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Venus Transits in the Houses

Venus Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Venus Transits in the Houses

These interpretations are for the transit of Venus through the natal houses.

Transit Venus in 1st House

When Venus transits through your first house, you focus on pleasing others and improving your attractiveness. You may initiate social or romantic activities and become more interested in art and creativity. It’s a good time for business in art-related fields.

Transit Venus in 2nd House

Venus in your second house brings art, music, and showbiz themes. Engaging in creative expression will benefit you greatly. You may also desire beautiful possessions to achieve emotional satisfaction and a sense of worth. Financial opportunities and partnerships can arise, but it’s important to be cautious with expenses. Excesses in sensuality and material luxury could hinder growth and progress.

Transit Venus in 3rd House

During this transit, Venus in the third house brings positive communication and strong relationships with siblings, friends, and co-workers. It’s a great time for social activities and business dealings. Public relations and media contacts can also be successful. However, be mindful of insincerity and wasting time on small talk.

Transit Venus in 4th House

During this Venus transit, you’ll have harmony in your family and a desire for beauty in your home. Be cautious of excessive spending and overeating.

Transit Venus in 5th House

During Venus transit in your fifth house, express yourself creatively and enjoy time with children. You will have a better understanding, be kinder, and have a higher chance of successful pregnancy. Watch out for excessive sensual indulgence, but it’s a great time for art, music, and financial opportunities.

Transit Venus in 6th House

During this Venus transit through your sixth house, expect positive changes in work, including potential financial favors from your boss. Harmony in the workplace and a focus on personal health are also highlighted. Look out for opportunities to improve working conditions and potentially increase your salary. Be cautious of potential excesses and lack of motivation if Venus makes difficult aspects.

Transit Venus in 7th House

During this Venus transit, focus on love and harmony in your relationships and social activities. It’s a great time for reconciliation and starting partnerships. Be cautious of taking things for granted or getting caught up in excesses.

Transit Venus in 8th House

When Venus transits through your eighth house, there may be a business opportunity through social interaction. Increased sexuality and potential for meeting someone through business-related social commitments. Your artistic, social, or romantic interests may overlap with science, the occult, or business activities. Pleasurable sexual encounters can bring intensity and inner transformation, but be cautious of negative effects from sexual promiscuity with Venus’ difficult aspects.

Transit Venus in 9th House

Venus in the ninth house brings opportunities in foreign countries and cultures. Travel and new experiences will enhance romance and personal growth, but be cautious of potential challenges.

Transit Venus in 10th House

During Venus transit in your tenth house, you will attract helpful people at work and showcase a positive and pleasant attitude. You may develop a romantic connection with an older authority figure who can guide you in your career. Be cautious of those who may exploit their position for personal gain.

Transit Venus in 11th House

During Venus transit in the eleventh house, friendships and group activities bring opportunities in music, art, entertainment, or related businesses. Kindness and consideration are important, though difficult aspects may make friendships solely for personal gain.

Transit Venus in 12th House

Venus transit through the twelfth house intensifies imagination and compassion. It may lead to secret commitments and commercial activities related to art, music, and entertainment. Shy individuals can overcome social inhibitions and find pleasure in helping loved ones. However, secret loves or gratification may harm reputation if Venus makes difficult aspects.

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