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John Partridge on Wealth, Riches, and the 2nd House, Part 1

John Partridge on Money, Wealth, Riches

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Of Wealth and Riches, the Judgment of the second House.

The Ancient Astrologers have differed much about the Judgment of this House; Ptolomy takes his Judgment from the Part of Fortune, and from those Planets who have dominion in the place thereof; but the Arabians use other Methods in this Judgment, whose diversities of Opinions I shall here omitt, I being in this place designed rather to perform things for Profit than Speculation; and therefore I shall endeavor to lay down the most authentick Rules, delivered both by the Ancient and Modern Astrologers in these particulars.—

And for the Benefit of the young Student, I will be more large in the Judgment of this House, than any before me have been; because it is the most useful part of this Science, in all kind of Predictions; for there can be no great advancement, but Riches are annexed as a Companion to it: Hence it is that Riches are but the Product of Dignity, Honours, the favour of Princes, Marriage, etc. Therefore, that Native that is born to an Estate, comes within the Judgment of this House, whether his Industry shall be imployed in the keeping and increasing of his Estate, or profusely spending or consuming of it, which by ingenious men may be done in divers ways.— But the principal thing to be known in the Judgment of this House, is, which be the Significators; and they are in number six, as followeth:

First, the second House; which House begins five degrees before the Cusp of the House, and continues till within five degrees of the Cusp of the third; therefore what Planet soever is within those Limits, is said to be in that House.

Secondly, the Lord of the Sign placed on the Cusp of the second House, and the Lord of the Sign intercepted there, if any be.

Thirdly, the Part of fortune, or the .

Fourthly, the Dispositor of the Pars fortunae.

Fifthly, Jupiter, wheresoever placed, is Significator of Riches.

Sixthly, the Planets placed in the second House, whether there are one or more; and the nearer they are to the Cusp of the House, so much the more visible are their effects.

And these six Significators will afford Judgment upon these four Propositions.–

First, whether the Child shall be Rich or Poor; or whether he shall augment, or consume the Goods or Estate left of his Parents.

Secondly, if Rich, how attain it.

Thirdly, by what means, lawful or unlawful.

Fourthly, whether the substance gotten shall continue, or not; for we often see that many men are made Rich by Providence, and again reduced to Poverty.

Of these four in their order; I begin with the first.


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