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Saturn Transits to Natal Saturn

Saturn transits to natal Saturn

By Corinne Lane         7 Comments

Transits of Saturn to your natal Saturn are some of the most karmic transits. They reveal the consequences of the past and mark the most significant periods of your life. Moreover, these transits activate any other natal planets that have aspects to Saturn.

This is an identity crisis that compels you to define the meaning and importance you assign to your life. It also forces you to reflect on your individual contribution to society and your ability to take responsibility for your own existence. It urges you to reevaluate everything that is important to your life and what is not.

These transits always signify a critical period in which your experiences are put to the test. They examine the maturity that your sufferings have taught you and measure your progress towards becoming a more realistic and spiritual being.

Saturn is the master of your own life and teaches you to have greater control and authority over yourself. It encourages you to let go of anything that does not contribute to your growth and maturity. These transits can sometimes bring about conflicts with the government or authorities.

They make it clear what needs to be overcome and what lessons need to be learned. During this time, you constantly see reality for what it truly is. That is why these moments are ideal for consolidating and structuring your professional life. They call for making important decisions that will undergo a trial period of seven years until Saturn completes its cycle.

Anything that is not valid is lost or disappears, while you are encouraged to incorporate into your life anything that will help you find a more profound purpose for your existence. Saturn judges all your actions, dispensing both punishment and reward. It is an introspective journey of the soul.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Saturn

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Saturn is a significant period that occurs at three pivotal stages of life—around ages 29, 56, and 84. During these times, you must evaluate and change aspects of your life that prevent you from being true to yourself. It may be challenging and involve losses, but it is a necessary process of personal growth.

The first Saturn Return rolls around approximately when you’re 29 years old. It’s often seen as a maturity check-in. Saturn is like the strict teacher pushing you to finally mature and get real with your life. This is when you’ll probably start questioning the path you’ve been on, whether it matches your true desires or not. It’s a period of self-evaluation, a bit of confusion, but also growth! You’re being nudged to let go of things that aren’t in line with who you really are.

Coming to your second Saturn Return around age 56, it’s a chance to recalibrate. You’re likely more settled by now, and your attention may turn towards what mark you want to make. You might feel called to mentor, help other people, or give back to your community at this time. It may be a difficult time, but it is not the time for a crisis. It’s more about gaining wisdom and looking at what’s really fulfilling for you. Keep an eye out for any unfulfilled dreams—it’s never too late!

Your third Saturn Return at around 84 can be a truly enlightening phase. At this point in your life, you’ve learned many lessons through your experiences, and Saturn will ask you to share your wisdom with the next generation. Be honest and introspective. If you have grandchildren, you may feel a stronger urge to tell them stories from “back in my day.”

Transit Saturn Sextile Saturn

The transit of Saturn sextile your natal Saturn indicates a stable understanding of who you are. You can take control of your life and prepare to reach your goals. It’s a good time to improve your public image and obtain recognition for your merits.

Transit Saturn Square Saturn

During the Saturn square transit, you question your identity and make necessary corrections for a fulfilling life. Recognize weaknesses and be more self-sufficient. Adjust goals and projects from seven years ago. Take responsibility for your own path and correct any conflicts or crises.

Transit Saturn Trine Saturn

The transit of Saturn trine your natal Saturn indicates a stable understanding of who you are. You can now take control of your life and work towards your goals. This is a time of balance and the ability to make things work well. It’s a good time for public recognition and improving your image. You can plan long-term projects and protect yourself against future threats.

Transit Saturn Opposite Saturn

The transit of Saturn opposite your natal Saturn will show if your decisions in the past 14 years were worth it. You may face obstacles or opportunities to grow in areas like work, love, and family. Take the chance to reassess your path and make necessary changes. It’s never too late to find fulfillment and make a meaningful impact on others.

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  1. Excellent explanation. Thank you for these insights.

  2. Amazing and beautiful interpretation. Wow.

  3. Transiting Saturn square to natal Saturn here, coming up in a few weeks.

    Thank you for making this information and advice easy to find!

  4. I’m having transit Saturn sq Saturn. Last several years I recovered from lymphoma . I’m in complete remission . Doctors astounded. I feel clueless. Unsure what to do. Been 7 years since last treatment and have no idea what to do. I also have transit Neptune conjoin sun. Trine uranus!!!

    • Sandra Jean Grewe on said:

      Hello. My sister had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1987. She was a flight attendant for United A/L. She and her husband used “Round Up” Weed Killer. She had surgery to remove the lymph nodes from her neck to her pelvis and then she received radiation treatments for 3 months. Her cancer remains in remission. I pray she stays healthy. Our mom is 96, and doing pretty good physically she forgets names of objects, people and places. She’s permanently in a nursing home in TN near my sister and her family.
      May God continue to bless you with good health and a happy wonderful life.
      In Jesus name, Amen!

  5. GEEKYGUY on said:

    I have experienced the first Saturn return, and there was an extremely close station. Not surprisingly I got very depressed at the time. At least part of it was something that was praying on my mind.

    During the course of it I suddenly had a brainwave re how to deal with the issue – to discuss it on an anonymous website. That really helped.

    Awful as the transit felt at the time, I do believe it strengthened me in the long run.

    Unrelated to the above, and to be very pedantic, I would take this opportunity to point out that a fair number of people experience a 3rd Saturn return. I have no experience of this myself, but (following on from the interpretations given) the mid/late 80’s must mark a period when you gain an even deeper understanding of your own patterns and give them even more of a transcendental meaning.

  6. What a cool explanation. Right on point.
    Thank you really appreciate it.

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