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Aries in Love

Aries in love

Updated August 28, 2018
Originally posted June 23, 2011
By Corinne Lane     55 Comments

“I Love Action”

The first secret to know about an Aries in love is simply that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Aries person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Aries will be an “Aries in love.” (Find out your Venus sign with our Venus Sign Calculator.)

Venus in Aries loves the chase more than any other sign. Venus in Aries loves a challenge. They’re not afraid of competition and will fight for who they want. However, they lose interest quickly. Aries is the first fire sign, and Venus in Aries expresses affection directly, impulsively, and enthusiastically. This is a confident lover. You will never have to guess if he/she likes you; everyone will know if Venus in Aries likes you. When they’re in love, they may yell it from the rooftops. They especially enjoy the beginning of new relationships, so they may start many new relationships. If a current relationship loses appeal, they want to start a new one right away. Elizabeth Taylor had Venus in Aries.

The keyword for Venus in Aries is action. They act out their love before saying it with words. Don’t be surprised if they expect you to go places with them without discussing it with you first. If you let them lead, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting adventure.

Since Aries is the most selfish, uh assertive, fire sign, Venus in Aries can be a very demanding lover. His tendency to satisfy his own desires first can interfere with intimacy. His ideal lover should have Venus in a fire sign as well, because only another assertive fire sign Venus can handle this lover boy’s fire. Venus in the air signs can also put up with them. Everyone else better run for cover. Venus in Aries can get loud and violent in the name of love. On the good side, Venus in Aries is responsive. They will not ignore you or use passive-aggression. They use plain, old aggression.

Aries is the first fire sign, and likes it hot in bed. Hot here means physically active and loud. The Venus in Aries man prefers his partner to be physically active and loud. Whether or not he actually brings the flame in bed will depend on his Mars sign, though. If he also has Mars in Aries, he’s as “hot” as it gets. The Venus in Aries lady holds her head up high and carries herself like a queen.

Some celebrities with Venus in Aries include Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr., and George Clooney.

How to Love Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries wants a strong partner. Be assertive and independent if you want one to like you. To make them feel loved, provide ways for them to experience new things. They feel pleasure during new experiences of any kind. Let them know that they are your one and only. Make them your priority, your leader, your master. You’ll be rewarded with a confident, responsive lover who just may show you the time of your life.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Aries. Read about the Fire Sign Love Language since Aries is a fire sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. This is great, but doesn’t really describe me. I was born on 21 April 1984 i’m sentimental and find it difficult to move on from partners!

    • Do you have Venus in Aries? The author just said this doesn’t describe a Sun in Aries. BTW, you might be Sun in Taurus.

      • Donna Domenica Dockins on said:

        I have Venus & Mars both in Aries, and as far as the Venus description goes it is spot on! Nothing attracts me more than a man who is driven, assertive, and bold. I do love the thrill of the chase & boredom or routine is a sure fire buzzkill for me.

        • L McAlister on said:

          I have a Venus and Mars in Aries too and yes that is spot on! Pisces sun but typically attracted to fire and air signs because of the Venus and Mars!

    • ariessunandveus on said:

      moon signs are really important.. and if a venus in aries is dumped..its hard to move on bc its a ego thing. just saying

    • We were born on the exact same day!!!! I get attached very tightly to some, I consider that a true love. I’ve also had MANY passing phases lol.

  2. I was born on March 21st this totally describes me!!

    • Are you sun in Aries, or Venus in Aries? That makes a difference. Your birthday doesn’t matter for Venus signs as much as the birth chart. That’s why I asked.

      I’m Sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries. Even though Taurus is normally loyal and sentimental, that’s not me because of Venus in Aries. To add, Taurus is ruled by Venus sooo…

      • Konstantin on said:

        Im an aries. In my experience, a piecss would be better. Pisces are calming, romantic and very giving. I think an Aries would get bored with the taurus. I dated a taurus and i thought he was really down to earth. But he was kind of old fashioned and too laid back for me. He was also very opinionated and arrogant. I don’t know, it depends on the person.

        • Shamsher on said:

          Pisces men are flirty naruted, but hardly ever cheat.Taurus men are more stable but personalities may not click and you may not be as attracted to him.I GUESS you have to choose what you’d rather deal with.

      • Jitendra on said:

        Your Moon sign does play a role in love, but not near as much as your Venus sign because Venus crnotols how you love. Venus in Aquarius people are a bit detached when it comes to love, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They just don’t always show it.

  3. Almost Gothic on said:

    My husband has Venus in Aries. I was worried at first especially because I am a Pisces Venus. In the beginning he was very selfish and bossy with me.It was his way or no way. But there is a softer side to him courtesy of his Pisces Sun and loyal due to his Virgo Moon. Surprisingly enough I did a lot of the hurt in our relationship. Fear of being burnt first I guess. But strangely enough it attracted him to me even more!!! Venus in Aries love a challenge in relationships. It’s true you have to keep them on their toes. But be easy on them , especially if they have a watery Sun.

    • I use to believe in all that stuff too and read all those pioitson descriptions. Don’t let it control your life man. Its nonsense. Use your logic. Your gonna let that stuff control you. For instance, I’m supposedly a Pisces moon. I use to put all these limitations on myself and say I was a particular way because of that pioitson. But its bs. Just let your personality flow naturally. You’re gonna think every Leo you meet is the monarch and sh*t, lol. Its RETARDED.

    • My man is exactly the same. Can you please elaborate a bit about how to have harmonious life with them. We started just a couple of months back and it has been the most beautiful relationship of mine.

  4. I’m a Sun in Taurus Venus in Aries person. It’s a struggle, because I really don’t like my surface persona (Sun in Taurus) and prefer my Venus persona (Aries). I don’t feel that feminine, and don’t want to. I find Taurus to be dull, and Aries to spice up my life. I also find Taurus to be too sentimental and mushy (two words that DON’T describe me). I’m too independent for a loyal, one to one relationship. And I like to keep it fun and playful. Taurus can be too laid-back and easy-going, when I like to stay active. Maybe it’s also because I have Mars in Gemini…Taurus and Moon in Cancer irritate me so much. Two signs I don’t love…and maybe because I’m too busy loving “action”.

    • So do you mean you’re not interested in a monogamous, long-term (possibly forever) relationship?

      I ask because the girl I’m dating right now has Cancer Sun, Leo moon, and Venus in Gemini…while I am a Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon and Venus in Aries.

      • Yes, I’m not interested in a long-term, monogamous relationship. Not at all. And I get judged all the time for being a woman who just doesn’t care for it.

        I am a female who finds more happiness in a looser relationship or would prefer not to be in one at all. I don’t have the patience. Definitely has something to do with my Venus in Aries, my Moon in Scorpio, and all those nasty aspects to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. The relationship game is not my cuppa tea. :P

        • I am sun aries venus aries moon aries mercury aries mars gemini…relationships are my biggest challenge…when I fall in love I get possessive, jealous, and weak or needy…I hate it…my last relationship was with a sun cancer moon aries venus leo…mars gemini…he was the LOVE OF MY LIFE…it ended after 2 years…I can relate to the looser syndrome…I have a cancer mid heaven and I have found that placement has had a profound effect on my life.

      • I said I had Moon in Cancer earlier, I meant to say Moon in Scorpio. And Mars in Pisces! XD Ugh! I can’t change it! I was all mixed up then because I was reading someone else’s chart while typing that a long time ago. Grrr.

      • BTW “I am a Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon and Venus in Aries”

        Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars. What’s your Mars sign?

    • jessicacrystaljoy on said:

      i have to share! my sun is taurus, my venus is aries, my mars is in gemini! how weird to find this two days after your post! your name kit is the name my man goes by……how interesting!!

      • I’m also a Sun Taurus, Venus Aries and Mars Gemini lol. I revel in my masculine side too, but luckily the Libra Ascendant keeps me looking feminine, at least on the outside!

        When it comes to relationships, though, man I start hating myself for being the way I am. ‘Why can’t I be more dependent and needy?’, ‘Why can’t I just let the guy lead/win/show off for once?’
        (For the record, I don’t mind having a guy win, frankly, cos I enjoy the competition. It’s just that men tend to not want to fight me, and they just let me win. I don’t even get to celebrate the victory, cos I’m too busy kicking myself for not doing the feminine thing, to just collapse and let him win)

      • I feel bad now because everybody actually has Mars in Gemini, and mine is actually Mars in Pisces. XD lol But yea, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces.

    • Omg.. I am also taurus sun, Aries venus and Mars Gemini! What a coincidence!!!!

      • Me too lol. Taurus sun, Scorpio rising, Sag moon, Aries Venus, Mars gemini

        • ajaysaying on said:

          i’ve got sun in aquarius-pisces cusp, mercury in aquarius, jupiter and moon in leo, venus-saturn-mars in capricorn, north node-uranus-neptune in sag, south in gemini and pluto in aries… i find it quite amazing :)

          but the sun with mercury opposing moon with jupiter is like carrying a strain in the find for lifetime… since my childhood i have been trying to find the secrets of everything and anything ranging from an atom to the universe… which is just to find the answers of the questions that are asked by my inner self…

  5. Yup! Venus in Aries, sun in Taurus, mars and ascendant in Scorpio. Cap moon :) I give a lot and stay in relationships for far longer than is good for me! Probably the influence of the other signs!

    • Donna Domenica Dockins on said:

      It’s the Cap moon! I also stay far too long in relationships that I should’ve left, out of my sense of loyalty and commitment. I have a Gemini sun, Virgo rising, Cap moon, and both Venus & Mars in Aries. By all accounts I should be hard to keep, however the exact opposite is true. I’m not guilty of leaving, I’m guilty of staying too long.

  6. I am Taurus sun, Pisces rising, libra moon, Mars giminie and Aries in Venus. Does it make me a Venusian and a little freak? Lol because the Taurus/libra/Pisces all rulled by Venus and Venus in Aries?

    • ajaysaying on said:

      u would be firm in character, earn money for status, have a bit of psyche, have a philosophy in thoughts, would want a perfect happy family life after marriage, would impart ur anger with intelligence and would love to communicate with intelligent people, venus in aries u know…

      as per ur love life… well, u want a stable relationship with a man with status who is intelligent, quick witted and can give u great pleasures with the blend of creativity and trying out different tips and tricks to make u happy ;) :p

  7. Is it possible when a person has Venus Combust, they exhibit one of the TRAITS of Venus in Aries?

  8. ajaysaying on said:

    my girlfriend is a venus in aries… i have in capricorn… but our 36 points match in synastry (indian style, im indian :)… i just love her so much, but i hate when she flirts back to her friends. i know she loves me very much, she wants to be in relation with me as much as i want, but since im a loner, and i dont trust people much… her flirting makes me uncomfortable! i can die for her. but i wanna live with her… i just dont like interference in my personal life, but her talking with them makes them interfere in my life indirectly!! i try to explain it to her but she never understands! i know she wont find anyone like me, and could ever love anyone except me, but i feel this adventure craziness of her would hurt me sometime! i dont know what to do.. maybe she dont love me anymore, she came to me by herself, took me in her grasp, made me crazy about her… and now simply gone! my meditation is gone without her! i cannot think of anything but her! she should be on my side… but i think it would be considered as male domination… so, im tied!

    please pray for me :)

  9. anonymous :D on said:

    I’m a taurus sun and venus in aries. I just discovered the venus signs so before that I ALWAYS used to doubt astrology cause of how they describe the taurus woman in love. But it makes sense now. I’m definately flirtaious and love a challenge. I get bored easily too! But at the end of the day I’d love to settle down with ONE man eventually & have stability. That’s where my taurus trait comes to play. Interesting!

    • ScorpioVixen86 on said:

      I’m a Scorpio(Sun)Venus in Scorpio Woman and my child’s father is a Taurus (Sun)Venus in Aries man. I’ve known him for almost 10 years now. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since the beginning. He loves attention and love to flirt. He is very social and loves to talk too. He has many friends and likes to stay active. As a Scorpio is very hard to trust him. It seems like he gets bored easily and needs stimulation mentality and physically. He wants to commit me now and I’m a little scared he might cheat on me. As a Scorpio in Venus and in Sun Sign I’m femme fatale… If betrayed I can be very vindictive and ruthless. Any advice? Should I end things or give him a chance?

  10. I’m dealing with a Pisces (Pisces Moon / Taurus Rising), who has a Venus in Aries (Mercury in Aries / Mars in Sagittarius). He is very much that Aries Venus when he was pursuing me on our first date, but his Taurus Rising kicked in as well. It’s 12 days later and he is still sticking around. I’ve kept him on his toes everyday since I’m an Aries myself (Scorpio Moon / Pisces Rising / Mercury Aries / Venus in Pisces / Mars in Gemini).

    The passion is there for sure! Fire, fire, oh and MORE fire lol But it’s also sensual, romantic, and calming at times too.

    My quick silver wit with him is what makes it all the more fun. He also told me early on, “Can’t bullsh*t a bullsh*tter”, since he is just a mercurial in his speaking as I am, which shows I can call him out on anything that sounds wonky haha he’s the only person I have trouble not being honest with cause he sees right through it if I’m hiding anything, but Pisces is the only sign a Scorpio can NOT lie to, which is why my Scorpio Moon/Pluto epically fails now after our first date. His Sun/Moon in Pisces sees through my emotional veil a little easier than most guys I’ve dealt with.

    But yes, ladies, Venus in Aries is going to be challenging for you if you can’t keep up with him mentally and physically. If you don’t have a Fire venus, make sure your sun and/or mercury are in fire, this way you can be able to keep him interest long after the first date or two. But also to keep him coming back, don’t sleep with him quickly either. These guys want to build up the tension on purpose with the right woman. The more he is into you, the more he’ll love to wait for [moderated].

  11. I’m a Taurus Sun Leo Ascendant Gemini Moon. I married an Aries. We are divorced now. He was and probably still is “fun”. But his self-centeredness (to the point of narcissism) took all of the fun away. Anyhow, as I look back over my more important relationships, I realize that they are all fire signs. Only two were fellow Taureans. They were cool but after a while boring. I guess I’m like a moth to a flame… I like “fun” in relationships. Just don’t need get serious with them because I also need loyalty as well. None of them could provide me with the loyalty and security that I also need. I’m told that I should date a Pisces, Capricorn, or Cancer. Also, my Venus in Aries is in my 8th house. smh

  12. Jennifer on said:

    I am Aries sun and Aries in Venus with Aquarius Mars and Taurus Moon and I used to be like this when I was a teenager in terms of the conquest and obsessing over love, but for the most part this is inaccurate. I always take care of men and nurture them. I love the chase only in that I rarely find a spark or am attracted to anyone, so when it happens I get excited. Then I can’t stop thinking about the person, but I am shy and will wait until the man makes the first move even in terms of asking for my number.

    • Donna Domenica Dockins on said:

      The shyness and waiting on the man to make the move are all classic traits of a Taurus. Do the way you first become attracted I’d instant and passionate but the way you actually persue a love interest is more Taurean influenced.

  13. Lol just another Taurus Sun, Aries Venus. I have also Cap Moon and Scorpio Mars….I’m a tough cookie who loves to laugh and enjoy sensual pleasures with strong handsome men. I have a VERY secret soft side. I know Im not a beautiful princess and I’ll never be as sweet as most women tend to be but I think I have a certain charm. I imagine I want to settle down, but I can’t imagine giving up my space and will. I want someone to be my forever friend, but I’m skeptical that I have met or will meet my match.

  14. I have Venus in Gemini and am curious for a man with Venus in Aries. Like this article, He’s definitely hot and then cold-which doesn’t really bother me because his sun is in Taurus while I’m the natural flirt. I’ve seen his possessive side lol hopefully I don’t cross him but he gets his chasing on again then we have fun from there. We definitely have lots of banter and laughter together, I love his energy, blending with his sun sign makes him exotic. I’m sun Leo, making this a match black or white. I hope time will tell-we’ve definitely butt heads before and it was not pretty. Him being hot headed (Aries) while I’m laughing (Gemini) at what why he’s so mad for lol. So it becomes like I’m not taking him seriously. On another note, this is probably why we don’t get anywhere. We’re stubborn AF. *cries* ugh I really care for him! On a better note, we are loyal creatures.

  15. Celisse on said:

    I have Aries in Mercury & Venus, but my sun & moon are in Taurus. Parts of this actually do describe me. However, I am not the type to want to just jump in another relationship right away after one ends. I’m honestly the type that enjoys my single life just as much as being in a relationship. I’ve been single since mid 2014, gone on a few dates, but nothing that’s turned into a relationship & I’m perfectly fine with that. Maybe guys consider me both too deep when it comes to conversation & too intense & upfront with my emotions, but whatever. There will eventually be someone who wont want to cut corners. Until then, my career & private time is more important.

  16. Light my Fire on said:

    This is so meeeee!!!! I have Venus in Aries (born April 30th) and I require and demand a man that can keep me mentally stimulated and physically satisfied! I’m super aggressive and need the fire between my mate and I to only grow stronger with time… So accurate tho! Thanks for the insight! :)

  17. I’m vENUS in Leo and I’m cruaging hard on a vENUS in Aries man. Are those compatible?

  18. I wonder if the fact that my venus is in Aries at 0.6 degrees effects my love life in a different way because it’s so close to Pisces . I notice that I tend to be attracted to water venus signs a bit more then fire venus signs . My sun is Taurus (April 22nd) ascendant Gemini and moon in Aquarius with mars in Leo .. I’ve never been in a relationship with a fire sign . I attract water, earth and air ! Right now I’m dating this Scorpio with their venus is Scorpio and I’ve never been so confused … I just read about venus in Scorpio and apparently they need you to be obsessed with them and express your desire to be exclusive .. The thing is I don’t know if I feel comfortable doing this with him because I’m not sure about how he feels about me .. Maybe this is my venus in Aries that needs people to express their love quite clearly from the beginning in order for me to believe it (and apparently venus in Scorpio is very reserved in the beginning I guess to protect themselves) .. So yeah it’s complex . Also he’s like this extremely good looking guy who lives in NY , is 24 and can get any girl he wants .. I don’t even expect him to want a serious relationship with me because of those reasons .. But I do have this feeling about him .. Ever since we started dating I’ve been losing interest in dating other people much more then before and I know that when this happens to me it means that I’m very much into the person … It’s just that the lack of fun activity and communication makes me feel insecure . All he wants to do is cuddle and have sex .. Also he doesn’t even express love so how can i know he really cares ? Sometimes it feels like he does and other times I’m thinking he’s just in it for the experience .. He had his moon in Aries though (cusp Pisces which conjuncts exactly my Venus). I have no idea where things are gonna go from here .. Hopefully positive !

  19. Hi, I’m aquarius sun, leo moon, ascendant, mars, mercury,venus in aries woman. And this just sounds eerily like me.

  20. Jojo Gorgeous on said:

    I guess it’s me and explains a lot

  21. I got the biggest heart break if my life by a venus in aries man, im a venus scorpio, stay away from venus in aries people

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