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Relationship Astrology – Introduction

Why is astrology useful in the area of love and relationships? This introduction explains why relationship astrology is reliable for finding genuine happiness in love.

For starters, we each have different preferences and different needs. Mainstream relationship advice, whether it comes from psychologists, books, or other media, is extremely limited in its capacity to be effective simply because they all ignore that one precious fact: each human is unique, with different preferences and different needs.

There is not one universal definition of a good relationship or lover. Ladies, it’s a waste of time to try and fit the mold of the popular media’s definition of a great girlfriend because that definition may not attract the man that satisfies you. Men, it’s a waste of time to follow rigid dating tips that may not appeal to the woman of your dreams.

So how do know what attracts or appeals to the lover of your dreams? More importantly, what attracts or appeals to you? What type of man/woman is the lover of your dreams? What do you need in a lover, in a relationship, in a spouse? You may think you know the answer to these questions. However, popular media may be influencing you to seek qualities that are not your natural preferences.

That ultimately results in failed relationships.

On the other hand, relationship astrology reveals your legitimate preferences. It is surprisingly thorough at detailing all the little things that we love and hate in relationships. Astrology is an extremely effective tool for illuminating each individual’s preferences and needs, including your hidden subconscious desires. Astrology reveals your psychological makeup and your hidden drives.

You can test this out by reading the description of your own Venus sign: Venus in the Signs. (Note that the description of your Venus sign will be an incomplete picture of your love style because a complete description must include aspects and other astrological factors.)

The benefit of astrology is that it reveals your unique and true love styles, love needs, and love preferences.

Why is this important?

When you awaken your deeply-embedded love style, you awaken the love energy that can attract a naturally compatible lover. Relationships between naturally compatible people invite happiness and genuine satisfaction into our lives.

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