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Pluto Transits to Natal Pluto

Pluto Transits to Natal Pluto

By Corinne Lane         82 Comments

Transits of Pluto to natal Pluto are cycles that occur across generations where individuals must confront the consequences of their unconscious desires and unresolved issues. Consequently, these cycles can have either positive or negative outcomes, depending on the level of self-awareness and personal growth achieved.

If little progress has been made, there will be confrontations that compel individuals to undergo profound internal transformations. Conversely, if progress has been substantial, transformations can occur in one’s external circumstances and the wider world.

During these moments, unconscious motivations and obsessive and compulsive behaviors, as influenced by natal Pluto and its aspects, will come to the forefront. It is also a crucial time to completely eradicate these negative behaviors and tendencies.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Pluto

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Pluto is rare, except right after birth or during retrograde motion. Its effect can also be observed through secondary progressions.

Transit Pluto Sextile Pluto

Transit Pluto sextile natal Pluto brings changes, creative evolution, and growth opportunities. It happens around age 30, helping to face fears and psychoses gently. Concern for the world increases while stabilizing the maturation process.

Transit Pluto Square Pluto

The Pluto transit square to your natal Pluto happens between age 36 and 61. It’s a period of regeneration and eliminates disagreeable things. Look within to see the changes you’ve made. If not, prepare for immense changes.

Transit Pluto Trine Pluto

The Pluto transit trine to your natal Pluto is a time of spiritual regeneration.

Transit Pluto Opposite Pluto

For most people, this tends to occur anywhere between age 80 to 90. This could be a time of big changes and new perspectives in your life.

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  1. Gary Summers on said:

    I have progressed Pluto conjunct pluto , does any one have any information regarding this aspect .
    I have a idea that it is to do with spiritual insight and acceptance .
    Growth with what you have learn , the transition at looking at a whole to do with self and outside influences …

    • Lauretta Hurman on said:

      Hi Gary – your pluto will not move far from it’s natal position by progression. It may however change house number and receive transits from faster moving planets. As an example – if it landed in the 10th house(same sign and virtually same degree as natal) you would look to 10th house issues (career/business etc) positive transits from other planets suggesting positive career. and more stressful aspects may point to change. I have found that “change” can often leads to better things after initial anxiety. Hope this helps.

  2. Shannon on said:

    My 98 year old grandma’s natal Pluto is at 8 degrees Cancer. She experienced her Pluto opposition Pluto when she was 91 years old.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      Thank you for this info. I updated the Pluto Opposition section based on this.

    • My grandmother’s Pluto was at an opposition on the day she died. It opposed her natal 4th house in Cancer. She died at home, in her sleep. I love astrology for its profound accuracies.

  3. Charlotte Hullinger on said:

    I’m looking for your revised section on transit Pluto opposite natal Pluto. I have natal Pluto at 22 degrees Cancer and am experiencing my Pluto opposition now.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      I’ve updated the typo error in the Transit Pluto Opposite Pluto section.

    • Nancy Davison on said:

      I am experiencing transiting Pluto opposition natal Pluto ( 26Cancer10 at birth in 1935.) This is obviously not a terribly unusual aspect, but it’s very difficult to find much about it. Transiting Pluto is in my 7th House of Relationships, and I’m finding a deep need to lighten up when it comes to dealing with family members and close friends. Taking deep breaths and refusing to react negatively is a daily process.

      Pluto, as my rising planet in the first house is, I think, the reason I’ve always been happiest by myself, though at the same time I’ve always been drawn to form and act within groups of like-minded people. Now that Pluto is lighting (!) up my 7th house, I find that while I’m still delighted with my own company, at the same time I enjoy very much being with others.

      Please realize that there are many of us who, in our later years, find Pluto in an opposition to his natal position.

      • I am going through it too and wish there was more information.

        • Lauretta Hurman on said:

          Hi Jean – pluto opp pluto is slow moving but thorough!! Will give energy to change your life, as pluto transits are about transformation. If you are feeling restless about any area of your life – then go with the flow as there is massive energy to make changes at this time. Of course some changes are painful – friends and family leave this world – pluto covers beginnings (birth) and endings (death). From my experience a family death can be followed by new life . When my mother died my sister, brother and myself all had the joy of a new grandchild each. Try to go with the flow, and accept the unexpected.

      • Ellen Jay on said:

        so nice to hear from you and yes I can imagine. it being a very plutonian season for a few years right now. congratulations on living to see the day and everything I read that you’re doing makes perfect sense. whenever I think of confusing big Pluto transits or progressions I think well, it might help if I can Purge something, sensibly of course, like a curator like not throwing out the baby with the bathwater but absolutely getting rid of things that have a need to be transformed and moved along. me a Scorpio with Scorpio Rising Pluto and Leo in mutual reception and having just discovered a poet who also has those same things but the Sun and Pluto are not Square they are quintile. what interesting things to look at and how cool that you have lived this long and paid attention to all of this!

  4. ‘At 85, I”ve had Pluto transiting back and forth within 1 degree of natal Pluto for almost a year and appears to be in process of continuing same fo a couple of years more. This in combination with Uranus Return.

  5. bobbi loblaw on said:

    still can’t find information on progressed pluto conjunct natal pluto in progressed chart. just keep finding it’s rare, but not with pluto in Libra people. so…where is this information? is it not important? it seems important since it’s rare an a conjunction. anyone have information besides “it’s rare”?

    • Progressed Pluto conjunct natal Pluto – minute precise – comes from him having been retrograde at birth and then turning direct to retake his natal position.
      Or having been direct at birth and then turning retrograde, turning back to natal.
      This comes from the fact, that nobody will ever otherwise experience a “Pluto return” due to Pluto’s turnaround time of 248,54 years.

  6. My mom is 87 and has an EXACT T-Pluto to N-Pluto now. She did have a life threatening sudden illness that left her between hospital & rehab for 3 1/2 months. She is home now and I am her caregiver, although she’s bouncing back quite well. She will be 88 next month and to date has done no reflecting on her life and the chaos she’s caused during her life. I really believe she thinks she’s immortal. She’s made no arrangements for when she does die. Very odd considering most people take care of their funeral costs and plans when their in their 70s or 70’s. I don’t think she is incapable of reflecting on her life. Time will tell I guess.

  7. Jean Puhlman on said:

    My husband and I are nearing 84 years of age and we both have Pluto opposition Pluto. My natal is in Cancer in the 8th house and Pluto in Capricorn is opposing it in the 2nd house. I’m searching to find out what this might mean for me. It sounds ominous.

    His natal Pluto is in 7th house in Cancer and Pluto in the 1st house is opposing it. There just is not enough information about this although studying Pluto meanings and Oppositions helps some. You might want to use us as research. Maybe.

  8. kirshan on said:

    I have now progressed pluto (libra) conjuction natal pluto. Rare? i’m almost 44 years old. What is it mean?

  9. Lauretta Hurman on said:

    Any aspects from pluto to pluto are going to be transformative. Nothing sudden just a slow unfolding of changes. These can be to your liking or otherwise. If you understand astrology you will know it’s best to try to guide yourself towards these changes be they spiritual, mental or emotional. Stuff may reappear from your past and need to be dealt with. This can be painful but be kind to yourself – forgive past mistakes made by you or others towards you. The feeling of “change” will have been part of you for some time (2 yr or so) prior to anything exact. If plans have been formulating for you, go with the flow. Change will happen so try to use this wisely, but accept the unexpected. I have a natal 8th house pluto opposition pluto-
    sadly loved ones have left, but my scorpio venus has pluto aspects and I have begun to paint. I thank pluto for revealing a creative gift I didn’t know I had! Love and blessings to all – may pluto bring joy, understanding and acceptance of your life changes.

    d and I have begun to paint!

  10. Laurtta Hurman on said:

    I believe there are many of us with the pluto opposition, although no published comments thus far. I have natal pluto in cancer 8th house, with 2nd house opposition.
    I had to give up driving – a hard blow as it stopped me visiting my numerous family (cancer) but it has free up funds (2nd). Venus (12th house scorpio) is connected to both the pluto nataly and now by transit. and I have started painting. Pluto brought to light a talent I didn’t know I had. I have lost loved ones along the way – pluto territory, but I have gained as well. The transit till has a way to go, so I am expecting other changes before too long.

  11. I’m 65 and will have transit Pluto inconjunct natal Pluto early in 2021. I would like to see that added to the list of transits.

    • Michelle McMullen on said:

      I’m 51 & have Pluto trine pluto this can be opportunity to help others in our community in some way to share our wisdom gained through personal experience. It could be through the publishing of a book also. What a special gift for those of us with pluto trine Pluto I’m so excited!!!! I actually prayed for 5hrs in 2015 for this opportunity to “safe the world ” I may not safe the world but I hope,dream,pray to somehow make a recognized mark for the betterment of all concerned.

      • How lovely and beautiful 💖 Michelle 🙏🏻I am just starting my Pluto trine Pluto I have been given this wonderful gift and transformation I’m so grateful for this wonderful blessing 🙌🏻

        Wishing all the very best on your journey
        Sent with many happy wishes delightful encounters and beautiful blessings to help where you can to make a difference in some way or another

        Peace and blessings
        Polly 🙏🏻

        Just to add I am just learning about this Pluto trine Pluto unfolding in my chart😅

  12. NatalPlutoStationDirect on said:

    Pluto at 22 Capricorn stationed direct trine my natal Pluto at 22 Virgo.
    Its been quite a 47day journey.
    I was born with Pluto stationed direct at 22 and Uranus stationed direct at 29 in Virgo, Mercury station direct at 3 Gemini. Stations mean a lot to me.
    This transit Pluto station meant and has delivered a lot.
    Astrology doesn’t lie.

    • Michelle McMullen on said:

      I was born 3°Gemini my pluto is in virgo 2nd house. I know almost zero about transits and astrology in general I just want peace harmony in the rest of my life I’ve had overlapping trauma and battles corruption and discrimination for almost 2 full decades just shy of 2 decades and it’s still presently going on in this now moment with criminal charges of auto theft in passenger seat of my own property.

      • Lauretta Hurman on said:

        Hi Michelle – the main energy of a pluto transit is transformation. The cosmos is clearing out many things from your life, to allow new things to come to you. It’s impossible to hide from these energies. Anything that may be hidden or from your past (money issues, family secrets) may come to light, and has to be dealt with. These are, of course, general trends, but some if not all of these may surface. The overwhelming urge to change lifestyle, job, even country is often present. Try to deal with changes as they come to light – the energy is available to assist any positive change.

  13. NatalPlutoStationDirect on said:

    Pluto station alone lasted 47days. A planet drilling on a given degree is significant.
    And, Pluto is my chart ruler. Scorpio rising.

  14. Hi, just an observation… Pluto square is at the end of your 30’s, not 40’s.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Great point, thank you. The square transit happens at as early as age 36 and even as late as age 61. I updated above to reflect this.

  15. WaterLeak on said:

    Pluto in Aquarius will be square my Pluto in Scorpio around February 2026..about a week after my birthday – 11th house square 7th house (natal)..and I’m already sensing (2020 vision lol) what lies ahead amd I’m dreading it. I’ve always had a disdain for groups despite being an Aquarius Sun and feel that it’s a catch 22. I recognize the inevitability of group identities and have no problem assigning labels to myself but I’ve always resented how groups can’t accept the dichotomy of social acceptance/sexual rejection as normal. This probably is relatable for other Pluto in Scorpio Aquarians. I am tolerant of a lot but I do not personally embrace the same things I tolerate necessarily. The beauty of live and let live is that it works all ways. But yet I know that I will be challenged by my “progressive” peers to view that principle in the most inane way, one that will mean me submitting to the most literal conception of “living”…ie reproducing. Needless to say, that’s not a bad thing per se, but for a gay male with no desire for kids and deep skepticism of religion and baby-instigating wars/pandemics, that’s asking a lot. At the same time, I’ve had countless inquiries over the years about my non-existent kids, had stalkers and blabber mouths over the years misconstrue my previous and remote heterosexual experiences and on some level, and based on the subtle yet clearly personal hints I’m receiving from people on the dating scene, it seems they believe there is some universal obligation to “switch roles” sorta speak at some point in life. From gay to straight…male to to white even, or vice versa because of a misplaced notion of balance. But unless they get my hint and back off with the games and gaslighting when Pluto conjuncts my Sun a few years afterwards, the only switching I will be doing is from lights on to lights off lol because I will never accept that the group rules over the individual or vice versa. At any rate, I won’t fight. Time will tell what really is “nature” vs nurture. what is fixed instinct, “natural flow”, the immutable primordial reality vs what is highly orchestrated and militarized cult freemasonry, chemical sabotage, gangstalking, etc from opportunists towards the so-called narcissists who see what they are doing.

  16. WaterLeak on said:

    I will also have a Pluto square Asc between the Pl sq. Pl & Pl conj. Sun. Fun fun fun. But unfortunately makeover is rejected in advance.

  17. Thank you for your service. I am so glad I had some type of clue in regards to this transit. It helped save me a lot of waste time and energy on thoughts, people, and things. A lot changed for me during this period and at times I felt overwhelmed, but it really forced me to live and let live.

  18. Pluto opposition around them including many moving from their times into aged care of some description plus the current upheavals which for many I know in the UK say it reminds them of the uncertainty of the war years they grew up in and seem quite accepting of all the change .

  19. GEEKYGUY on said:

    Let me describe how I experienced the transit of Pluto sextile natal Pluto….

    When the transit came into effect I started experiencing some mental discomfort re (what I considered to be) a terrible secret (which I will not reveal here) I had been carrying around for far too long.

    I had a very close friend I had often shared very intimate stuff with. I had also been getting counselling. Suddenly I decided (given how supportive and non-judgmental both my friend and my counsellor appeared to be) to just pluck up every atom of courage and share my great secret with them. That was definitely a very good decision. They both offered me endless reassurance and support, and all of a sudden the secret no longer seemed so terrible.

    After this the sextile transit was clearly positive in nature, corresponding to a positive experience of death and rebirth in my life.

    The moral of the story? I believe I handled the sextile transit very well. If I had decided not to share my major secret I believe I would have continued to experience some mental discomfort for the remainder of the transit, then later in life when the square transit would come along the issue would come back to hit me even more strongly, perhaps even causing some kind of breakdown, forcing me in some extremely unpleasant way to reveal what I had kept hidden. Because I decided to take advantage of the opportunity the sextile transit was giving me to confront the issue, I believe when the square transit comes along it will be far easier to handle than it would otherwise have been.

    So yes, the sextile transit (which to begin with may feel somewhat uncomfortable) is an important opportunity to deal with anything which you consider to be a terrible secret. By doing so, you will be freeing yourself from the effects of it, and later on the square transit will be much less difficult as a result.

  20. Lauretta on said:

    Thank you for sharing this. Pluto transits should’t be overlooked (usually they wont let you!). The pluto energy clears the ground for new things to happen. It’s power also brings to light things that are hidden. I’m not saying these transits are easy – they can herald changes you find extremely difficult to live through. In your case you have taken the opportunity to “clear the ground”. You may now find you have extra energy at your disposal, as to hold on to stuff from the past takes a lot of energy. My mantra for these transits is “break out or breakdown”. Well done for using the energy wisely.

  21. Hello All,
    I am looking at my Pluto opposition natal Pluto in 2030 approximately. I am almost 74. I figure that I will be ready for a “transition” at that point in my life. I am not afraid of it in any way. I have had my mission in life here to raise my children and write my poems. I am in the process of completing my memoir. Being psychic has taken me a bit to understand and learn but it is, in the end, a blessing. Does anyone else relate to what I have just said in any way? I hope that I have somehow made the world a better place with my life this time around. :-)

    • I am close to 80 at this point, and Pluto has transited six of my houses. As I’ve reflected on that, each pass resulted in an identity change. Currently Pluto is transiting my ascendant, opposed 7th house where I have natal Jupiter. Ordinarily, I have an abundance of relationships, but with this transit, I border on being a recluse. My sense is this is preparing me for the next transformation with Pluto in 2nd, opposed natal Pluto in the 8th. Many objects can go away now, They no longer are attachments. My feeling level is it’s time to lighten up!

    • I hear you..I am having same..I am 74 also..exciting. Isn’t it?
      What an incredible passage of life !

    • Yes Robin
      There are a few of us heading that way..mine is in 2033

      • Pauline,
        Thank you for your comments. My Pluto opposition Pluto in my 8th will surely bring a transition in my life. I am a mediator and preparing myself for that transition. I always think of being a leader or an example for my kids. This one will be no different. Whatever comes next, I hope to contribute something worthwhile. 👍

        • Lauretta Hurman on said:

          So interesting to hear other comments on pluto opposition pluto! I am now 86 and have one more opposition before pluto moves to aquarious. Natally in 8th so 2nd house triggered. Have been disposing of “things” – time for a clear out. Received unexpected funds – grandchildren have benefitted. Venus in 12th – drawn in to the opposition – have started fabric painting. Yes it’s sad as one’s friends and relatives pass, but we know nothing is for ever. Accept change as it comes – no point in not doing so as pluto always wins. Peace and blessings.

  22. Gary summers on said:

    Acceptance and wisdom , death is a transition .
    The body dissolves your soul makes the journey back .
    We are here to serve , listen , and learn .
    The people we loss and loved to reunite , to make your next journey home …

    • Ive gone through a pluto sqr,pluto, trine mars saturn sun venus and opp to asc merc venus sun moon – a big one – mars and saturn with the pluto Opp pluto in 2023 and at each turn there was the death of a way of life and a complete new beginning after circumstances forced a decision to stay and suffer or move and take the risk that new starts always takes but above all it took me to trusting that a power greater than myself always found a better place for me to be in and grow and accept what is and go more with the flow and trusting my own gut feelings rather than being rational and arguing between my head and my heart/gut <3

  23. My spirit guides told me the day of my death today so I pulled up the transit chart for that date today. It’s a dead moon, transiting stellium in the 8th house, and Pluto is in nearly (.34 orb) opposite natal Pluto. The North Node for this date is at 1 degree Aries, suggesting a new start.
    I’ll be 94.
    I’ve always known this life would be a long one, but I thought I’d live to be over 100 in this lifetime, so I guess I have to step up my game to accomplish it all in time lol.
    Thanks for the article!

    • Your comments are fascinating and I wish you well for the reminder of your earthly time. Transits are not always what one expects. Mine is coming in a few years and I am 75 so it gives me a smile. 😊🙏

    • Thanks for sharing
      We are walking forward together
      Some of us walk a little way behind but appreciate your comments

    • Thank-you loved one
      My thought to you
      Remember the Nat King Cole song
      “The greatest thing in all the world is just to love and know love is returned”

      Your song I think ?

  24. Thanks Robyn
    I am similar.. 75 this week
    Pluto return in 2033
    Feels ok to me
    Have Uranus returning 2032
    Yours too I am guessing

    There’s a part of me that finds it rather comforting
    May I ask your thoughts?

    • Pauline,
      I am writing a memoir at the moment. I have been a long time in this very seemingly endless life where as an INFJ I am basically alone. However, I have completed my mission in this life. I am grateful for many things in this life. My family, my skills, my heart are all good and I am ready to go. I want to learn how to die with dignity and show my family the best I have. I hope this is not too much for you. Best to you Pauline 🙏

      • This could be words from my own thoughts..I am also an INFJ..although trying hard to work on the “Judgement!”
        Unlike my earlier life I relate now to the tarot card “The fool”

        I choose solitude and enjoy my rural life..chooks and dogs (I am in Australia)
        Family are a source of joy and I give thanks for those who are still near
        I am not writing a memoir..but I am a ghost writer for a childrens book series..written by my dog!

        So I do relate to your message..and wish you well on your path..please stay in touch

  25. Ps
    How do you know that you have completed your mission??

  26. Hmm !
    Robin I am thinking of your comments
    As an INFJ I enjoy solitude
    Loneliness is a different matter.
    Now I think of it I rarely feel alone but I live in relative isolation
    Thank you for the stimulation and opportunity to dive a little deeper.
    Pauline 🙏

  27. Pauline,
    You are so welcome. It is good to share these thoughts with someone who might be interested.

    • Pauline,
      Thank you for sharing that you are an INFJ as well. I just saw this post. Isn’t it interesting that we both knew to share that piece of info. I knew my mission because of a moment in time when I was young when I had a flash of insight. I have very strong intuition, I am a bit psychic. I had a choice to make. Either be a religious person, single and cloistered or have children. There was no question about love in there. I would not find love. I chose the children. I am glad I did. My children are wonderful contributors to this world. I am a bit tired of living without a mate or companion however. Hence, I am ready to go. If in fact there are more lives, maybe I will be more fortunate in the next. If not, I am happy with what I did in this one life I have had.

      • Sounds as though you have life sorted..
        I agree that love cannot be found in this world..but being loving is the best feeling.
        I have done similar..had three children..a daughter left this world last year..
        The children have been my joy and my teachers.
        I am a Pisces rising and intuition is strong..but can’t claim to be psychic..although my sense has served me well.
        I think we have some common interests so would be happy to chat whenever you would like.
        Yes can relate to being tired..Neptune in my 12th for so long and over ascendant recently..all seems a bit of a blur at times.

        • Robin Nardi on said:

          Yes Pauline,
          I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a child is extreme and I hope that you have the support you need. I would love to chat as well. We will make some time for that as soon as my MFA schedule gets done in early November… is that okay? My astrology understanding and skills are only fair but I am learning… 🤔
          Namaste Robin.

          • Love to chat..good luck with studies..the more I seem to learn about Astrology the more I have to learn..ditto with life I guess!
            My brother is visiting from Canada at present…so I will be free to communicate in November.

  28. Robin Nardi on said:

    After November 7, I will be free. That sounds great.

  29. It’s 12/20/22 and I’m preparing for my nPluto opposite tPluto transit. It will fully activate when tPluto is at 10 degrees in March of 2029. Only approximately 6 years from now, if I live that long. I’ll be 85 years old. Today, I feel great and think I can make it, but time will tell. May we all make it into the Age of Aquarius with our Self still intact. Best to all.

    • Roberta (Robin) Nardi on said:

      Mine will be in 2031. I will be 82. I am good to go at that point. Pene, I wish you an easy transition to your next incarnation if that is what will happen. I am writing my memoir now for my descendants and helping my great granddaughter with her art and creativity. Namaste 🙏

  30. Dear Corrine and All,

    Strange, this approaching Pluto opposition from 0 degree Aquarius: now six degrees short of exact on my natal Pluto retrograde in Leo. I am 79. My life has been hard, often very hard, and unbearably so when my only child, my beautiful, brilliant, charming son, died ten years ago.

    It can only have been the approaching Pluto opposition that has made me frivolous, self-indulgent, very appearance conscious, even vain, and living seriously in expectation of the arrival of the love of my life.

    I am still working in my intellectually demanding discipline, so I cannot be potty. But I do sometimes wonder if this is how I should be living. I shall be very grateful for frank opinions.

    • BANG:PlutoSqrNodes_Jupiter on said:

      Dear Sophie, im very sorry for your loss, i hope your son is your guardian angel as you approach your next milestone. Let me share my thoughts on your comment:
      Do you perhaps have planets in Libra or an emphasized Venus? And the aspects? The description you’ve given of how you’ve lived your life is written Libra or not well placed or not well aspected Venus all over it with some traits dipping on the dark side. Vanity is a dark side of Libra and the preoccupation with beauty and looks a dark side of Venus (especially when those are used to achieve one’s selfish desires, speaking in general terms).
      You’re 79 and going strong, i’d say nevermind Pluto and his mysteries, secrets and 248year orbit, the next milestone for you is Uranus return…this is an exciting one. And if you ask me thats where the answer to your question lies. Uranus has been involved with the nodes and eclipses the whole of 2022, Jupiter will conjunct the North Node at New Moon in Taurus in a few days. If your authentic self involves being potty then how you are living now to avoid looking/being potty is not how you should be living because you are not your authentic self. Part of the Ascendant (the core of who you are) is suppressed for the sake of the MC (the career, the face you project to the world, the facade, the mask). At 79 you want to be who you really are.
      Right now Jupiter is moving to conjunct the NN, Pluto squaring the North and South Node, Saturn sextile the NN trine the SN in Scorpio all direct you to your purpose in life, to the reason you are on the planet. Why are you the planet? The answer to that question lies in your natal North Node and the house that hosts it, but before you embark on the journey to the NN there are South Node issues and traits that need to be addressed and left behind no matter how hard and painful it is to do so. The house and sign that host the SN will guide you on those. E.g. SN in Libra in the 7th house could be telling us to leave behind Libra trait of vanity and Libra motto of We_Ourselves_Us among other things, could also mean ditching diplomacy in favour of going solo to grab a bull by its horns at the North Node in Aries while ramming through obstacles and putting Me_Myself_I first. I know this sounds rough but it is like that. If negitiations and diplomacy (Libra) fails ditch that and fight (Aries) for one’s rights and for what one is entitled to. Libra’s partnerships dont work Aries says… go solo. SN in the 7th house could be telling us to leave behind the waiting for or searching for a relationship and to work on the relationship with oneself first. I found that it helps to flip the sign and house to cover the blind spots. For e g, if you are Gemini with Aries rising, that means Libra is your 7th house by Ascendant and 5th house by Sun. SN is in Libra the 5th…what 5th house issues need to be left behind as you prepare to embark on the journey to the NN in the 11th house in Aries.

      If any of the planets or asteroids is/are involved with your natal nodes, check what those planets or asteroids in transit are doing now in relation to your nodes and to the transiting nodes. It doesnt get bigger than Pluto squaring the nodes with Jupiter conjunct them, it just doesn’t.
      I hope this helps.

  31. Victor Fletcher on said:

    Pluto entering Aquarius is opposite my Pluto.
    My birthday is October 24, 1944.
    As both an investigative reporter and publisher my Toronto newspaper 1999-2017 suffered six terror attacks because of my political scandal stories.
    My three workers and informants were EACH burnt out of their homes, my new car was blown up and two attempts were made on my life.
    I predicted 911 within 30 days, predicted exact day Putin made 2nd invasion of Ukraine to put 300,000 into uniform, predicted June 3 OPEC would reduce the supply of oil, etc.

    • Victor Fletcher on said:

      I have researched what are considered both major level political and personal scandals of Canadian politicians who were my elections graphics customers.
      Like I said – earlier I had six terror attacks plus another one that I consider a failed attempt only when I saw the same red Mini with white top try to knock me off at high speed. So that attempt was only a failed try.
      But the info I have is still going to be a part of Canadian history as it involves leading Canadian politicians still living.
      — Victor Fletcher

      • Robin Nardi on said:

        I would like to read your book. Is there anyway I can get a copy? Let me know if I can? Wish you could do the same reporting in the US. Please be careful and keep your head down, if you can. Namaste

  32. Penelope Weber on said:

    Wow Victor, you’ve had a hard go of it. I’m November 19, 1944, right behind you a few weeks. I had a hard time in life until I was in my 60s. Failed marriages, difficult children, many job changes and lots of unsettled events. After 60, my parents died and I inherited enough money to not have to work any more; Now, I’m doing better. Have a home, and a mate and not a lot of drama. I think the thing that kept me going is I have Sun conjunct Mars which gives me a ton of inner strength and a great ability to survive. Let’s prey we make it to the “big event” and get to witness it.;

  33. I turned 80 on 14 April 2023 and something interesting has happened. I’ve survived Pluto going through 12th then conjunct 29 Cap ascendant which was hard on health but I asked for and received spiritual healing. I’ve lived alone for 18 years and was just living quietly, contented, waiting to ‘go home’ to God when recently my Neptunian second ex-husband who is psychic was ‘told’ to tell me that in 2025 I will marry again because somebody younger from another country will be coming into my life to take me overseas and take care of me in my old age. As one who has lived with natal Pluto in the 7th,it has been a relief to live alone, though it took a few years to adjust to it. In 2025 I will be in the undertow of Pluto trining that 7th house Pluto. Also, in 2025, transiting Uranus will conjunct my 4th house natal Venus in Taurus. With Pluto now entering my 1st house, I suddenly have a new attitude to being a woman which has started to show in outer ways and without dieting, excess weight has gently started to melt and I’ve bought new clothes. Whether it happens or not, there is something to look forward to in THIS world whereas I was waiting patiently for the next world. Transiting Pluto removed both of my marriages which were subtly abusive and to which I clung. (Am borderline Aspergers and didn’t feel confident on earth without a mate.) First marriage, a Saturnian one, was removed by the Pluto square in 1986 then the Neptunian experience was removed by the Pluto trine in 1997. I remained friends with both men, the first went home in 2005 just as the second marriage broke up. Interesting to see whether Pluto opposition brings what was predicted. Anyway, it has ‘enlivened’ me and Uranus charging through the 4th house could well catapult me overseas. This impatient Aries is praying for patience and ability to surrender only to God’s will.

  34. I should have said in 2025 I will be in the undertow of Pluto OPPOSING natal Pluto…

    • Victor Fletcher on said:

      Uranus entering 4th house saw my mother die and others as well.
      As you must know Uranus is involved in divorces, separations.
      Air travel as well so be careful with your flights.

  35. Victor Fletcher on said:

    from Victor Fletcher again::
    I am finishing my book on 18 years of newspaper publishing scandals that got me six terror attacks, 3 arsons, blown up car and two attempts on my life. The book will surely see another attempt on my life. I still have the will to print the heavy-duty scandals.
    I am predicting more events as well.
    I have lost five females that were close to me as friends, lovers and my 96 year old mother.

    • Robin Nardi on said:

      Please do your best to protect yourself. However, is there a date for publication regarding your book? I know that what is often in print misses the real story. I am very interested in what you have discovered. At the moment, I am deeply angered by what is going on in Gaza. I am a Gemini in the 11 th or 12th conjunct Uranus in the 12th but I have Saturn and Pluto in Leo my first house, or second depending on the system. I feel both at times. I am a born revolutionary quietly hiding. I will see Pluto oppostion my Pluto in 2030. I am ready to move forward into something new. :-)

  36. Wow last time I posted here was 2022. Time is flying by. Here it is 2024 and I feel stronger each day and will be 80 in November. Looking forward to witnessing these end times and celebrating. I’m Virgo Rising, with a 12th house Pluto so my tPluto will be entering 6th house this year so health and duty are up front. Pluto and Mars are my rulers as I’m Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio. I feel ready for whatever comes my way. I married my best friend last summer and we have a new kitten named Zeus and he fits his name. My Pluto/tPluto will happen in 2029. Some say this will be in the midst of Armageddon. I hope i SEE it. All of us here have been waiting a long time for this event. Blessings to all of us.

  37. Juli Arthurs on said:

    I have been interested in reading about people’s comments on T Pluto Opp Pluto as my mum had a serious fall at this time, and it was also during her Uranus return. Finding it hard to get insights for this but all your comments are great. She has broken her elbow and pelvis and it was a freak accident of wind that knocked her off her feet. She is now in respite care and feeling very depressed. I am wondering how to reassure her that she will be able to get back to her house where she lives on her own. She has N Plu on her ASC (Leo) conj moon (CA) so T PLU on her desc (AQ) and N URA conj Mars in 11th House.

    • Robin Nardi on said:

      I am not a practicing astrologer but if Pluto was in opposition I would be more concerned. She should recover if she stays positive and you are there for her. It is unfortunate that she broke her pelvis but will today’s treatments, and her will, I think she should recover. Mood is part of the process… fingers crossed 🤞

      • Juli Arthurs on said:

        Thank you Robin! Yes I have been discussing with her that she has to stop with the daily stooping over the crosswords in her bid to stave off dementia – I’m encouraging her to join some groups (but Uranus in 11th house doesn’t like groups!). I’ve told her to embrace whatever transformation is coming.

  38. Robin Nardi on said:

    Yeah, Uranus is finicky that way but the right group can be a blessing. I write poetry and find that in a group of poets I am a happy and well received. She might need her tribe to give her a lift. Namaste 🙏

  39. I now have transiting Pluto opposite 7th house natal Pluto. Turning 81 soon but looking much younger for some reason. Have been revealing aspects of my life which were hidden sooo long. Told my ex who is a friend that all those years he was living with an intelligence officer and didn’t know it, told my retirees social club that I’m borderline Aspergers. You’d think secrecy would be the signature now but it seems to be the opposite. Letting cats out of the bag. It’s early days and with Pluto its important to think positively. I feel myself recoiling from people who worry and think negatively. What I’m missing is a group of Jungian Astrologers to mix with. There are some great Mundane Astrologers here, but I think differently. When Uranus was passing through my 11th house when I was in my 40s, I lived in a big city and joined a group where I studied It. I rather like Uranus and ‘Expect the unexpected’ it goes with being an Aspie I think. I like the honest communication in this forum. Cheers.

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