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Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

Saturn transits to natal Sun

By Corinne Lane         19 Comments

When Saturn transits to your natal Sun, you start questioning if you’re truly content with yourself. This transit pushes you to put in more effort to rectify past mistakes. Your romantic feelings and love relationships also go through a crisis, forcing you to look deep within yourself.

You need to learn to take more control over your personal life and take responsibility for the situations you create. During these periods, you will feel the impact of limitations, restrictions, and frustrations the most.

You have to make a tremendous effort to correct anything that bothers you about yourself and that you need to overcome in order to grow. These transits occur every seven years, repeating certain situations to help you recognize your own behavioral patterns.

You’ll have to face the consequences of your actions and find ways to overcome them, resulting in significant personal growth. These transits can also drain your energy and potentially cause health issues if you’re not in good shape.

It’s a time when you have to put in a lot of effort, be disciplined, and set goals that will lead to recognition from others. This period may bring both defeats and triumphs, but it always leads to immense inner development. Confrontations and compromises are inevitable.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Sun

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Sun is a time of adjustments and redefining goals. It’s important to finish old projects before starting new ones. Take care of your health and be patient with yourself. This transit can bring changes in love and career.

Transit Saturn Sextile Sun

When transit Saturn is sextile your natal Sun, progress is made and decisions are made about training and achieving goals. It’s a preparation for future challenges and a time to take responsibility and achieve growth.

Transit Saturn Square Sun

The transit of Saturn square your natal Sun is a critical period of individual development. You face challenges and need to take personal responsibility. Don’t run away from confrontations and be open to suggestions. This time is connected to what happened seven years ago. Concentrate your energy and make important decisions. Any breakups or new beginnings in relationships are significant. Take more responsibility for your life now. This is a period of low physical vitality.

Transit Saturn Trine Sun

When transit Saturn is trine your natal Sun, your efforts achieve significant progress. It is a good time to make decisions that concern your individual creative potential. Time to take responsibility and achieve growth.

Transit Saturn Opposite Sun

During this transit, you may feel low on energy and face challenges from others. Health issues, especially with the heart, can arise. Important decisions must be made for future growth and it’s a time to finish old projects and start new ones. Romantic relationships now hold a significant meaning as you strive to be true to yourself and grow.

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  1. Antoinette on said:

    Transiting Saturn is exactly opposing my 13 Cancer Sun at this moment. I’ve been in a long distance on and off relationship for over 10 years. I’m currently in his city, we had plans to spend about 10 days together when in fact I’m in the vrbo alone. Yesterday he emailed that he won’t be coming to me after all and he has ended our relationship. SaturnR transit will conjunct his natal Capricorn MercuryR soon. As a side note, my natal VenusR is exactly conjunct his natal SaturnR. Such karma. I’m not surprised at this turn of events. I know that there’s a bigger picture so to speak. Deep work here for me after having dealt with Pluto’s transits opposing my Sun and Uranus transit squaring my Sun. OMG. I’m exhausted.

    • i am also going through same transit and i know how it is feeling low energy financial troubles but we also had solar eclipse on july 2 which will be active in our solar return for 12 months just hang on things will become easy if you feel good do share your view on this transit

  2. Antoinette on said:

    Things are better. Saturn has moved along, albeit just 1 degree…I’m getting some energy back. Money is tight at the moment, and I’ve been asked to take on more shifts in January so that will improve finances. I know it’s a cycle, I’ve seen plenty of them. There is an eclipse in July 2020. Is that the eclipse you’re referencing?

    • no the solar eclipse on 2 july 2019 will be effective whole year if your birthday falls between 5 days and i am still down with lack of energy and motivations

  3. I have Saturn squaring my sun right now. I am a Libra sun at 25 degrees. I will have Saturn conjuncting my Capricorn ascendant soon at 27 degrees. I have had a history of toxic relationships and I am currently by choice not dating until next year. I am trying to detox from all of the toxicity and set some boundaries because I do want to eventually have a healthy relationship. I am working really hard with not much to show for it. I feel all alone.

  4. Late Cancerian here, been dealing with rejection on all levels since Oct 2017 because of Uranus and Saturn. That’s not to say it wasnt like hell before that.

  5. I currently have Saturn directly on my Natal sun for the first time ever.
    I have not been able to relate to anything I have read regarding this transit so far, think it might be because of my 29º Capricorn sun in a Capricorn Stellium (chart is Saturn dominant), but this specific article is actually very helpful, Thank you.

  6. Robin from S.A on said:

    It feels like I’m dying. Things move slowly, I take a long time to get ready for anything. I’ve become frustratingly attached to routines and doing the same things. I’ve been trying to shake a cold for about a week and I’m flying internationally soon. During this pandemic. I had to resign from my job be cause I totally burned out – and subsequently discovered what I want to do and be in the future. (Not easy with indecisive libra MC and the moon in the 10th as well as Neptune conjunct the ascendant from 12th house. Currently in bed, having an early night. I hope my energy comes back. This has been so heavy and slow and every movement feels like I’m straining.

  7. I feel like I’ve been treading through molasses for months. Physically and emotionally. The pandemic is not helping matters. Today’s my birthday and I read that transiting Saturn is opposed my natal sun and has been for months and will be for months to come. I feel like I finally have an answer to my lack of vitality!! I love knowing it will end soonish. Four more months. But eventually. I can do this. One foot in front of the other. In molasses.

  8. Jo, also being a Leo sun with Saturn in opposition; your description of moving in molasses hits home. Thanks as I do not feel so alone. Leo

    • Going through this transit right now as a Leo Aug 13th Sun. glad to hear I’m not alone in the molasses. Thank goodness for astro perspective and fellow travellers! :)

  9. GEEKYGUY on said:

    Let me now offer an insight into the more positive effects of this transit….

    Following a redundancy I was desperately looking for work. Transiting Saturn in my second house (traditionally interpreted as poverty and lack of self-worth) was stationary at that time in close sextile to my natal Sun. I then interviewed for and got offered a job that was clearly more satisfactory than my previous one. The pay was higher as well. And I think the experience did help to boost my sense of self-worth.

    I don’t consider myself to have been lucky as such. It was the result of enormous hard work and effort on my part that led to an improvement in my life circumstances.

  10. I’m going through the Saturn (9H in Aquarius) square Sun(11 in Taurus) transit.

    There’s this thing that bothers me since Saturn will soon conjunct my Uranus.

    I know less clue how 9H Saturn will affect me during its transit, but I believe it targets my belief and life philosophy.

    The thing that bothers me since I were a nursery is I knew to myself that I’m gay and I kept it secret till now (19 years old). Then there’s this feeling that bothers me whenever I’m with my friends (boys).

    I keep acting like how a male should be, knowing that I repress this strong feminine side and sexual attractions towards the same gender.

    Whenever I look at the gays who came out successfully and stood out strong strolling around my school campuses, I felt envy of them.

    “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who are.”

    I think I will be much more happy and secured if I took under the group of gays who’s the same as me.

    However, I’ve this fear that world will changed and everyone’s view of me will change especially from my past friends and my religious family clan who never had a gay coming out as far as I knew.

    I’m tired hiding inside the cocoon, I wanted to fly, tells a gay jokes, expressing my real self, and be the gay behind the Saturn looks.

    In the end, I truly hope I’ll be able to survive this transit because there’s this feeling or urge that keeps getting heavy whenever I’m travelling with my straight friends to just come out as gay.

  11. My Saturn sun conjunction will be back in about a year. Currently experiencing my second Saturn return. The first one was brutal. This one feels quite easy so far. I feel trapped in my current relationship but it is stagnant rather than Bad. In recent days I’ve felt a pull towards starting Alchemy and My Saturn is at the end of the 7th house about to go into the 8th. It enters pisces on my birthday with a full moon directly opposite my sun full moon is in the second house. In the few days I expect the first installment of my legacy from my Dad’s estate with more money to come after. (my father died last year with saturn opposing his natal sun aged 87).

  12. My grand daughter will have this. She had Covid about 4 months ago. I was playing soccer with her and she winded in less than 10 minutes. Not her usual energetic. vibrant self. Then she had a head ache. She is only 9 years old. Plus, she will have Pluto oppose mars.

    I read once this reflects the parents more when they are this young. Not sure.

    Just concerned her health. My daughter became angry when I mentioned it.

    I’ve read long Covid can happen to children too.

  13. My other grand daughter will have the conjunction. She is 13.
    Opps other 9 year old Saturn will square her moon too.

    Sorry about not included with above.
    Sounds depressive or lonely.
    Saturn lows can cause health issues.


  14. Mark K Olsen on said:

    It’s payoff time if you have been doing your homework.

  15. Carrie on said:

    Generally speaking, how long does this transit last?

    • Saturn transits are odd. My last opposition to sun one hit. My last Saturn conjoin sun three hits. This time one hit.

      As far as Saturn goes it the planet of time and reaping rewards or lessons. Karma.
      Crystalizes each house it goes through.
      Ninth ! Philosophy or your higher education to travel. Mind expansion. Saturn is difficult , but rewards are great when lessons learned.

      As far as grand daughter , nothing known. I live 150 miles away. Long trip. Driving. But then 3 hours not that much to drive to check.
      Daughter has lunar eclipse her b date. 28 oct.

      I always take them pumpkins.

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