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Vertex Degree Calculator

People looking up at the night sky from fate's gate.
The vertex is the point at fate's gate. Photo by Greg Rakozy.


Calculate your vertex with this vertex calculator. The vertex in astrology is a sensitive angle. It's a special spot in your birth chart that indicates significant encounters or experiences that feel predestined or fated.

It points to people or moments that may have a profound impact on your life. When someone else's planet or point contacts your vertex, this indicates a fated relationship that will serve an important purpose in your life.

Don't worry about which sign your vertex is in; it's unimportant. What's important is knowing the exact degrees it's at, so you can see when it's triggered by a special transit, progression, or by another person's chart. When it's triggered, fate meets you head-on.

To calculate the vertex, an exact birth time is required.

Birth Date:
Exact Birth Time:

UTC time offset:

How to know when it’s triggered?

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  1. Jacqueline Lunger on said:

    If vertex the same as part of fortune? In my case it in Leo my natal 8th house.

    • Ann Cowles on said:

      This is not the vertex calculated in my Solar Fire program. Your program said 16Cancer18. SF says 19Gemini51. What could be possible explanations?

      • Astrology Library on said:

        You can check to make sure that the “Chart Data” details are the same between Solar Fire and your chart on this site. You can get your chart on this page. The very top of the report will have a box of “Chart Data.” Make sure that data matches your Solar Fire chart data.

        • Ann Cowles on said:

          It was my ignorance. I didn’t know the glyph for the vertex and was reading something else (Vulcan, maybe)on SolarFire. Another website gave the same calculation as yours, so I accept it. Sorry for bothering you. Thanks for responding.

    • Melissa Lahmeyer on said:

      No. Part of fortune is different. Like my part of fortune is taurus but my vertex is Leo in the 8th house just like yours actually. That’s pretty neat seeing someone with my same vertex. Leo vertex is the best.

  2. Internet Weirdo on said:

    My Vertex is Scorpio, my sun is Leo.

  3. My part of fortune and vertex are exactly the same by degree. Is that… likely? Or is there a glitch?

  4. my vertex & sun sign is capricorn β™‘

  5. How can I tell what house my Vertex is in?

  6. Change1993$ on said:

    How do I recognize my vertex personal transit ? I have my vertex in the 5th house conjunct Pluto.. does that mean whenever my fifth house is being aspected I’d be experiencing signs of my vertex ?

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I read about vertex compatibility on others web , and it say when one vertex is connected to one or more planet of another person , that means fated relationship. In my case I am libra sun moon mercury Venus but I have vertex in Leo and my partner have vertex in libra so by observing from his side his vertex is connected to my sun moon mercury Venus but my Leo vertex isn’t connected to him At all . So does it mean we are fated relationship or not ? Can someone can solve my confusion ?

    • It depends on the degree of your planets and their vertex, and vice versa. The aspects should be within a tight orb (no more than 2 degrees). It also doesn’t have to be a conjunction. And you can also look at the anti vertex as well.

  8. Vertex & sun sign is Sagittarius!

  9. Laurice Ann Asinas on said:

    My vertex is Libra, my sun sign is aquarius.

  10. I have discovered this fascinating aspect of astrology called the vertex and now am off to find out what I can about mine in Taurus at 23 degrees. It seems important now that the North Node is now in Taurus.

  11. my sun is β™ˆ and my vertex is ♏ its pretty coolzys

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