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Midheaven Sign


The midheaven sign will color the qualities of your career and public reputation. Find out your midheaven sign with this calculator.

Your birth time is required to calculate your midheaven sign. In many birth charts, it will be the sign on the tenth house cusp. Note that the midheaven is also called the "M.C."

You can read about what careers are good for your midheaven sign here.

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  1. Arsenic is cool on said:

    Cool I have Scorpio Midheaven

  2. Thank you! Tis true… Scorpio MC.

  3. Cancer ascendant pisces midheaven

  4. Nice I have a cancer midhaven

  5. Mc scorpio sign and scorpio north node both coincide with each other. Both of those for me are scorpio

  6. Eh — Aquarius — futuristic, technology? The media thing is kind of true because I love making movies, but not in any kind of modern way. Overall I don’t relate to this. I want to create good stories that gives people the feels.

    • then perhaps your source left out aqu. attributes of down-to-earth/earthiness, ideals, authenticity, humanitarianism, et c?

    • you may have been born on the cusp minute, i was actually born on the cusp minute of Capricorn-to-Aquarius myself and it says my mid-haven is in Capricorn although i would relate a lot more to an Aquarius mid-haven. it doesn’t take seconds into factor and i’m not even sure what exact second i was born at lmao, but that could be why you find it to be this way.

  7. i’m virgo midheaven :]

  8. Scorpio Sun… Taurus Ascendant… Pisces Midheaven… [REDACTED] Nadir… why is there seemingly no precise IC calculator, with option for birth minute and/or city, located anywhere online?

    The Nadir is the one sign I most need to pinpoint right now for my gosh darn Inner Child healing, for 3’s sake!

    • Corinne on said:

      The Nadir (or I.C.) is the exact opposite point of the Midheaven. So if you have Pisces Midheaven, your Nadir is Virgo at the same degrees-number of your Midheaven.

  9. Athena on said:

    I don’t like my cancer mid

    • Chaos Apperantly on said:

      If your midheaven is in Cancer, you might make an exceptionally compassionate and understanding boss. Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, these people tend to be very in tune with their emotions.

      According to google

  10. suck im a scorpio mid

    • Chaos Apperantly on said:

      Scorpio midheavens are always investigating, and make excellent reporters, detectives, and therapists. They do not shy away from the dark underbelly of life; rather, they prefer to expose, interrogate, and heal it. As a result, they can tend to take on tough topics and achieve notoriety for their bravery.

      According to google

  11. Vanessa on said:

    Aries risingg Capricorn Midheaven , I don’t rlly know much about MC but yeah

  12. i’m aries mid ;d

  13. joshua banda on said:

    Scorpio midheaven

  14. I tried to figure mine, and there’s no option for my city in Alaska *sad face

  15. shayayay on said:

    Cancer Rising, PIsces MC :)

  16. Olivia on said:

    leo sun, libra ascendant, cancer midheaven ✨

  17. Jonathon on said:

    Have my midheaven as a Scorpio!

  18. Midheaven in Aquarius my interests are in technology math computer science and the future

  19. I hate it here on said:

    I so pissed 😡 I’ve had my birth time wrong by an hour so I’ve been thinking that I was a Pisces mc and finding out that I’m in Aries mc just pissed me off!! Which seems on brand

    • My rising sign is at Virgo 0 degrees so just a couple mins sooner and it would be Leo 😟

      • Chaos Apperantly on said:

        I’m a Libra midheaven.
        With an Aquarius sun
        And a Gemini Moon
        And a Sagittarius rising
        I have nothing earth signs exempt a lonely in Pluto in Capricorn
        with more than half in Pisces and Aquarius
        A little chaotic chart

        • welcome to the club my chart is air and then mutible dominant no earth except capricon juno my saturn is retrograde so is neptune venus and mercury oh and I have 3 placements in gemini nine of which is in the third house my chiron is also in Aquarius in retrograde and mid heaven

    • Person on said:

      That must be annoying

  20. And I thought I was gonna be something different for once but still Sagittarius, my main sign and my sun sign!!!

  21. I got Leo midheaven :)

  22. My mid heaven is in Taurus

  23. My MC is in Libra. Not sure exactly what all this means so learning

  24. unknown name... on said:

    PERFECT! i have libra in midheaven

  25. Christian Theodore Fišer on said:

    im leo midheaven

  26. Oh I’m a cancer!

  27. Kylie Palmer on said:

    Aries MC and Leo Ascendant

  28. Ahh cool!! Aries midheaven ♈️

  29. unscrupulous on said:

    cappy sun, leo moon,scorpio rising and virgo mid- heaven woah bad ass !

  30. damn virgo sun taurus moon scorpio rising and leo midheaven i love my signs

  31. Elizabeth Hawkins on said:

    my midheaven is in LEO ♌
    my sun-sign is also LEO ♌
    I looked up my midheaven cause I was listening to a podcast talking about your career & what you would be successful in & what would make you happy, it was saying look to your midheaven. the person hosting the show said her midheaven was on Leo & she knew that meant she needed a microphone in her hand (in her career) to teach, lead, etc. mine happens to be Leo too. Funny thing is I am currently thinking about starting a podcast, teaching tarot, life-coaching, etc. so thank you for your calculator… it confirmed for me what I intuitively knew.

  32. sag sun, scorpio ascendant and leo midheaven :)))✨

  33. Kathey McMaster on said:

    I am a Leo with a Taurus rising and a Gemini Moon.. wow Earth Wind and Fire I don’t think it gets any more clearer than that.. lol.

  34. chris bacos on said:

    I have Aries midheaven

  35. uhm i don’t know what a midheaven Gemini means or is but yeah I’m that if yall know plz tell me.

  36. I am a Libra sun, Capricorn moon, Sagittarius ascendant w/ Virgo MC. 💪🏾

  37. aasha1717 on said:

    I love my Aqua Midheaven 💖

  38. Mark thornley on said:

    I’ve got Capricorn ♑🐐 midheaven hard working

  39. Gwen VanDomelen on said:

    Omg I’m so happy that I have midheaven in Pisces!

  40. Jasmine Reed on said:

    I have Leo midheaven :P

  41. Scorpio sun
    Scorpio rising
    Cancer moon
    Capricorn mars
    Taurus north node
    Leo midheaven

    I’m going to be rich and famous 🤔

  42. Sun sign – Aquarius Pisces Cusp
    Rising Sign – Scorpio Rising
    Capricorn Moon Sign

    Leo Midheanven !!

    North Node – Gemini !!

  43. Pantelis on said:

    Aquarius mid heaven. That’s why I’m so weird hahaha

  44. my moons in scorpio at 12° 4 also my mid heaven is scorpio at 19° :<)

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