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Pluto Transits to Natal Pluto

Pluto Transits to Natal Pluto

By Corinne Lane     28 Comments

Pluto transits to natal Pluto are generational cycles in which one has to face the consequences of all his unconscious desires and everything that he has not managed to change. Therefore, it can be very positive or very negative, since it depends on the level of consciousness and the overcoming that has been achieved.

In the case of not having achieved much, there will be confrontations that will force one to make profound internal transformations. Otherwise, transformations can be made in the environment and in the outside world.

These are moments in which will arise the unconscious motivations and obsessive and compulsive attitudes marked by natal Pluto and its aspects. It is also the time for these behaviors to be completely eliminated.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Pluto

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Pluto does not usually happen, except right after birth, if you have it retrograde, and then it goes direct again, or vice versa. It is interesting to check its effect through secondary progressions.

Transit Pluto Sextile Pluto

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Pluto, there are changes in your life that represent creative evolution. You can see that you are moving toward goals marked by the currents of the environment. They are opportunities to grow and for your interests themselves to become deeper and more mature when analyzing the workings of your internal psyche. The Pluto transit to your natal Pluto happens around the age of thirty, near the first return of Saturn. It is a good time to face your deep fears and psychoses, because it helps to discover them gently, and what at other times could produce a lot of anguish is now easily accepted.

You have concern for the world. At this time you stop growing quickly and instead stabilize the maturation process, being more consistent with yourself.

Transit Pluto Square Pluto

The Pluto transit square to your natal Pluto occurs sometime between age 36 and 61.

(The age range is so large because Pluto travels at different speeds, so it depends on the year you were born and how fast Pluto has been traveling in your life time.)

When Pluto transits square to you natal Pluto, it’s a period of general regeneration. It’s an uprooting of the past and serves to eliminate all those things that are disagreeable. You have to look within to see how much you have managed to change and overcome. If it has not been done, it is now that you will have to face immense changes indicated by the sign which transiting Pluto squares (this is your natal Pluto sign) and by the house through which it transits.

If you have managed to change internally and align yourself with social needs impersonally, then you will have a role to play in setting the guidelines for social changes. If you are not prepared to adopt this role as a social reformer, and you are still dealing with the personal plane, then unconscious forces will reappear that will cause a great crisis of consciousness indicated by other planets that aspect natal Pluto.

Power struggles, eliminations and destruction of personal dependencies, all are part of these situations that arise now and that are beyond your control.

Transit Pluto Trine Pluto

The Pluto transit trine to your natal Pluto is a preparation for a spiritual regeneration. It is a confrontation with death without fears, eliminating everything that does not allow us to die in peace. It is an opening to a world full of personal harmony or displeasure, depending on the relationship we have with our past.

Transit Pluto Opposite Pluto

A Pluto transit opposite to your natal Pluto would happen at a very advanced age, close to 100 years of age. If it comes to pass, it would mean a complete transformation.

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  1. Gary Summers on said:

    I have progressed Pluto conjunct pluto , does any one have any information regarding this aspect .
    I have a idea that it is to do with spiritual insight and acceptance .
    Growth with what you have learn , the transition at looking at a whole to do with self and outside influences …

    • Lauretta Hurman on said:

      Hi Gary – your pluto will not move far from it’s natal position by progression. It may however change house number and receive transits from faster moving planets. As an example – if it landed in the 10th house(same sign and virtually same degree as natal) you would look to 10th house issues (career/business etc) positive transits from other planets suggesting positive career. and more stressful aspects may point to change. I have found that “change” can often leads to better things after initial anxiety. Hope this helps.

  2. Shannon on said:

    My 98 year old grandma’s natal Pluto is at 8 degrees Cancer. She experienced her Pluto opposition Pluto when she was 91 years old.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      Thank you for this info. I updated the Pluto Opposition section based on this.

    • My grandmother’s Pluto was at an opposition on the day she died. It opposed her natal 4th house in Cancer. She died at home, in her sleep. I love astrology for its profound accuracies.

  3. Charlotte Hullinger on said:

    I’m looking for your revised section on transit Pluto opposite natal Pluto. I have natal Pluto at 22 degrees Cancer and am experiencing my Pluto opposition now.

  4. ‘At 85, I”ve had Pluto transiting back and forth within 1 degree of natal Pluto for almost a year and appears to be in process of continuing same fo a couple of years more. This in combination with Uranus Return.

  5. bobbi loblaw on said:

    still can’t find information on progressed pluto conjunct natal pluto in progressed chart. just keep finding it’s rare, but not with pluto in Libra people. so…where is this information? is it not important? it seems important since it’s rare an a conjunction. anyone have information besides “it’s rare”?

  6. My mom is 87 and has an EXACT T-Pluto to N-Pluto now. She did have a life threatening sudden illness that left her between hospital & rehab for 3 1/2 months. She is home now and I am her caregiver, although she’s bouncing back quite well. She will be 88 next month and to date has done no reflecting on her life and the chaos she’s caused during her life. I really believe she thinks she’s immortal. She’s made no arrangements for when she does die. Very odd considering most people take care of their funeral costs and plans when their in their 70s or 70’s. I don’t think she is incapable of reflecting on her life. Time will tell I guess.

  7. Jean Puhlman on said:

    My husband and I are nearing 84 years of age and we both have Pluto opposition Pluto. My natal is in Cancer in the 8th house and Pluto in Capricorn is opposing it in the 2nd house. I’m searching to find out what this might mean for me. It sounds ominous.

    His natal Pluto is in 7th house in Cancer and Pluto in the 1st house is opposing it. There just is not enough information about this although studying Pluto meanings and Oppositions helps some. You might want to use us as research. Maybe.

  8. kirshan on said:

    I have now progressed pluto (libra) conjuction natal pluto. Rare? i’m almost 44 years old. What is it mean?

  9. Lauretta Hurman on said:

    Any aspects from pluto to pluto are going to be transformative. Nothing sudden just a slow unfolding of changes. These can be to your liking or otherwise. If you understand astrology you will know it’s best to try to guide yourself towards these changes be they spiritual, mental or emotional. Stuff may reappear from your past and need to be dealt with. This can be painful but be kind to yourself – forgive past mistakes made by you or others towards you. The feeling of “change” will have been part of you for some time (2 yr or so) prior to anything exact. If plans have been formulating for you, go with the flow. Change will happen so try to use this wisely, but accept the unexpected. I have a natal 8th house pluto opposition pluto-
    sadly loved ones have left, but my scorpio venus has pluto aspects and I have begun to paint. I thank pluto for revealing a creative gift I didn’t know I had! Love and blessings to all – may pluto bring joy, understanding and acceptance of your life changes.

    d and I have begun to paint!

  10. Laurtta Hurman on said:

    I believe there are many of us with the pluto opposition, although no published comments thus far. I have natal pluto in cancer 8th house, with 2nd house opposition.
    I had to give up driving – a hard blow as it stopped me visiting my numerous family (cancer) but it has free up funds (2nd). Venus (12th house scorpio) is connected to both the pluto nataly and now by transit. and I have started painting. Pluto brought to light a talent I didn’t know I had. I have lost loved ones along the way – pluto territory, but I have gained as well. The transit till has a way to go, so I am expecting other changes before too long.

  11. I’m 65 and will have transit Pluto inconjunct natal Pluto early in 2021. I would like to see that added to the list of transits.

  12. NatalPlutoStationDirect on said:

    Pluto at 22 Capricorn stationed direct trine my natal Pluto at 22 Virgo.
    Its been quite a 47day journey.
    I was born with Pluto stationed direct at 22 and Uranus stationed direct at 29 in Virgo, Mercury station direct at 3 Gemini. Stations mean a lot to me.
    This transit Pluto station meant and has delivered a lot.
    Astrology doesn’t lie.

  13. NatalPlutoStationDirect on said:

    Pluto station alone lasted 47days. A planet drilling on a given degree is significant.
    And, Pluto is my chart ruler. Scorpio rising.

  14. Hi, just an observation… Pluto square is at the end of your 30’s, not 40’s.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Great point, thank you. The square transit happens at as early as age 36 and even as late as age 61. I updated above to reflect this.

  15. WaterLeak on said:

    Pluto in Aquarius will be square my Pluto in Scorpio around February 2026..about a week after my birthday – 11th house square 7th house (natal)..and I’m already sensing (2020 vision lol) what lies ahead amd I’m dreading it. I’ve always had a disdain for groups despite being an Aquarius Sun and feel that it’s a catch 22. I recognize the inevitability of group identities and have no problem assigning labels to myself but I’ve always resented how groups can’t accept the dichotomy of social acceptance/sexual rejection as normal. This probably is relatable for other Pluto in Scorpio Aquarians. I am tolerant of a lot but I do not personally embrace the same things I tolerate necessarily. The beauty of live and let live is that it works all ways. But yet I know that I will be challenged by my “progressive” peers to view that principle in the most inane way, one that will mean me submitting to the most literal conception of “living”…ie reproducing. Needless to say, that’s not a bad thing per se, but for a gay male with no desire for kids and deep skepticism of religion and baby-instigating wars/pandemics, that’s asking a lot. At the same time, I’ve had countless inquiries over the years about my non-existent kids, had stalkers and blabber mouths over the years misconstrue my previous and remote heterosexual experiences and on some level, and based on the subtle yet clearly personal hints I’m receiving from people on the dating scene, it seems they believe there is some universal obligation to “switch roles” sorta speak at some point in life. From gay to straight…male to to white even, or vice versa because of a misplaced notion of balance. But unless they get my hint and back off with the games and gaslighting when Pluto conjuncts my Sun a few years afterwards, the only switching I will be doing is from lights on to lights off lol because I will never accept that the group rules over the individual or vice versa. At any rate, I won’t fight. Time will tell what really is “nature” vs nurture. what is fixed instinct, “natural flow”, the immutable primordial reality vs what is highly orchestrated and militarized cult freemasonry, chemical sabotage, gangstalking, etc from opportunists towards the so-called narcissists who see what they are doing.

  16. WaterLeak on said:

    I will also have a Pluto square Asc between the Pl sq. Pl & Pl conj. Sun. Fun fun fun. But unfortunately makeover is rejected in advance.

  17. Thank you for your service. I am so glad I had some type of clue in regards to this transit. It helped save me a lot of waste time and energy on thoughts, people, and things. A lot changed for me during this period and at times I felt overwhelmed, but it really forced me to live and let live.

  18. Pluto opposition around them including many moving from their times into aged care of some description plus the current upheavals which for many I know in the UK say it reminds them of the uncertainty of the war years they grew up in and seem quite accepting of all the change .

  19. GEEKYGUY on said:

    Let me describe how I experienced the transit of Pluto sextile natal Pluto….

    When the transit came into effect I started experiencing some mental discomfort re (what I considered to be) a terrible secret (which I will not reveal here) I had been carrying around for far too long.

    I had a very close friend I had often shared very intimate stuff with. I had also been getting counselling. Suddenly I decided (given how supportive and non-judgmental both my friend and my counsellor appeared to be) to just pluck up every atom of courage and share my great secret with them. That was definitely a very good decision. They both offered me endless reassurance and support, and all of a sudden the secret no longer seemed so terrible.

    After this the sextile transit was clearly positive in nature, corresponding to a positive experience of death and rebirth in my life.

    The moral of the story? I believe I handled the sextile transit very well. If I had decided not to share my major secret I believe I would have continued to experience some mental discomfort for the remainder of the transit, then later in life when the square transit would come along the issue would come back to hit me even more strongly, perhaps even causing some kind of breakdown, forcing me in some extremely unpleasant way to reveal what I had kept hidden. Because I decided to take advantage of the opportunity the sextile transit was giving me to confront the issue, I believe when the square transit comes along it will be far easier to handle than it would otherwise have been.

    So yes, the sextile transit (which to begin with may feel somewhat uncomfortable) is an important opportunity to deal with anything which you consider to be a terrible secret. By doing so, you will be freeing yourself from the effects of it, and later on the square transit will be much less difficult as a result.

  20. Lauretta on said:

    Thank you for sharing this. Pluto transits should’t be overlooked (usually they wont let you!). The pluto energy clears the ground for new things to happen. It’s power also brings to light things that are hidden. I’m not saying these transits are easy – they can herald changes you find extremely difficult to live through. In your case you have taken the opportunity to “clear the ground”. You may now find you have extra energy at your disposal, as to hold on to stuff from the past takes a lot of energy. My mantra for these transits is “break out or breakdown”. Well done for using the energy wisely.

  21. Hello All,
    I am looking at my Pluto opposition natal Pluto in 2030 approximately. I am almost 74. I figure that I will be ready for a “transition” at that point in my life. I am not afraid of it in any way. I have had my mission in life here to raise my children and write my poems. I am in the process of completing my memoir. Being psychic has taken me a bit to understand and learn but it is, in the end, a blessing. Does anyone else relate to what I have just said in any way? I hope that I have somehow made the world a better place with my life this time around. :-)

  22. Gary summers on said:

    Acceptance and wisdom , death is a transition .
    The body dissolves your soul makes the journey back .
    We are here to serve , listen , and learn .
    The people we loss and loved to reunite , to make your next journey home …

    • Ive gone through a pluto sqr,pluto, trine mars saturn sun venus and opp to asc merc venus sun moon – a big one – mars and saturn with the pluto Opp pluto in 2023 and at each turn there was the death of a way of life and a complete new beginning after circumstances forced a decision to stay and suffer or move and take the risk that new starts always takes but above all it took me to trusting that a power greater than myself always found a better place for me to be in and grow and accept what is and go more with the flow and trusting my own gut feelings rather than being rational and arguing between my head and my heart/gut <3

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