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Taurus in Love

Taurus couple in Love

Updated August 28, 2018
Originally posted June 25, 2011
By Corinne Lane     11 Comments

“I Love Security”

The first secret to know about a Taurus in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Taurus person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Taurus will be a “Taurus in love.” (Find out your Venus sign with our Venus Sign Calculator.)

Whereas Aries in love prefers starting new relationships, Taurus enjoys a steady, long, comfortable relationship. Taurus is the first earth sign and is prepared to work for the long haul at maintaining a comfortable relationship. Here is a dependable lover who loves to be by your side and shower you with valuable gifts. He’ll court you with fancy dinners, trips to a museum, or simply driving around in his classy car. He loves material possessions, and Taurus in love considers you his possession as well. This is the original 1950s male chauvinist. If your Venus in Taurus lover is a female, pat yourself on the back- you’ve got a sugar momma.

These lovers, however, are stingy with emotions and possessive because they fear losing control. They fear emotional vulnerability. They just don’t operate well on the emotional or mental wave-length. These are physical, material, earthy creatures who care about money and security, not feelings or abstract ideas. You may have to pry hard to get them to talk about their feelings, but it will do them good because they have an underlying need for emotional security.

Venus in Taurus likes nice clothes, but classic and comfortable rather than trendy. They care more about comfort than looking good. They don’t care about the brand name, they care about how it feels on their skin. Classic luxury is their preference.

Venus in Taurus hates change. Stubborn is an understatement for them. They will avoid change with remarkable endurance. Venus in Taurus will think long and hard before asking you out. Even if they love you, you may have to make the first move. Once in a relationship, they are committed and will stick around long after the loving feelings are gone. Here lies the danger. Although Taurus is loyal and faithful, their comfort is first priority. If your relationship ceases to be comfortable, they may seek comfort elsewhere. They will do this behind your back because breaking up with you would be too uncomfortable for them. They’d rather work to fix a relationship than to end it.

Taurus is the first physical earth sign and you’ll see what that means in bed. Be ready for hours of physical ecstasy. However, if you’re looking for an emotional merging, it is not likely to happen with a Taurus lover. Your spirit-level needs will have to make do with the heavenly scent of the expensive fragrance they’re always wearing. Take an inhale, Venus in Taurus always smells good.

Physical looks are important to the Venus in Taurus man, but just as important are manners, grooming and cleanliness. He prefers natural beauty instead of artificial beauty, but breast size is important to this guy. Fertility turns him on; this guy is looking for a girl to impregnate. Birth control confuses him. The Venus in Taurus lady is not a gold-digger per se, but she’s looking for someone who knows how to earn and save money. She is classy. If she’s committed to you, she will stand by your side even through poverty. Princess Diana (Princess of Wales), her son, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge), and Johnny Depp have Venus in Taurus.

How to Love Venus in Taurus

To make a Venus in Taurus feel loved, forget making goo-goo eyes and sweet whispers. Be prepared to spend money. They love material comfort, luxury, and beautiful physical objects. Buy quality, timeless gifts, nothing cheap or trendy. They love being served dinner and fine wines. They love the traditional dinner and a movie more than most. If you’re rich, they’ll propose immediately.

If you’re short on cash, you may still have a small chance of catching Venus in Taurus. Cook meals and serve them at home. Treat them with tons of respect, use good manners, bathe frequently, and dress well to do the dishes. They love to lounge around, doing nothing. They deeply appreciate physical sensations: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Let them spend their days lounging on your sofa and they may fall head over heals in love with you. They also enjoy contact with nature. Take them on an old-fashioned picnic on a blanket. Above all, never talk of change. Don’t change your hair color, your perfume, or your favorite meal. It makes them uneasy. Prove yourself a dependable lover. You’ll be rewarded with a dependable lover with a promising bank account.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life.  Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Taurus. Read about the Earth Sign Love Language since Taurus is an earth sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. Flamebait on said:

    I have sun in Gemini, ascedant Scorpio, moon in Virgo and Taurus in Venus. What does this exactly say about me because I’m not possesive at all and love doing new things(though, with a lot of anxiety at first but always enjoy when ive done something new)

  2. I think the Moon sign is more important in close relationships than the Venus. The Moon represents our true inner self, our instinctive reactions. When you’re in [really] close relationship, you become your true self=your Moon. You actually reveal your Moon, your soul. At least I think that the relationship should be based on soul-level, but who knows, maybe that’s just me (and my Scorpio moon). I think rhat Venus is just the “style” of our attitude towards the parnter. But again, it wanes in true and sincere relationship because we’re comfortable being our true self.
    And of course, the aspects are important too… My Venus in Taurus is nicely aspected to Neptune and this make me very dreamy and transcendent (more spiritual and Pisces-like). I feel like I really want to MERGE with the other person (adds to my Scorpio Moon aswell; you know, all this Scorpio spiritual and intense thing).
    So the part with being overy physical is not accurate in my case. Objective reality quickly bores me. I don’t like to consume. I don’t like very much material possessions, not for too long. Also I don’t dress very nicely, I just don’t care. Sometimes I don’t care about it all, so often I hear that I should be more girly, whatever. I don’t have explanation why I am this way (maybe some Uranus things, IDK)

    I think this article is a bit stereotypical and one-sided. After all Taurus is sensitive, I don’t think they’re so overly materialistic (even the pure sun sign!), so I find this information a lil’ bit exaggerated, but still… there are some things that are true :)

    From a girl with Cancer sun&rising, Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Taurus :)

  3. F • Sun: Aries| Moon: Leo | Ascendant: Cancer | Venus: Taurus
    As the last note mentioned, “Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life.”

    That being said, I do agree with most of the points stated in this article, and find that they somewhat reflect some aspects of my relationships.

    • Based on experience I do know that I value security in relationships, and have experienced working hard to “fix” the relationship even knowing that it was doomed.
    (Yet once I knew that the comfort was no longer available, it was easier to let go.)
    • Personally, I don’t care for brand names, but how I look and feel with/in the items matter to me.
    • “They love material comfort, luxury, and beautiful physical objects. Buy quality, timeless gifts, nothing cheap or trendy.” Personally, I see no need in wasting money on things that will easily lose value, or something that you will easily lose interest in.
    • “Taurus is the first physical earth sign and you’ll see what that means in bed. Be ready for hours of physical ecstasy.” I didn’t experience this to be true, until recently when met someone who has made me feel secure and comfortable in our relationship.
    —“However, if you’re looking for an emotional merging, it is not likely to happen with a Taurus lover.” This is something I can relate to; I am able to rationalise that, for me, physical intimacy doesn’t translate to emotional connection, but biologically as a woman, chemicals are released to create the sense of connection (through the production of oxytocin).
    Despite feeling more secure with my new partner, and having great connection, I am still taking things slowly.

  4. vivian on said:

    I love Taurus man. Let me know where. They go to eat out. Where they like to party at. What’s the main thing they like to do. It has been over 15 years since I have date one.

  5. exactly said i love this article very much

  6. I have both Sun and Venus in Taurus and what you have stated in the article are true in general but my natal Venus also has an aspect with Moon and Uranus. So what are the meaning of it?

  7. Lorraine Bryan on said:

    I am a Taurus with venus and mars in Taurus haven’t found that special guy yet!!

  8. Yep, does describes me fully. Especially I wear my perfume daily. I love to smell good. Taurus/venus

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