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Uranus Transits to Natal Neptune

Uranus transits to natal Neptune

By Corinne Lane         21 Comments

A transit of Uranus to your natal Neptune can be one of the most unusual transits. It exposes you to new experiences, ideas, and levels of consciousness.

You are drawn to revolutionary ideas. You feel capable of experiencing unique forms of existence and new perspectives, including hidden and metaphysical philosophies. From magic to mysticism, you may choose an original belief system or explore different realities by trying psychedelic or similar drugs.

However, it is important to be cautious as any drug can have special effects, which sometimes can be dangerous. They can cause psychological disturbances, fatigue, and even hard-to-diagnose illnesses. It is recommended to undergo a medical check-up. This transit tests your perception of reality and can transcend normal limits, allowing you to delve into extrasensory and supernatural realms.

The impact of this transit on your consciousness level and spiritual growth is significant. Your ideals will undergo transformation, and you will have the opportunity to make changes in your life and external environment, working to assist those in need. This transit enables you to experience a higher form of truth and grasp the complexities of the universe.

Perhaps you will transcend your personal reality and enter a world where you feel a sense of unity with everything. If you do not know how to harness this transit for internal growth or open yourself up to a new dimension of existence, you may feel disoriented and unfamiliar.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Neptune

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Neptune has a powerful effect. It can lead to advances in consciousness but also be dangerous if not understood. This can involve the use of drugs or prescription medicines. Care must be taken with what is taken. It can also bring insight into your life and lead to abandoning things that don’t bring fulfillment. The transit can cause strange feelings and fatigue.

Transit Uranus Sextile Neptune

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Neptune brings a more spiritual and idealistic perspective. You may become interested in mystical subjects and study the metaphysical or occult. Your new understanding can benefit loved ones and motivate you to improve social issues. Your goals and ideals may transform as your consciousness evolves. Travel to exotic places or explore meditation and psychology for enlightening experiences.

Transit Uranus Square Neptune

The transit of Uranus square natal Neptune can test your connection with reality. It is a confusing time where you may get carried away by an idea or escape from reality. Be cautious of drugs and alcohol as they can cause conflicts. It can also lead to mystical experiences or revolutionary ideas. Integrating new understandings with old ones is important. If you avoid reality, there may be undesirable consequences.

Transit Uranus Trine Neptune

The transit of Uranus trine your natal Neptune brings a more spiritual meaning to your life. Explore mystical and spiritual subjects and help improve the world around you. Your ideals and goals will transform, and you may have enlightening experiences.

Transit Uranus Opposite Neptune

Think of the transit of Uranus opposite your natal Neptune like a roller coaster ride through a mystical forest. Your ride and what you’ll see will depend on the kind of traveler you’ve been until now.

If you’ve always focused on the material stuff, ignored your emotional needs, or stayed stuck in old ways of thinking, this ride might seem super confusing. The path might twist and turn differently from what you expected. Events may not go as planned, and you may pursue useless fantasies. It might feel like you’re chasing rainbows that just disappear. This is because you’re getting a peek into a world that’s bigger and more magical than you ever thought. You’re exposed to a higher dimension.

If you don’t believe in metaphysics, or if magic or the unexpected aren’t your thing, you might feel a little lost and surprised. That’s why it’s super important to be ready and open-minded. It’s like solving a puzzle—you either end up getting completely lost or beaming with a new understanding of the world.

Be prepared to experience either confusion or enlightenment during this transit.

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  1. At 61 am currently going through Uranus opposite a natal conjunction of Jupiter, NNode and Neptune in Scorpio, many strange things have been happening such as seeing an apparition in daylight, and heightened senses for starters. Though as a 12th House Pisces this is all part of my world and much more interesting than the fake one being played out today – April 2019!

  2. Marijke on said:

    I have the same constellation as M. My name is also M. It is a tricky time. The opposite is at the point of my ic/mc. Important so! It shakes my basic of being and my presence to the outworld. Uncertainty and highlights. No idea what Will Be?!

  3. Gabrielle on said:

    I have the same transit, Uranus 4 degrees opposing natal NN, Jupiter, Neptune at 4 degrees, only feel physically affected at this time, a bit dizzy, tired and unable to get plans off the ground. Yes a lot of uncertainty as M mentions above. Metaphysically, I can only say is my “intuition” is sharp and I can “see” right through people too. It feels harsh.

  4. Have researched these trends and all are talking about big changes on many fronts. Though have wondered why nothing is happening – yet my intuition is saying they are on their way, think it is to do with the retrodgade dance the outer planets are currently going through. The professional Astrologers say the arena is whatever house they are occurring in together with aspects in the natal chart; also the outer planets can go back and forward over a certain point in chart to nudge us into understanding what is comeing as well as getting prepared prior to the event. If we don’t go with the flow then it will be harder – a leap of faith is required!!

  5. I have Venus opposite Neptune in my natal chart. I’m going through the Uranus opposition to my natal Neptune. I bought a large house a year ago that required a lot of work done on it. In the past few months, I’ve been let down and/or ripped off in a big way by various people or companies doing the work, one after the other. It appears I’ve been extremely gullible. Also being a single woman, I guess these people have felt comfortable with ripping me off or leaving me in the lurch in the middle of something. One guy even removed a staircase he was going to repair, and just disappeared the next day, for example. It’s been very difficult and made me feel like an idiot.

    • Exact the same happened to me, while having transit Uranus opposite Neptune. Also single woman. I have natal Venus opp Pluto. A contractor worked for me in aug / sept, but suddenly quit the job, leaving me with unfinished bad work that is subject to the weather.

  6. Gary summers on said:

    Uranus in house 8 opposing my natal Neptune house 2 . My natal sun is in house 8 opposing my natal Neptune . This talks of the higher self, values material wealth shared resources food influence self information share .
    These are confusing times with the Corona virus and the information given .
    The relationship with self has changed and what I value and how I share .
    Learning astrology metaphysics messages symbols boundaries relationship .
    I’ve also learned not everything seems to be what it is , deception what we value . Neptune for all it’s beauty , film show business glamour is deceptive unrealistic illusion .
    It is those very terms of understanding and letting go . It’s very core it’s relationship .

  7. Gary summers on said:

    Too add what I said previously , is your beliefs a system which was taught your environment the father son relationship .
    The very person you love , not teaching you to love thy self .
    Intimacy issue relationship with others , self .
    Resources of what we give and given learning from what is real , unrealistic values. It’s a slow process with slow moving planet activity and natal retrogrades the messages we receive what we store and truth .

    • How is your life so far today!
      Mine receive everyday unsettling downloads, a war it’s being waged in our planet and my life it’s always ups & down , only one positive thing I look 20 years younger of my sge, not only my face but my entire body. I don’t believe in getting old gracefully.

      • Jeanne B on said:

        Yes a war is being waged and the hardest thing to know is whether it is spiritually best to engage or to remove oneself from the madness, something that still isn’t clear for me. I’ve made the choice to move to a remote area where I will grow most of my own food. I feel a bit lonely and miss my friends from my previous area, but feel the need to become autonomous as I worry about what the future will bring. I’m painfully aware of the dangers of the Great Reset for humanity.
        Also, I’m finding it really difficult to connect with Source and find my faith lacking in the middle of all this insanity.
        I think that I looked younger than my age for a long time, but it suddenly caught up with me brutally at the second Saturn return. Now I have no choice but to try to age gracefully.
        I wish you well and thank you for your message. Have a nice day.

        • Gary summers on said:

          I like your reply , we know that Saturn is maturity the reality of the world .
          I have a young soul myself and notice changes body shape and shocked to see my father stare back at me .I’ve slow down and acknowledge all the responsibility that comes with Saturn .
          Uranus the rebel in my birth house of Taurus as exposed the truth regarding issues with my mother and revelations .
          Those attachment to self , the world has changed and we must change with it , interesting that you started to grow your own food and be at one with nature .
          I’ve took a interest in growing food and took a liking to herbs .
          Tomatoes beans started to buy local food even using the milkman .
          Changing habits and becoming more aware .

        • Re the ageing thing. Brutal ageing happened to me too. However, now 65 and been through so many horrible transits on an already horrible natal chart and a husband who is so completely off the wall compared to me, well he is Aquarius Sun trine Neptune, lucky sod! Don’t care anymore. Now having Neptune trine Sun at the same time as Neptune squaring Venus. It’s a creative, loss of money time, but, never had any money anyway. Best of luck to you in these evil Capricorn times. Lots more to come me thinks.

  8. Gary summers on said:

    Attitude towards life and which house’s they communicate in .
    I am young at heart and draw on that energy .
    I have changed the environments I visit , and see through different perception .
    As I have got older I have become more aware of spiritual growth and got in touch with those roots .
    I also learned more about my mother’s past and the surprised revelation .
    I’m not particularly materialistic and purchased some assets in the past that have become of financial value .
    It’s a learning process

  9. Faye Leister on said:

    I am having transiting Uranus opposition Neptune (in 11th, which squares my 8th house Venus). Transiting Saturn has been squaring Neptune too (and I had to assert my boundaries.

    My flatmates (good friend of 6 years) have been gradually turning the ground floor of my house into a hovel and disrespecting agreements and boundaries. When I found chunks out of the floor recently it was the last straw. I confronted them, they didn’t like that I did and argued with me, ended the friendship and moved out owing money and leaving a disgusting mess. Neptune rules my 4th. She (flatmate) had transiting Uranus exactly square IC on the day of the argument

  10. Jurgen on said:

    Interesting issue!
    On the opposition of Uranus to natal Neptune in 2/Scorpio (in wide conjunction with Mercury and Venus, all trine Moon in 10/Cancer) found the Beck Protocol a first aid kit for the future.
    I instantly decided to not extend the current software developer contract and now rather concentrate to make my own electronic jewelry for a test.
    BTW there are also ongoing quite afew other transits: transit Pluto conjunct to natal Saturn in 4/Capricorn and trine to AC/Virgo. Transit Neptune square MC/Gemini. Transit Uranus trine Pluto in 12. Transit Saturn square Neptune. Transit Jupiter opposes Uranus edge 12 and conjunct Chiron soon.
    Very interesting times!

  11. I have Uranus transiting in opposition to my natal Neptune, which is the apex of a Yod formation (Finger of God) that sits in Scorpio at 13 degrees. At the same time, Jupiter is transiting conjunct my natal Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius, near my AC, at 13 degrees Aquarius, all in my first house. I slide into my second, I hope more merciful, Saturn return (during my first Saturn return, my daughter was kidnapped and taken out of the country for almost a year, and I lost my mind). This return has me wondering if I might disappear into some parallel universe or channel an alien and write about it (Jupiter and Venus are the sextiles in the Yod, Jupiter at 15 Aries in my 3rd house and Venus at 9 degrees Gemini in my 5th, conjunct Mercury–the hallmark of a creative person, and a writer in particular). I’m watching to see how Uranus works in triggering my yod. Wish me luck?

    • So. You’ve had Uranus on Jupiter and Neptune square your Mercury Venus. Not sure when Uranus hit your Jupiter but Uranus always does something very unexpected. The houses do matter, the progressed matter and the solar arc chart for any given event talks the fate. But, your nodes are the real message I have found. Good luck to you.

    • Jeanne B on said:

      Hi Laney,
      You’re not alone. Many parts of my chart are like yours. I finished my 2nd Saturn return last year (28° Cap) but now Pluto is gradually closing in on natal Saturn, and since natal Saturn forms a quincunx to my Sun (exact to the minute) a lot of uncomfortable stuff was to be expected and happened. Oddly, my health which has been chronically bad, was not impacted. If anything it’s better. Saturn is in the 12th and Sun in the 5th.
      Next, natal Neptune at 9° Scorpio in 9th has been opposed by transiting Uranus. But natal Venus is at 12° Taurus so that’s still ongoing.
      I also have natal Asc at 12° Aqua, squared by transiting Uranus. There’s been too much going on for many months, lots of new people and things, and lots of disappearing ones too. Nothing very solid to build with.
      I’m really happy the Saturn return is over. At the end of 2020, I had both Saturn and Pluto pretty much conjunct natal Saturn in 12th. No health problems but lots of depression and loneliness.
      Interestingly, although I dread Pluto, I find the conjunction nearing my natal Saturn has me coming into my own power. I’ve gone through so much betrayal (12th is house of hidden ennemies) that I finally learned to let go of what other people think of me. That’s major liberation!
      I wish you happy trails. At some point, the pain and fear may turn to gold and wisdom. May it be sooner rather than later. Best wishes.

  12. Katarina Fallholm on said:

    I have 3 trines from transiting Uranus in Taurus to my Natal Moon, Uranus and Pluto.
    A conjunction to Natal Jupiter and an opposition to Natal Neptune and all in accordance with What You write… I have always been spiritual so This is a period of great experiences… I am so grateful

  13. duane hansen on said:

    for me, it’s a house 6-12 opposition.
    the things that i’m attacting mirror the unsound beliefs that i have shown in house 12. sad really.

  14. Tania Spinoula on said:

    What does it mean to have transiting Uranus in the 12 house opposing Jupiter and Neptune in the 6 house;

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