Chiron in Aries, Girl on Fire

Chiron in Aries

Updated May 24, 2017
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People with Chiron in Aries in their birth chart have had to deal with personal injuries, both physical and psychological. And yet, these people are not your regular victims. Others may not even be able to tell that these people have had deep injuries.

This is because Chiron in Aries people shake off their pain and move forward quickly. They’re extremely resilient. These are people that have friends who feel their pain more than they themselves do. Chiron in Aries people will be the ones telling you to “suck it up” when you’re hurt.

Chiron is about pain and healing. People with Chiron in Aries heal quickly, without much thought, blazing trails even while warm blood drips from their open wounds.

You may think that they’re insensitive, until you find out just how many painful, damaging experiences they’ve had. Then, you’ll wonder how they even survived.

Speculation On Why Chiron in Aries is Like That

The generation born between 1968 and 1977 has Chiron in Aries. This was a turbulent time period. Children born and growing up during this era had to deal with both cultural and economic struggles. The had to deal with the effects of the Vietnam War, and with the War protesters. Many of these children were born to mothers who smoked and used drugs for recreation. This is the first batch of children born to mothers who were not overwhelmingly stay-at-home moms. Increasingly, moms were not home. Many of these children were supervised by the television in their homes.

That era was a time of breaking free from the traditions of the past. Previously, Chiron was in Aries from 1918 to about 1927, during the so-called “Roaring Twenties.” The 1920s in the US were also a time of breaking free. Women were able to exercise more freedom from traditional roles. Yet, the 1920s were also conflict-filled. Bitter conflicts between all kinds of people were flaring throughout the United States. Religion, immigration status, race, alcoholic preference, and home address were all sources of debate and contention among neighbors. Children born during that era heard a lot of trash-talking and arguing. Then, they were hit with the Great Depression in their youth.

They learned quickly to simply get up, and carry on.

People with Chiron in Aries are tough as nails. They were forged in fire. They grew up in the school of hard knocks, whether in the 1920s, 1930s, or 1970s. Whether they were born wealthy or not, they grew up in an era that was not very kind to children. If you are one of those, and you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

You’ve been hurt, a lot. You’ve learned that you must simply get over it and carry on.

Chiron in Aries people don’t have to experience the same problem more than once to learn from it. If you ever have the chance, try to get a Chiron in Aries person to talk about their past injuries. It will not be easy, since they, so quickly, move on from their pain. But, if you can get them to talk about it, be sure to listen. You may learn some wonderful lessons. Listening to their experiences can help you heal your own pain.

You’ll be surprised at how the same person who told you to “suck it up” can actually help you through some tough times. People with Chiron in Aries radiate enough healing energy to touch those around them.

Actually, in Aries, Chiron doesn’t just heal, but it can regenerate and revive.

For you to experience and feel the Chiron energy in your life, Chiron must be placed strongly in your birth chart. Chiron is strong in one of the angular houses, or in aspect with a personal planet. The House in your birth chart that Chiron is in will be the place where you’ll experience the Chiron energy the most. As with any planet, the energy will be felt especially strongly if it’s on your Ascendant. Chiron conjunct the Ascendant will manifest in robust, and sometimes literal, ways, which we’ll see in the following example.

Nancy Kerrigan, Chiron Conjunct Ascendant in Aries

Nancy Kerrigan, the American Olympic figure skater and champion, has Chiron in Aries. It’s in conjunction to her Ascendant with an orb of 3 degrees and 14 minutes. As a little girl, Nancy played hockey with her brothers. That sounds literally, physically, tough. In 1994, while Kerrigan was training for the Olympics, her figure skating competitor hired a man to attack Kerrigan. The attacker hit her on the knee with a police batton. In the words of Wikipedia:

Kerrigan recovered quickly from her knee injury and resumed her intensive training.[1]


Seven weeks after the attack, Kerrigan skated what she considered to be the best two performances of her life.[2]

Yes, people with Chiron in Aries heal quickly, and they move on. Other people take time to heal while they ponder the lessons of hardship. Not Chiron in Aries. With them, it’s “up and at ’em.”

What Chiron in Aries Teaches Us

People with Chiron in Aries can teach us how to quickly move beyond our pain.

Chiron will enter Aries again in April of 2018. We’re about to begin spawning a new batch of tough guys. The babies born between 2018 and 2027 will, no doubt, be born during widespread cultural conflict, just like with Chiron in Aries of the past. It’s easy to see similarities between the cultural issues of the 1920s, and those issues which are brewing now. Children born into an atmosphere of conflict learn, very quickly, how to shake it off.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.[3]




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  1. AfroGoddess on said:

    Thanks a bunch! I have natal Chiron in Aries and indeed even when I don’t feel so strong, people around cannot even tell???? It’s incredible!!! I used to resent it but I now get that I still radiate vitality even when I don’t feel vital lol…thanks you for putting it plainly “People with Chiron in Aries radiate enough healing energy to touch those around them”