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Saturn Transits to Natal Neptune

Saturn transits to natal Neptune

By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

During Saturn transits to your natal Neptune, your conscience and capacity to sacrifice are put to the test. These periods are characterized by deep psychic activity, where many things that are buried in the subconscious come to the surface. These can include artistic talents, paranormal powers, fears, paranoia, and disappointments.

This transit gives the impression that your life is not under your control and that it is being dominated by forces beyond your control. Reality may become somewhat distorted, and what’s worse is that it seems just as real as any other time. Things often appear worse than they actually are, and everything may require more effort and work.

You may experience strange dreams, nightmares, and be highly influenced by the negative and pessimistic tendencies of the world. You easily feel tired or disillusioned, lacking the strength to fight with the material world. Therefore, both your mental and physical health are at risk.

However, this transit also serves as a spiritual test. Depending on how prepared you are, it can be very favorable at a spiritual and psychic level.

There is a contradiction between illusions and reality during this time. Sometimes they converge, while other times they diverge. This means that many dreams and inner spiritual and mystical pursuits can manifest in reality. Depending on your personal process or lack of realism, it may be advisable to seek psychological help, undergo psychotherapy, or practice meditation.

These transits are generational, meaning that those around you may also experience similar feelings and an increase in sensitivity and empathy.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Neptune

When transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Neptune, it brings negative mood swings and uncertainty. You may feel less confident and embrace negative things. This transit can also awaken your intuition and lead to self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. It’s a spiritual test to detach from the material world and value the spiritual. Take care of your health and consider the inner spiritual world when planning your future.

Transit Saturn Sextile Neptune

During this transit, you gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. You can use intuition and make important decisions. There is potential for personal growth as you overcome insecurities and negative influences.

Transit Saturn Square Neptune

The transit of Saturn square your natal Neptune brings uncertainty and confusion. Your goals are unclear, so simplify your life. You question aspects of your life and lack confidence. Wait to make important decisions until after the transit. You may make sacrifices or work for a cause, but be cautious. Take care of your health and align your goals with your spiritual ideals.

Transit Saturn Trine Neptune

When transit Saturn is trine your natal Neptune, you gain a deeper understanding of the world around you and become more compassionate. This can lead to important life decisions and personal growth.

Transit Saturn Opposite Neptune

During Saturn opposite Neptune transit, you may feel internally conflicted and demanding about your ideals. Isolation and reflection can bring spiritual meaning to your life, but may initially cause confusion. Eventually, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the world and find ways to satisfy your spiritual self.

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  1. Saturn square Neptune transit – I have been scouring the internet for ages. Finally I have found the right description – “no strength”. Nowhere else does it say this, so THANK YOU.
    This explains why besides feeling depressed & demoralised I can hardly muster up motivation to do just about anything. Even type more than couple of sentences when there’s a lot more I’d like to say.. :(

  2. Ayten İnceer on said:

    Natal neptün transit satun kare, belirsizlikler güçsüzlük .bıkkınlık yaşıyorum
    Açıklamasını sadece burada buldum , TEŞEKKÜRLER

  3. Mihaela on said:

    Very good and wise explanations! at all sections! Congratulations!

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