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Venus Transits in the Houses

Venus Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Venus Transits in the Houses

These are interpretations for Venus transits through the natal houses.

Transit Venus in 1st House

When Venus transits through your first house, you feel the desire to please others and put more attention and effort into cultivating your attractiveness and personal charm. You could even take the initiative in some social or romantic activity. You are much more interested than usual in all matters that have to do with art, romance, socializing, and your personal and creative self-expression. It is a good time to get involved in business related to art, music, showbiz, psychology, etc.

Because you are aware of what it takes to make a good impression, you could work in public relations. Your main objective now is to make peace with others. You have no desire to fight, but to help find the best way to smooth the difficulties between people. With Venus transiting the 1st house, you prefer to have fun rather than to work, so if you can get away, take the opportunity to take a vacation. If transiting Venus forms difficult aspects, you can become too self-indulgent and wasteful.

Transit Venus in 2nd House

When Venus transits through your second house, the key words themes here are dealings related to art, music and showbiz. Any kind of artistic expression such as painting, dance, music, or sculpting will be of great benefit to you. You may be motivated to acquire possessions that are beautiful and refined as a means of achieving emotional satisfaction and a position of worth.

In other words, you will surely enjoy all kinds of physical comfort, especially if natal Venus is also in this house. It is a very opportune time to deal with banks and to ask for financial help from wealthy people. The probability of starting to get involved in various types of business partnerships is very strong, and very good financial opportunities can arise, but it is advisable to be careful with your expenses. If transiting Venus forms difficult aspects, it can lead to strong excesses in the sensual and sexual, and a very strong desire for comfort and material luxury that could hinder your growth and progress.

Transit Venus in 3rd House

When Venus transits through your third house, this is one of the best moments to make short trips connected with social activities, pleasures, lovers, artistic dealings and business. You will get along very well with your siblings, neighbors, friends and co-workers. Communication will be very fluid and there will be a very harmonious atmosphere. Your way of expressing yourself will be full of grace, tact and diplomacy. It will be a wonderful time for public relations and activities connected with promotion and publicity. There can even be pleasant and productive contact with the media.

On a deeper level, this time can provide you with the opportunity to discover that there is a considerable amount of love in your daily life, and you should seize the moment to let people know that you love them. If Venus makes difficult aspects, you may say things that are not sincere or hypocritical to avoid unpleasantness. There may also be a tendency to waste time talking about trivial things.

Transit Venus in 4th House

The characteristic of this Venus transit through your fourth house is the expression of a lot of goodness and consideration in dealing with family members and a lot of harmony with parents. You will feel the need to be surrounded by beauty in the home, and will be very sensitive to the beauty of nature. Maybe you’ll buy art or luxury items to beautify the house or the garden. There is a good chance of being involved in business activities related to real estate or furniture or household items. If Venus is making difficult aspects with other planets, you could be excessive with food or with purchases of luxury items for the house. Be careful with excessive food, as it can lead to digestion problems.

Transit Venus in 5th House

When Venus transits through your fifth house, you need to express yourself through some creative activity. Children are an essential part of your creativity and you get along very well with them. It is a good time to play and have fun together. You will feel a greater understanding, and you will be more kind and generous. Women who want to get pregnant are more likely to succeed now, especially if indicated by another Jupiter transit.

In this period it is very possible that a romantic and/or sexual relationship arises, but if Venus makes difficult aspects, there may be excesses in sex and other sensual pleasures that can lead to dissipation. On the other hand, it is a wonderful time for dealings related to art, music, showbiz, financial speculation, and for creative artists.

Transit Venus in 6th House

This Venus transit through your sixth house is excellent for all matters related to work or profession. You are willing to work with others to solve any difficulty that may arise. Even at work, your boss may give you financial favors. The characteristics of this transit are: harmonious relationships in the work environment, more personal focus on better health, and it is also a good time to improve working conditions, or your salary may even increase. There may also be more social activity related to work. Women can play a significant role with respect to work, hygiene and dress. If Venus makes difficult aspects, there may be excess in eating and lack of motivation and laziness to work.

Transit Venus in 7th House

The key issue of this Venus transit through your seventh house is love and harmony in public relations, social activities, and relationships with your significant other or with business partners. You will truly enjoy the company of the people with whom you have an intimate relationship and, if you are having problems with someone, now is an optimal time for reconciliation. It is also an excellent time for marriage or to start a business partnership. If Venus makes difficult aspects, you may take too many things for granted in relationships, or let others lead you into excesses or social dissipations.

Transit Venus in 8th House

When Venus transits through your eighth house, it is possible that an extraordinary business opportunity arises through social interaction. You have an increase in sexuality. You may meet someone through social commitments that have to do with business. There is also the possibility that your artistic, social or romantic interests may be connected in some way with activities related to science, the occult, or business.

During this transit, there will be moments for very pleasant sexual encounters. The stimulation of the sexual side of your current love relationship will give you more intensity. Actually, sex goes beyond the physical act, and becomes a vehicle for inner transformation. If Venus makes difficult aspects, it can indicate sexual promiscuity, and this can affect you in an adverse way.

Transit Venus in 9th House

Venus transiting your ninth house attracts you to foreign countries and cultures. Social, romantic and commercial opportunities may arise as a result of your participation in cultural, educational, and/or religious activities, because this transit has a very global characteristic.

You will get the most out of a trip to a place where you have never been before, and where you can find something completely new. It is the best time to take a vacation. It is possible that something happens that will teach you more about your romantic relationship, and this will give you a new perspective on it without the experience being annoying. If Venus makes difficult aspects, there may be hypocrisy in the handling of all these matters.

Transit Venus in 10th House

During the period when Venus transits through your tenth house, you will attract people and circumstances that will help you at work. Others will realize that your main interest is to work in harmony, and that your attitude is very positive and pleasant. Venus transiting the 10th house indicates that you could be with someone older, a person who serves as a guide, and who can help you learn more about progress in life.

This energy could take the form of falling in love with someone who represents an authority figure and tends to play an important role in your career. If Venus makes difficult aspects, you will have to be aware of obstacles. Some people may be tempted to use their prestige and professional position to get personal, material, sexual and social benefits.

Transit Venus in 11th House

This is one of the most wonderful transits of Venus. When Venus transits through your eleventh house, your dealings with others are very pleasant and you can make concessions without feeling that you are losing something personal that you should defend. Here the phrase “a friend is a gift we make to ourselves” is very appropriate. The key theme of this transit is kindness and consideration towards and from friends, accompanied by humanitarian sentiments.

These friendships and group activities are often related to music, art, entertainment or business related to them. Friendships will be interspersed with organizational activities and will lead to commercial or romantic opportunities. If Venus makes difficult aspects, these friendships, or participation in groups, may have the sole purpose of advancement or even sexual gratification.

Transit Venus in 12th House

When Venus transits through your twelfth house, your understanding of others can reach its most spiritual and compassionate level because now your imagination, accompanied by a sense of beauty, and the intuitive awareness of the harmonies of nature, are intensified. Many times, there is the possibility of romantic, private, and secret commitments. There could be commercial activities behind the scenes related to art, music, entertainment, hospitals, etc. Even educational institutions would be favored.

This type of Venus transit can help shy people to overcome their social inhibitions. In your personal relationships, you may have to take care of another person and feel great pleasure in helping someone you love. If Venus makes difficult aspects, secret loves or some form of secret gratification, could have a corrosive effect on your reputation and social prestige.

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