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Use this Mercury Sign Calculator to find out what your Mercury sign is. Mercury represents our communication style, as well as how we think and process information.

When you meet someone new, you'll be able to tell right away if you have compatible Mercury signs by how easy it is to communicate without frustration or misunderstandings.

Mercury signs that are compatible can easily see "eye-to-eye."

People with Mercury in incompatible signs will have to spend a lot more time explaining what they mean to each other.

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You can read a another description of your Mercury sign here.

You can also learn more about what Mercury represents in astrology.

Which Mercury Signs are Compatible?

Fire & Air Can Understand Each Other

Mercury in the fire and air signs can see eye-to-eye with each other. Together, this group of signs makes up the “yang” signs.

Earth & Water Can Understand Each Other

Mercury in the earth and water signs can see eye-to-eye with each other. Together, this group of signs makes up the “yin” signs.

Elements of The Zodiac Signs





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🔥 Leo 🌎 Taurus 🌬 Aquarius 🌊 Scorpio
🔥 Sagittarius 🌎 Virgo 🌬 Gemini 🌊 Pisces

Yin to Yang Have a Harder Time Understanding Each Other

The yang signs (fire and air signs) will have a harder time seeing eye-to-eye with the yin signs (earth and water signs). And vice versa, the yin signs (earth and water signs) will have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye with the yang signs (fire and air signs).

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  1. I got a taurus Mercury

  2. lilliannnn on said:

    I got Pisces

  3. Xavier on said:

    i got libra lmao. my mars is in libra too-

  4. Leya Kat on said:

    Can your Mercury sign and your sun sign be the same? I’m Aquarius for both

  5. My results:
    You have Mercury in Aquarius
    (26° ♒ 17′ 13″)

  6. Camron on said:

    I got Mercury Capricorn ♑️

  7. i got an aquarius mercury!! now can someone tell me how mercury signs are different then astrology signs? my astrology sign is a pisces, so how is my mercury sign an aquarius? i’m new to spiritual/astrology stuff so i don’t really know too much.

    • I’m also Pisces sun with Aquarius in Mercury. Mercury basically symbolizes the way you think and the way you communicate which is in Aquarius. Mercury also exalts in Aquarius which is very good. Mercury in Aquarius makes this person easy to communicate with and work with.

    • same here

  8. I’m a Taurus and I got a mercury on Aries, can someone tell me what mercury signs mean? cuz idk what they mean

  9. I got Gemini! noice hehe

  10. i got leo mercury :skull:

  11. Danielle Ann on said:

    I got mercury in aries

    • The Mercury Calculator was just updated to give a description of your intellectual style, including your unique cognitive abilities and communication style. Enjoy.

  12. Anakin on said:

    Mercury in Scorpio ♏️

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