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Uranus Transits to Natal Mars

Uranus Transits to Natal Mars

By Corinne Lane     2 Comments

Transits of Uranus to your natal Mars can often be highly disruptive and explosive, resulting in sudden changes in your character, increased aggression, impatient desires, and overall restlessness. Your energy operates on different and elevated levels, leading to increased speed, irritability, and impulsiveness.

You tend to act without much thought, and many situations prompt you to act swiftly and recklessly. It is important for you to express your individuality and break free from past restrictions or any ties that have limited your freedom to act. However, if these energies are misused, they can lead to intense conflicts, fights, and situations that are unreliable and irresponsible.

You feel a strong rebelliousness and a desire to break free from routines, but there is also a tendency for health complications due to accidents or physical strains. You also become more daring and willing to engage in exciting and courageous endeavors. The expression of your individualism is now particularly strong.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Mars

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Mars can bring destructive energies if not handled well. You may be more irritable and prone to anger. You feel the need to express your individuality and fight against limitations. It is important to release tensions and be cautious with machinery, sharp objects, and explosives.

Transit Uranus Sextile Mars

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Mars brings an opportunity for self-affirming activities. You can break old habits and express your individuality. You have high energy and can work hard. You enjoy taking risks and have realized your abilities.

Transit Uranus Square Mars

When Uranus squares Mars, be cautious of impulsive actions and hasty decisions that could have negative consequences in the future. It may challenge your safety and individuality, leading to tension and arguments. Have self-confidence, take risks, and embrace routine to find balance.

Transit Uranus Trine Mars

During the transit of Uranus trine your natal Mars, you have the opportunity to engage in new and self-affirming activities. Your energy level is high and you can work hard in any activity you choose. This transit allows you to break old habits and express your individuality. You also have an interest in helping others achieve their freedom.

Transit Uranus Opposite Mars

When transit Uranus opposes your natal Mars, expect rebellious and explosive energies. You’ll fight against anyone who limits you, taking impulsive risks along the way. Be careful, as this could lead to injury or illness. Let others have freedom to avoid conflicts. Stay flexible and embrace revolutionary changes for long-term benefits.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    I know someone who has always been an avid hiker (he appears to have endless energy) who has natal Mars in the 1st house.

    When transiting Uranus in his 5th house came to trine his natal Mars he began to take up running, and started regularly going to the gym in his spare time.

    I guess the trine transit from Uranus to his natal Mars was giving him the opportunity to express his great physical energy in an alternative way.

    • Merci pour ce partage de France!!!!

      And thanks to this comment :-)
      I also have my natal Mars in the 1rst house, quite impulsive, but as it is also in pisces I am scattering, swimming in all directions in different areas of my life.
      I really tend to swim against the current!
      In 2010, I had a breast cancer surgery and you know what; Uranus was conjunct with Mars! Yes indeed Uranus is that way. He likes to shake things up his own way!!!
      But as a Gemini AC Aquarius I like this planet so much :-) It will soon be sextile to my natal Mars and I am waiting forward to it because I like the energy that you are describing in this post.

      Happy new moon, this very special new moon which leads us all to new beginnings!

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