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Uranus Transits to Natal Venus

Uranus transits to natal Venus

By Corinne Lane     13 Comments

When Uranus transits to your natal Venus, it makes you desire more freedom and excitement in both intimate and social relationships. These transits often bring about significant instability in all relationships, especially romantic ones, which can result in breakups and separations.

All relationships should possess an element of freshness, variety, and fun. If not, you will feel restless and irritable. Anything that becomes routine and boring has the potential to be destructive and can lead to unpredictable situations.

It becomes challenging to uphold commitments, whether on your part or on the part of others. You have a strong inclination to seek out new relationships that allow you to express your individuality. Engaging in new experiences with people can open up numerous possibilities and cultivate a newfound creativity and appreciation for beauty. Thus, if you channel your energy in that direction, it can be highly stimulating artistically.

In general, these transits generate a sense of restlessness and irritability in matters of love and daily life. They also aid in severing ties with the past that no longer serve you. Consequently, it is highly likely that there will be economic changes and an increase in economic independence.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Venus

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Venus can bring great and spectacular effects to all your personal and social relationships. You may break up with your relationship to ask for more freedom, or they may do it to you, especially if it has fallen into a routine or become too restrictive of freedom. If the relationship still works and has enough freedom, you will go through a period of great instability to renew it and add more excitement and discover new ways of relating.

Transit Uranus Sextile Venus

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Venus brings liveliness to your social and romantic life. You’ll have opportunities for new relationships that are exciting and free, even in unusual circumstances. These relationships can have a strong impact on your personal freedom and consciousness. Overall, you’ll relate to people with more spontaneity and seek new experiences in various aspects of your life.

Transit Uranus Square Venus

During Uranus square Venus, relationships are unpredictable and exciting. A need for freedom is strong, leading to readjustments. Boredom is destructive. Unstable relationships may end, while new ones are not reliable. Disagreements arise and a search for entertainment occurs. Brings excitement and fun.

Transit Uranus Trine Venus

The transit of Uranus trine your natal Venus brings liveliness to your social and romantic life. It opens up opportunities for new encounters and relationships. Your love relationship will become freer and more open to new horizons. You will experience different love relationships and friendships.

Transit Uranus Opposite Venus

The transit of Uranus opposite your natal Venus brings romantic restlessness and fluctuation. One person may want more freedom or a separation, leading to tension and a need for change. Commitments can be difficult to keep, causing irritability. This can be creatively stimulating but may also bring sudden losses or profits. Stay flexible and willing to change with others.

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  1. francisca olmedo on said:

    excellent time to see this article.

  2. People always talk about venus as connected to romance. But it is far more than that. it is about values, self esteem and self-concept and the subsequent ability to love oneself and others. I do wish someone would go more deeply into venus transits instead of the more superficial stuff. especially where the is venus retrograde in the chart.

    • Agreed. Negative Venus transits also affects finances. I have venus conjunct saturn and uranus square my venus and square my ascendant. My finances, relationships, the way I see myself and the world have all been affected. If I didn’t have so much air in my chart…say I had a lot of water planets Im sure I would be in a severe depression. But because I have so many air/intellectual planets I am only experiencing mild depression symptoms. I am a firm believer that some people are born UNLUCKY, I also don’t believe in free will anymore. Darn Saturn, Uranus transits :-/

  3. this transit is b.s. on said:

    this transit is complete b.s. No new relationships with females, no new prospects, not even close ? Just a waste of my time reading this ! No change in values, nothing.

    • RJ make my day on said:

      Update: since posting that comment nearly five months ago, my values are the same and there is/are no new females in my life, no new fenale romantic partners, no new female friends either ? Ive tried, but nobody wants me, i guess ? Venus is natally in the 10th house and transiting uranus conjoins it in taurus. There are changes going on in my career. Its very unreliable the people at my workplace? You cant tell from one day to the next what the f—k is going to happen ? The job is up and down financially. Vwry good one day and terrible the next day. My natal 4th house is ruled by venus and that is another circus.. the rental place is very noisy and the landlord is an idiot and there are frequent clashes and fights with neighbors, etc. I am mostly fed up ?

  4. I saw Uranus on Venus coming, so I stayed away from men for several years, while Uranus went retrograde twice. After it was past ( or so I thought) after 6 degrees, BANG came a new exciting and unstable relationship, out of the blue. The guy was basically gay. 6+ degrees. How long are these transits anyway!?

    • Rjmakemyday on said:

      Hi. Avoiding the situation is not recommended. you will eventualky have to expcerience the”music” sooner than later ?

      • I could not think of any positive way to express Uranus on Venus ( in Pisces conjunct the Nadir)

        • Rjmakemyday on said:

          Transits to natal planets have to be taken into context to the other transits going on, such as Secondary progressed Moon and other sp’s and even the relocated natal chart ? In my case, i have sp moon in libra, making a conjunction to natal jupiter in libra. So that will be helpful and beneficial?

  5. This transit is garbage. Expect to have your comforts and people you love ripped away and that will create severe instability. This transit has been miserable for me.

    • Hello Kate, I am very sorry to hear about your experiences with T. Uranus. I agree with everything you said ? In my case, transiting Uranus = natal Venus also sucked for me? However, while Uranus breaks up, Jupiter expands and collates. Right now, transiting Jupiter is conjoining my natal Venus in Taurus. Just as Jupiter predicts, I met a new woman just a few days ago and she is very pretty and sexually like me ? We have much in common. Will we fall in Iove. I dont know and dont care about Mercury and Venus being retrograde, as they can both go to h-ll ? In fact, all of the planets can go to h-ll, too ! This new friend is very much interested/excited about me and that’s all that matters. I am “the straw that stirs the drink?” Everything flows through me, as baseball HOFer Reggie Jackson once said ! Savour the victory while you can, I’d say. Never give up on your dreams, people, even if it takes 100 years ! Stay determined to win when your ship finally comes in and don’t compromise.

  6. Ann Churchill on said:

    Now I have Uranus conjunct the cusp of my 7th house. Also weird re: other people, especially the other sex.Mars Square Mars, doesn’t help.

  7. “Now I have Uranus conjunct the cusp of my 7th house. Also weird re: other people, especially the other sex.Mars Square Mars, doesn’t help.

    Answer: One transit, (such as Uranus) by itself, cannot judge or overrule the entire natal chart. You have to look at the Secondary and or Solar Arc progressions going on, in additional to ALL of the transits, to get a complete picture of what is going on with yourself, with respect to relationships. It would be a grave mistake to do otherwise. That is sound advice for everyone else, to be honest.

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