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Of the Diseases or Infirmities signified by Mars and Sun.

Mars and Sun. First, Mars is of nature hot and dry, and so likewise Sun, they both represent the Cholerick humor in Man, yet the diseases of Mars, somewhat differ from the diseases signified by Sun: for Mars representeth these diseases, and they are wholly attributed to him, because of his violent nature, viz. All Impostumations, Burning Feavers, the Plague, yellow Janudies, all infirmities in the Privy Members, the Bloody Flux, all pestilentiall sores, as Fistula’s[1], Carbuncles, St. Anthonies fire[2], Calentures, &c. he ruleth the Gall, because it is the receptacle of Choller in mans body.

Now the Diseases signified by Sun are Swoundings and heart Passions, red Choller, Cramps, all diseases in generall incident to the heart, he signifieth the right eye of a Man, the left of a Woman, the Brain is in some part attributed to him, as also the mouth.

The significations of these two Planets, and the diseases signified by them, in any of the 12 signes, are as followeth: viz.

Mars or Sun in Aries.

When Mars shall be author of a Disease, or principall significator of a sicknesse, and in Aries, we may judge that the sick party is much tormented in the head, troubled with extream pain there occasioned, through a hot and dry distemper of the Brain, many times the sick party is almost or wholly distracted by reason of Cholerick humors in the Brain, usually the sick party sleepeth very little, or not much, in regard of the distemper, sometimes the party is subject to hot Rheumes in the Eyes, and Imposthumes in the Head: but if Sun be author, as aforesaid, then we may assuredly affirme, that the sick party is perplexed also in the Eyes, subject to Catarrhs, and other infirmities there, however judge the Head and Brain much distempered, and the sick party almost frantick by reason of the vehemency of the Cholerick distempers there.

Mars or Sun in Taurus.

Mars Lord of the sixth house, and the onely significator of a disease, and posited in Taurus, intimateth extream pain in the neck, pushes or scabs there: also harshnesse and roughnesse in the Throat and Wind pipe, and sorenesse and extreame paine therein, the Kings evill may be mistrusted to be breeding when we finde Mars herein.

If Sun shall be significator of a disease, and placed in this sign we may judge as aforesaid, and likewise conjecture that the heart is much afflicted with Melancholly vapours.

Mars or Sun in Gemini.

Mars in Gemini and significator as I have said before, declareth that the sicknesse or disease commeth of heat and addustion of bloud, that the sick party is troubled with the itch or breaking out of humours in the body, bleeding is excellent for the sick, and Medicines that coole the bloud: For many times the sick party is surfeited by extraordinary heat of the bloud, from thence arise Pestilentiall Feavers and diseases of putrifaction, by reason of the disaffection of the bloud.

Mars and Sun in Cancer.

When Mars shall be principall significator of a disease, and in Cancer, shews that the sick party is very thirsty, and much afflicted by heat in the Stomach, and Cholerick humors there; usually the sick party is much oppressed with paine in the Breast and Stomach, the Lungs are dry and want excrements, viz. Flegm and Spittle, the sick party is troubled with a hot and dry Cough, many infirmities are in the Stomach and Lungs, occasioned through Choller and flegm: the like may be judged when Sol is author of a disease, and posited in this signe; if the question be for a woman, then we may mistrust she hath received some hurt in the breast, from thence many times ariseth Cancers, Fistula’s or some other rotten putrified soars or impostumes.

Mars and Sun in Leo.

Mars or the Sun in Leo, and either of them author of the disease, or infirmity, intimateth that the heart is over-heated, and that the sick party is chollerick, angry and peevish, occasioned by the vehemency of the hot and dry distemper of the heart; usually upon this position the cause of the sicknesse proceedeth from Choller, and that the sick party is much subject to sudden swoundings, and heart passions, inclining to a violent Feaver, or stone in the Kidneyes.

Mars and Sun in Virgo.

Mars or the Sun, author or chief significator of the sicknesse, doth denote when they shall be posited in Virgo, that the originall of the disease ariseth of chollerick humors in the Belly, & Bowells, most commonly the sick party is oppressed with the Chollick, which is an infirmity in the Gut called Colon, the sick party is extraordinarily bound in the Body, goeth very seldome to stoole, much tormented in the Bowells by reason of chollerick obstructions there, many times Bloody Flux is to be feared when Mars or the Sun are significators of the disease, and posited in this sign, the wormes also in Children.

Mars and Sun in Libra.

Mars or the Sun in Libra, either of them being Lord of the sixt house, declareth that the sick parties bloud is much infected with Choller, the blood is hot and dry, and much distempered, such things as cool the blood are necessary to be administred to the sick party; however Mars or the Sun, prinicpall significators of a disease, and posited in this sign, acquaints us, that the sick party is oppressed with a great heat in the Reines and Kidneyes, the Stone may be feared upon this position, as also Gravell in the Urine, the sick party many times hath been found to be much tormented in the Bladder, the Urine very hot, and sometimes the passage thereof stopped, sometimes madnesse.

Mars and Sun in Scorpio.

Mars of the Sun in Scorpio, and significator as I have said before, intimateth great pain in the secret and privy members, extraordinary heat in those parts, this position gives great suspition of a clap of some unclean woman, and that the disease came that way, if it be a woman that propounds the question, then we may judge that she hath used too much the sports of Venus, and she hath too great flux of the Whites and Reds, however we may conjecture of great distempers in those parts which are governed by Scorpio, viz. the secret members, and that the sick party is tormented with some scurvy disease there, perhaps an Ulcer.

Mars and Sun in Sagittarius.

When the Sun or Mars shall be either of them in Sagittarius and Lord of the sixt house, or significators of a disease, judge the sick to be afflicted in the Hipps, and Thighs, through pestilent and chollerick humors in those parts, Fistula’s or terrible sores there, or a Sciatica.

Mars and Sun in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Now Mars or the Sun in Capricorn, Aquaries and Pisces, and author of the infirmity as aforesaid, declareth the distemper to arise from chollerick humors, descending into the Knees, Legs and Feet, many times they signifie scabs and sores in those members, when there are other testimonies of the same, they signifie also lamenesse in those parts, many times the joint gout.


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