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Uranus Transits to Natal Pluto

Uranus transits to natal Pluto

By Corinne Lane     12 Comments

During Uranus transits to your natal Pluto, significant shifts in consciousness occur, leading to a better understanding of your deepest motivations. It is for this reason that these transits always work in favor of psychotherapy. Your life may undergo revolutionary and impactful changes.

You will encounter situations that are completely different from what you’re used to and will come across individuals who are vastly dissimilar to those you previously interacted with. Adaptability becomes crucial, and you should embrace rather than avoid these changes, as resistance may provoke formidable opposition.

It is necessary to change ideological and emotional structures that are no longer suitable or fitting for your future growth. Addressing lingering life issues can be immensely constructive for you.

You might find yourself drawn to the study of occultism, astrology, metaphysics, or sciences in general. There is a natural inclination to explore unknown dimensions. With proper use, you can liberate yourself from psychological compulsions that hinder your growth and experience a psychological release.

Since this is a generational aspect, the profound changes also have societal effects, although some individuals are impacted more profoundly than others. Certain karmic aspects from past lives can be relinquished.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Pluto

People born before the mid-1960s have already experienced the transit of Uranus conjunct natal Pluto, causing revolutionary changes in their lives. This transit may improve certain aspects and accelerate everything, but resistance to change can provoke negative energies. It is best to use this transit to let go of blocking aspects and ties with past lives that no longer serve growth.

Transit Uranus Sextile Pluto

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Pluto represents a positive period of evolution in your life. It helps you understand yourself and your relationships better. Astrology, parapsychology, and psychotherapy can have a profound effect. It’s a time for rebirth and fundamental changes in values.

Transit Uranus Square Pluto

The transit of Uranus square your natal Pluto breaks down structures in your subconscious. It’s important to deal with and replace these aspects. Ask for psychological help or do psychotherapy. The effects are beyond personal control and may lead to social and economic forces. Radically transforming your consciousness is crucial for personal growth.

Transit Uranus Trine Pluto

The transit of Uranus trine your natal Pluto represents a positive period of evolution in your life. It helps you understand yourself better and improve your relationships. Astrology, parapsychology, and psychotherapy can have a profound effect. It’s a time for rebirth and fundamental changes in values. Consciousness may develop if used well.

Transit Uranus Opposite Pluto

The transit of Uranus opposite natal Pluto is experienced in adulthood. Wisdom and flexibility are key. Immense changes will be forced upon you, leading to a new birth of consciousness. Confront compulsions and obsessions. Psychotherapy and astrology can help uncover reasons behind these situations. Embrace change for exciting and rewarding outcomes.

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  1. duane hansen on said:

    ok. from the time of this post to around the 1st week in may, i have the opportunity to dig deep and unearth all of my obsessions, taboos, & phobias.

  2. duane hansen on said:

    really helpful to know it’s a generational aspect.

  3. Monica Santos on said:

    Hmm how long is the Ur opp Pl transit to last? It’s happening in my 7th house so I guess all my partnerships are being shaken, whether I notice or not.

    • Corinne on said:

      The free transits report shows you effective dates for each transits. It’ll say “in effect from…to…”

    • I experienced this transit in 2016. The day I found out that my sons dad was cheating on me, transit Uranus was at 21 degrees aries, conjunct my natal vertex (in my 7th house) and opposite my natal Pluto (in first house) with a 1 degree orb . It was definitely a devastating and life changing year but it helped me grow and I’m so much stronger than I was back then.

      • Your son’s dad?

        Honestly while I understand why”cheating” hurts, nowadays there are many other things that matter in a partnership than just cheating. Being in a long term relationship will encounter these moments at one point or another. Have you ever been married for 30 years? Oh the amounts of cheating that has occurred to those who’ve been married for that long. Focus on the essential, focus on a realistic perception of partnerships, especially if you are not married.

        • Referring to someone as their “son’s dad” – immediately I assumed it’s because they aren’t married.. just my two cents. Lol. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • Yep this is going through my seventh house too. Uranus has been in Taurus already a couple of years now, & it’s only TODAY at 15° of Taurus… so buckle up I guess, it’s gonna be a while. Lol. Good luck.

      I don’t know how your transit is going, but for me, Nobody is speaking to me, besides a couple people. When I tell you it’s weird, it is INSANE. I’ve done nothing out of line, and yet I’ve seemingly fallen out of favor w friends, & dates, & managers, workers, & lovers, FWB!! It’s the twilight zone. Uranus transiting the 7th house. Sucks. Truly sucks. There is that fleeting chance of “something” exciting happening, but it will likely be just that – fleeting. Although, I’d rather hook up with someone once a month & know that it’s coming, than get nothing at all.

      … Even my relations where NOTHING was wrong, never any drama, nothing bad ever happened.. yes I understand people move on, get married and blah blah, but is that a problem for our friendship? Let me know as my friend. I don’t get how we go from friends for YEARS to silence & cliffhangers. I still have my “best” friend’s birthday gift from November 2019 to give him. I guarantee you; nothing is stopping him from just picking up the phone & saying he’s (finally) coming by. He knows I have the gift too. Friends since 2002. It’s just shady…and he’ll probably play dumb like he “didn’t know” I was confused or hurt..

      People have their personal stuff, I get it – but unless we spoke & I’m aware of this sudden change, in your view of me, I’m still thinking we’re “cool” you know?

      • Hi Erik,
        Wow, it was fascinating reading your comment because I’m experiencing extremely similar things with Uranus transiting through my 7th Hse! I’ve somehow become alienated from almost everyone. Through no fault of my own, I’ve been abandoned or ignored by almost everyone. For example, my best friend (who I’ve known for 23 years) has suddenly severed contact with me, with no explanation (but I’m sure it’s because his girlfriend felt threatened by our close friendship). Interesting to note that you wrote your comment quite a while ago, when Uranus was at 15′, and I’ve just read it now when Uranus is back at 15′. Also, my AC is close to yours (mine is 3’7 Sco). Anyway, good luck with the rest of Uranus in Tau!

  4. This transit has definitely passed at this point, for me. However the effects are likely still rippling out. I have natal Pluto in Scorpio (7°18”), & Uranus is only just now at 15° Taurus… so it passed, but still, ugh. It’s such a slow-moving pair of planets. Can’t wait to see what Uranus does to my eighth house in a few years. Woohoo!!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot – I have Scorpio ascendant (4°22”), with Pluto right there basically. Plus – for added joy, my ascendant is conjunct Ketu/south node in Scorpio (4°24”).

    Oh yeah, almost forgot – natal Mars in Scorpio (25°52”). I know it’s a wide conjunction, but it’s in the first house, & it’s Mars in domicile. So it’s potent I feel. In the near future, Uranus will be opposite my Mars. Isn’t my first house just a bundle of FUN?! Who wouldn’t be jealous & even wish they were me? Kidding.

    • lol I can definitely empathize. My Pluto is later, 23° Scorpio, but I’m already feeling Uranus moving into the opposition. I have pluto and my sun in 12H Scorpio. also have Saturn squaring pluto right now during the last few months of my first Saturn return and pluto squaring my Libra Moon & Venus. Just thanking the gods and cosmos that it’s finally Sagittarius season (my sun, rising, Mars, and Mercury are all Sag) and we centaurs can shine some optimism and love of learning with everyone for a few wks lol

    • So what happened when transit Uranus opposed your natal Pluto ? As a plutonian (with an active natal Pluto) you must have felt it. Very turbulent open ennemies making projections on you ? Extreme power struggles in relationships ?

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