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Uranus Transits in the Houses

Uranus Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane         16 Comments

These interpretations are for Uranus transits through the natal houses.

Transit Uranus in 1st House

When Uranus transits in your first house, you’ll want to break free from limitations imposed by others. It’s a radical moment of change where sacrifices may be made for the sake of freedom. Expect a new lifestyle, self-image, friendships, and unconventional ways of making money.

Transit Uranus in 2nd House

During Uranus transit in the second house, personal values and attitudes fluctuate. Changes occur in financial matters. You may detach from money while also being generous. Making money through friends and groups is possible. Resisting change may lead to unbalancing events. Difficult aspects with other planets can cause impulsive spending.

Transit Uranus in 3rd House

When Uranus transits through your third house, your way of thinking and communicating will change and you’ll have new experiences. Your daily life will become more intense and communication with others will be important. Drive carefully if Uranus makes difficult aspects.

Transit Uranus in 4th House

During Uranus transit in your fourth house, there may be changes in address and environment, possibly triggered by a divorce. There could also be unexpected deaths. This period demands flexibility and challenges rigid beliefs. You may feel uprooted at first, but eventually find a new vision and develop interests in ecology and earth-related subjects. Uranus in the 4th house brings excitement and liberation from the past.

Transit Uranus in 5th House

When Uranus transits through your fifth house, you can expect freedom, enthusiasm, and unique friendships. There may also be a chance of unexpected pregnancy or challenges with rebellious or sick children. On the other hand, your children could have positive and innovative experiences. This period will bring a new vision and understanding to your life.

Transit Uranus in 6th House

During Uranus transit, there may be dissatisfaction and a need for a change in work. This could result in exploring new career paths and developing an interest in healing or astrology. There may be potential for innovation, but also the possibility of accidents or sudden illnesses if difficult aspects are formed.

Transit Uranus in 7th House

During Uranus transit in the seventh house, expect the unexpected in relationships. Be cautious of starting new relationships as they may be an escape from the norm. Existing relationships may face tension and change.

Transit Uranus in 8th House

When Uranus transits through your eighth house, there will be severe changes in values, goals, and finances. This could affect joint resources, taxes, insurance, or inheritance. It can also lead to intuitive experiences and involvement in electronics or science. There may be unexpected death related to friends or partners.

Transit Uranus in 9th House

During Uranus transit, your thinking may need readjustment. It is a good time for new ways of thinking and finding innovative solutions. Long trips and learning new things are also likely. However, difficult aspects can make you eccentric and impractical.

Transit Uranus in 10th House

During Uranus transit in your tenth house, you’ll learn new methods to achieve professional goals and may experience sudden changes in your professional status. You may also feel a strong desire to break free from restrictions and may even change your field of work. Be aware of the changes and take action to avoid unexpected events.

Transit Uranus in 11th House

When Uranus transits through your eleventh house, you will have a bias-free attitude, be involved in humanitarian or reform groups, and attract new types of friends. You may receive assistance or money to accomplish your goals. You will rebel against norms and be open to new ways of thinking. Flexibility is key.

Transit Uranus in 12th House

During Uranus transit, sudden events occur that stimulate the unconscious and bring radical changes. Friends may turn into secret enemies and there can be unexpected shifts in personal life. Difficult aspects could result in imprisonment or hospitalization.

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  1. When you say that on rare occasions Uranus transiting the 4th house may represent sudden deaths so you mean the sudden death if the Native? The fourth house did represent the grave at one point. Did it not? Or are the deaths that can happen in rare occasions related to the home or father?

    • Tonya on said:

      Your 4th house shows circumstances at the end of your life and being the house of parents, your parents could pass away.

      • Uranus in taurus 4th house here. Father Just passed away, and i suffered a heart attack when uranus was exact opposite my sun 10th house scorpio. I wonder if I’m gonna move houses now….

    • when Uranus transit was in my husband’s 4th house we ended up moving back to Illinois from Florida because his father passed away end of January 2019.. 💔

  2. Both my parents passed away during PLUTO transit through my 8H. The 8H represents death. The 4H represents the Mother, roots and early childhood.

    • In old books, the 4th is your end of life. Research it.

      • @TONYA….The 4H represents end of YOUR life. Whatever sign rules your 4H is how YOU will likely pass away. For example, if Leo rules YOUR 4H you will likely die of a Heart attack. Now Reearch That!!
        And like I said, both of my parents died. Also my father in law. An Uncle. My Dog a Tree I’ve known for 28 years was cut down. A close friend was murdered. I lost 4 friends to Covid. My good friend and neighbor died on my Birthday, I lost 2 crates of family photos and videos. And lastly I was diagnosed with stage 1 early Breast Cancer and was on Chemo for 5 months and lost all my hair.
        Transit Pluto entered my 8H in 2016 and will there until 2028.

  3. It also represents mines, but that’s generally not something that one runs into, someone involved in mining

  4. Pluto transited my 8th house from 2009-2020. Maternal and paternal grandparents all passed away during this time period.

  5. Uranus has been transiting my 10th since 2015 and Pluto in my 6th since 2008.
    It’s been a nightmare, I have not progressed in professional life neither changed profession as I have been pursuing for some time.
    Uranus has brought so much struggle rather than freedom

    • Dear Sophie,
      Uranus is the highest octave of Mercury and knowledge comes at a price…it entails agony, stress, isolation, effort, struggle and finally… freedom. Freedom doesn’t come cheap. But don’t worry. It shall pass. It’s just a phase. Remember that tough times never last for ever…
      Kind regards,

      • Thanks Penny for your kind words. it’s a life in agony indeed I do crave freedom (from work 🫢) more than ever now, reading books is all I want to do. But financially it’s a disaster. I have no idea what my future will be after this transit..

  6. Roberta on said:

    Uranus has just entered my 8th house. Can anyone chime in about their own experience of this transit?

    • This is my natal placement and for me, it has always brought stange happenings. Odd synchronicities and bizarre events.

      Sudden beginnings and sudden endings have occurred all of my life.

      Expect the unexpected.

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