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We now come to treat of Jupiter, and those diseases signified by him.

Jupiter is of nature hot and moist, and representeth the blood, and all diseases that have their originall from hot and moist causes, are attributed to this Planet, he signifieth all diseases, in the Liver and Lungs, Plurisies, Convulsions, inflammations of the Liver, Apoplexies, windinesse in the veines and blood, and all diseases arising from putrefaction there, his signification of diseases in any of the twelve signes is as followeth:

Jupiter in Aries.

When Jupiter shall be in Aries, and the principall significator of a disease, he declareth that the sicknesse proceedeth of the disaffection of the bloud in the head, many times the sick parties face is swelled, and the head much afflicted, usually the Temples are red, and the sick party sleeps very unquietly, is molested with strange fancies and dreames, usually the cause of the distemper ariseth from the windinesse of the bloud, in the veines of the head, sometimes from an Imposthum.

Jupiter in Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus, and significator as aforesaid, giveth suspition of the Quinsey[1], which is a disease usually subject to the throat, however we may judge swellings in that member when we finde Jupiter author of the disease, and in this sign, as also that the blood is too thick and dry.

Jupiter in Gemini.

Jupiter in Gemini, intimateth, that the disease ariseth from the overflowing of the blood, and that there is too much: opening of a veine or sweating, is an excellent remedy for such as are afflicted with this infirmity.

Jupiter in Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer, and principall significator of a disease, shews the blood to be thin and waterish, the party inclining to a Dropsie, the blood is filled with flegm, and many times the scurvy and watry humors in the blood, causeth the distemper; we may judge also, that the sick party hath no great appetite to his victuals, and that his Stomach is offended.

Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter in Leo, intimateth, that the disease proceedeth of putrified humors, that the blood is over-heated, the sick party inclining to a Feaver, which may be confidently affirmed, if other testimonies concur: yet neverthelesse the disease hath its originall from putrefaction at the Heart, bleeding and sweating is much to be commended in this infirmity, for sometimes the disease is pestilentiall.

Jupiter in Virgo.

Jupiter in Virgo sheweth the blood to be oppressed, and much infected with melancholy, and that by reason of the coldnesse and drynesse in the Liver and Lungs, the sick party is much afflicted: many times the Flux[2] is to be feared upon this positure: however we may judge the blood to be thick, and too grosse, and the party inclining to a Consumption, in women he signifies fits of the mother.

Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter in Libra hath great signification of the blood, in regard it is an aiery signe representing the same, we usually observe upon this position the sick party hath great need of bleeding, for the bloud aboundeth exceedingly, from whence sometimes ariseth corrupt humors, and diseases of putrifaction, many times adustion[3] of blood, if Venus be with Jupiter in this sign.

Jupiter in Scorpio.

Jupiter in Scorpio hath almost the same signification, as in Cancer, only we finde that the sick party is more oppressed with salt humors in the blood, we also usually discern some grief in the privy members, in regard this sign hath some relation to them, viz. the Strangury.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Jupiter in Sagittarius usually denoteth chollerick humours in the blood, and that it is over-heated by some extravagant exercise, from thence arise Feavers proceeding of Choler; so likewise, when he is in Capricorn he declareth the blood to be afflicted with Melancholly, and in Aquarius he intimateth that from the abundance of the blood, ariseth the sicknesse or infirmity, and also in Pisces he denoteth the blood to be waterish, and thin, and the Dropsie may be feared when Jupiter is in Pisces, and significator of a Disease, for the blood is much oppressed with flegm, and watry humors upon such a positure.

We now in order come to speak of Mars, and the diseases signified by him, but in regard that those diseases attributed to Mars, differ not much from those signified by Sun, in regard they are both of one Nature, therefore for brevity sake, we will handle them both together.


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