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Of the Diseases Signified by the Seven Planets, and first of the Diseases signified by the Planet Saturn.

Saturn is a Planet of nature cold and dry, representing Melancholly, all diseases of the like nature are signified by him: all quartane Agues, proceeding of cold Black Jaundies, Palsies, Consuptions, Rhumes, the hand and foot Gout, Apoplexies, and all infirmities which have their originall from Melancholly distempers, are attributed to this Planet, he ruleth in the boldy of Man the Spleen.

Now when he shall be Author of the Disease, or Lord of the sixth house, or posited therein, we may judge the sicknesse to proceed from such causes, as he naturally signifieth; but because I would be plain in discussing of the nature of the Planets, and of those diseases signified by them, I have thought necessary to insert those infirmities, or diseases, signified by them in any of the twelve signes, therefore observe that which followeth.

Saturn in Aries.

When Saturn shall be Lord of the sixt house, and posited in , Aries he usually intimateth, that the Disease ariseth from Melancholly distempers, and that the sick party is much oppressed in the head, and troubled with Melancholly vapours there, as also that the sick party is very silent and dull, subject to strange imaginations, fears, and terrible dreames, it hath been found by experience, that when Saturn hath been author of the disease, and in this sign, that the sick party hath been much afflicted with heavinesse in the head, slept very little, but exceedingly troubled with stuffings in the head, sometimes he is oppressed with distillations of Rheume from thence, as also with noise and soundings in the head and eares, many times the party is very dull of hearing, and hath great pain in the teeth.

Saturn in Taurus.

When Saturn shall be significator of the Disease, and in Taurus, he intimateth swellings in the throat, hoarsenesse, hard kernells there, and many times he giveth suspition of that disease vulgarly called the Kings Evill, he also signifieth wenns and hard swellings in the neck, and extream soare throats.

Saturn in Gemini.

Saturn author of the sicknesse and in Gemini, usually declareth all wounds or hurts in the Armes or Shoulders, but in regard this signe hath relation to the bloud, therefore we may judge, that when Saturn shall be significator of a disease, and posited herein, that the blood is too thick, and that the sick party is subject to diseases of a cold, a dry nature, incident to the blood, and sometimes the sick party is inclining to a Consumption, or the black Jaundies.

Saturn in Cancer.

Saturn principall significator of a disease, and in Cancer, the sick is commonly afflicted with putrifaction in the Stomach, the digestive faculty is much weakned, and the sick party is much oppressed with Coughs, proceeding from the indisposition of the Lungs, commonly it is observed, that the Lungs are much decayed for want of moisture; from thence ariseth many infirmities, sometimes upon this positure the sick party is oppressed with ulceration in the Lungs, Ptisick[1] or the like, usually melancholly vapours afflict the Stomach and Lungs, when Saturn being significator of a disease is posited in this signe, he also signifieth Cancers; Ulcers, and bruises in the Brest and Stomach, when he shall be found herein.

Saturn in Leo.

Saturn in Leo, and chiefe author of the disease, declareth the Heart to be oppressed with melancholly and stinking vapours, the sick party is very fretfull, and compaineth usually of great pain at the Heart, many times it hath been observed, that wen Saturn hath been author of a disease, or principall significator of a sicknesse, or infirmity, and posited in this sign, that the sick party hath taken some inward griefe, and is much afflicted with melancholly distempers at the Heart, occasioned by too much sorrow, sometimes poyson is to be feared to be the cause of the sicknesse, when other testimonies concurre.

Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn in Virgo, being Lord of the sixth house, and having most power in a disease, demonstrates that the present sicknesse or distemper, proceedeth from melancholly obstructions in the Bowells and small Guts, commonly and most usually the sick party is griped in the Belly, the Collick is to be feared upon this position, sometimes I have known when the sick party hath been troubled with illiack pasions, and much oppressed with hard dung in the Guts, hath gone very seldom to stool: in such a position as this, let a glister be administred to the sick party.

Saturn in Libra.

Saturn in Libra, and the onely significator of a sicknesse, or infirmity, commonly intimateth great pain in the Reines and Bladder: Stoppage of the Urine by cold, yet Libra being an aiery sign, the position of Saturn therein may declare some distemper in the blood, and that the sick parties blood is decaying, and is thick and windy: moreover when other testimonies agree, the Strangury is to be feared, as also great paine in the Back and Kidneys, whereby the sick party is much oppressed, or some former bruises.

Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio, and Lord of the sixth house, and author of the disease or infirmity, shews that the sick party is tormented in the privy members, he signifieth botches and scabbs there, as also bruised, the swellings of those members, and ulcers, in those parts, we may fear upon such a position, that the sick party is troubled with the Piles.

Saturn in Sagittarius.

When Saturn shall be significator as aforesaid, and in the sign of Sagittarius, we have eminent cause to judge, that the sick party is troubled with swellings in the Hips, and Thighs, pain in those members by cold, old Aches, old Bruises and the like, and that the infirmity proceedeth of some former grief or impediment, however we may mistrust the Sciatica in the Hipps, as also Fistulaes, and the like soars in those parts.

Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Saturn in Capricorn, and author of the disease, signifieth impediment in the Knees, lamenesse and bruises there; yet some doe affirme that Saturn, in any of theses signes, which are his houses, viz. Capricorn and Aquarius doth represent the head, and so all other Planets, when they are in their owne houses doth the like, now if Saturn shall be in Aquarius or Pisces, and significator as aforesaid, then we may judge the sick party to be oppressed with the Gout in the Feet and Toes, and much pain in those members, occasioned through cold distempers in those parts, sometimes the Ague, or some other cold disease afflicts the sick party in those members.


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