushed her against a door once drunk as I can not handle liquor, I lose my head, so I drink beer. I looked to astrology because I felt she was the “one” after we broke up, I broke down, that’s when I found Astrology, at nearly 50, the things I read about myself, undeniable. I live with a Virgo, mostly Mutable, great personality, lives on her Mars MC line, Antares at her ASC, she’s a VP exec and by her second Saturn Return has her stuff together, she doesn’t really this but I clearly do. A neighbor is paranoid/schizophrenic, an Aries that has to process everything in her 8th house Stellium Mars/Saturn/Venus/Merc/Moon through her opposition Jupiter(H2) wonders why she’s not wealthy… I explained she’s more other peoples’ money having been adopted grew up not wanting, then Military, then got ill and now receives Gov’t support for her illness, she doesn’t understand. So some can see and feel this stuff, some can not, feeling the Moon is easy, something to believe in, something reliable, every conjunction, as it shines light or some like her follow a horrible tide of revving up with frustration and anger only to explode on everyone at perigees or full moons. It is fascinating. My Virgo friend feels none of it, she’s blessed, loves listening to what I learn and the things I dream up with my imagination as my purpose is to communicate something big, a story(s) idk, 3x the level of “an annoying” Mercury native, she runs me over with her Antares, but that’s ok. Maybe if I knew, my life would’ve been better, all I have is this hard working Mars Trine MC I no longer care for, I refuse to labor for people I can not even communicate with that frustrate me with their laziness, self-centeredness, and position, Mercury SQ Mars T-Square opens his mouth and I end up quitting, I even had my own business and quit on myself… Astrology has taught me I am the laziest of all, unhappy in life because I could not realize my gifts, having done so, maybe improved the world, maybe have been blessed myself IDK.
        As I said years ago I’d have said BS, as far as Pluto conjunct Venus changing me, making me get out there and find love, even if it wasn’t meant to be, I am grateful, could’ve done without the jealousy, suspicion, obsession, my Mars loved the sex, guess Algol did as well, as my chart ruler I finally changed for the better, still learning, that Scorpio ASC sure likes to chew things like an insect, getting into all the nooks and crannies. I used to feel sorry for woo woos, talking about energies and crystals, now I am doing the same, reading Daily Transit Reports, gazing at the night sky. If your chart says you’re inclined to esoteric, when you find it it will be the time to do so, find the purpose, use the Moon to seek the energies out, align yourself with those you have synastry, maybe you won’t get divorced, if Saturn says you’ll live long if you already made the changes Pluto will enact (everyone is different, I am a hard case), then you get to experience the better aspects. I wish you the best.

    • Pluto/scorpio people are very private, secretive, hold everything inside. They can be very intense and must watch trying to control others. When angry they explode & everyone runs. It rules the sexual organs or intense passion in affairs or love. They can want to possess and control those they love. Jealousy is very strong. They are very intense people Scorpios. Remember, to every sign there is the higher elevation or the lower elevation. It is ip to the person on which they choose to use. They have great deductive reasoning and nothing gets by them. Best police officers, detectives, investigators. Pluto rules BIG business and they can stand out in their business dealings with profitable success. No one messes with a Scorpio.

      • My brother is a Scorpio, do not know what his ASC is, he can be cruel, sarcastic, very private not much for the typical sign traits. He will not tell me the time I can only guess. My ASC combined with my Mars/Moon/Algol/DSC mess makes me seem more a Scorpio than he. I never felt possessive, controlling, obsessive, jealous or so much deep psychological things before and an urge to change. Neptune in 1st House, I drink/smoke but have stayed away from escaping drugs, she is a nurse (her Venus opposite mine and Transit Pluto), she quit drinking and smoking and insisted I do the same. I am mostly Fixed and resist change, highly adaptable but stubborn as hell. It was her who convinced me to see a therapist. That’s where a lot of unresolved childhood stuff came up, however as a Scorpio ASC I don’t do therapy, “I got this” not the best for abused children. Dad is a Taurus, May 17 and I clocked him in at 5am just because it puts Algol at his descendant, he was a monster. As for business, this part of my chart is Inconjunct Saturn so no go there for now, maybe never as Natal Venus makes that difficult. Scorpio ASC make me feel my feelings, over emotional Moon mess makes it worse, Mars makes it angry, it’s a T-Square from Hell. I will never say I handled this Transit well, I am glad I found Astrology when I did because I was in a bad place, still am, but handling it much better, it takes years, back and forth, on and off, it is strong and I felt the retrograde conjunction last pass. Pluto has made it’s presence known to me and made me aware of everything, I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin, I’m finally trusting my inner self, intuition, strengths, aware of my issues and where they come from, I no longer blame the world, environment and happenings, Pluto changed the unchangeable, I identify with all Pluto sorts and can call out a Pluto or Mars situation.

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