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Black Moon Lilith Calculator

Black Moon Lilith


Calculate your Black Moon Lilith[1] here.

Black Moon Lilith is the point where you break the rules. Where you cross the line. As if some dark force has taken over you.

When another person's planet touches your Black Moon Lilith, tread with caution. You will be lured in. Consider yourself warned.

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  To go more in-depth, see the freshly-updated free birth report.

After finding out your Lilith sign, you can read another interpretation of your Lilith sign here.


Photo credit: efex on Pixabay

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  1. is this calculation according to Western or Vedic astrology?

  2. What does ir mean “When another person’s planet or point touches your Black Moon Lilith” and how to calculate that?

  3. Victoria Pendragon on said:

    Than you for providing this calculation. I began my immersion in astrology in 1964; my interest has never waned; in fact, I believe it has amplified. I began seeing this symbol only recently and wondered about it (especially in light if the bizarre life I’ve had.) I will proceed from here to the interpretations. I know WHO I am (one would hope! By now.)but I remain intrigued as to WHY I am who I am. I’m hoping this darkness will shed some light on that.

    PS: I’ve been on quite a few astrology sites… overall none have resonated with me as much as yours. Much appreciated!

    • Misty Easley on said:

      Victoria, sister am right there with you on the same boat! My family thought i was weird as a kid, I know more to life than being a robot! I know stars a universe had big impacts on us!

  4. Hemant K Tawde on said:

    What does ir mean “When another person’s planet or point touches your Black Moon Lilith” and how to calculate that?

  5. Terrie Braniff on said:

    Nothing can’t get any worse than it is now.

    • Terrie braniff on said:

      I’m a dreamer I don’t lie I don’t steal I give to others before I give to myself, then I go nuts and spend all kinds of money on myself is that crazy or What.

  6. Nice, I’m Lilith in Scorpio.

  7. Rev. Victoria Pendragon on said:

    It seems to me that, as with the planets, every ‘activation’ can go to a more positive or a more negative interpretation… and by ‘negative’ I don’t mean bad so much as being presented with a “life lesson” that you can learn from… opportunities that might look good, but aren’t, yet end up changing you for the better.
    For instance if one’s BL placement might suggest sexual inhibition… the opposite would also be an option. Overcompensation, you might say, promiscuity, in an attempt to mask feeling of what might be interpreted as sexual inadequacy.

  8. i literally dont know the exact time i was born so i checked that box yk and it says my lilith changed the day i was born… so how would i know which it is if idk the time?

    • If you don’t know your time of birth, and if Lilith changed signs on the day you were born, the calculator will tell you from which sign to which sign it changed. This way you know your Lilith is in 1 of the 2 signs. Then you read the descriptions of both to see which one you relate to most.

      Or instead, the updated birth report will now tell you all of that, including showing you more personalized interpretations of both possible Lilith signs for you.

  9. Rattana Hetzel on said:

    Thank you so much. This is very useful.

  10. Thank you for this calculation. Do you also know how to calculate the corrected Black Moon?

  11. Tiana on said:

    How do I find out what house my lilith is in?

    • Astrology Library on said:

      The birth report shows what house your Lilith is in. The description in the report is currently incomplete, but it’s being worked on and should be complete by the end of May.

  12. Isabel Gomez on said:

    How do you know what house your Lilith is in?

  13. Joan Sele on said:

    This is very interesting. I am confused by Black Moon Lilith, a Point, and The asteroid Lilith. What is the difference?

  14. Loulou444 on said:

    It says my Lilith is in Sagittarius but it just doesn’t resonate like the travelling does but the other stuff just doesn’t sit right at all

  15. How to find white moon Selena sign and house??

  16. SideEye773 on said:

    Go figure I’d have my BL in Cancer as my Moon is there also. Just my luck. Lol

  17. V Pendragon on said:

    The description of my BL (in Capricorn) is about as accurate concerning me as anything I’ve ever read. Impressive.

    PS: I’m a Walk-In and use my Walk-In chart for all calculations except my physical health which is more related, of course, to the body I walked into.

  18. Kourtnie Holcombe on said:

    Cancer ♋️🦀🌙 Leo ♌️ 🦁 🌞 Virgo ♍️ ✨ Lilith in Aquarius ♒️ my first wife is an Aquarius

  19. What house system is used? If Black Moon Lilith is within 1 or a few degrees before a cusp of a house, do you interpret this as being in this next house?

    • The Campanus house system is used here. If Black Moon Lilith is very close to the next house cusp, this will tell you that it’s “very close to the next house” and it will give you both the interpretation for Lilith in the current house and in the next house.

      Technical notes on how many degrees of orb we use:
      Black Moon Lilith is considered “very close to the next house” when it’s within 2 degree of most houses, and 3.5 degrees of angular houses. That is, 2 degrees is used when the next house is any except the “angular houses.” We use 3.5 degrees when the next house is an angular house, which are houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 because these are usually considered more important houses. I hope this helps.

  20. Reinousha on said:

    So in short I’m just a sex crazed woman who is forced to repress those feelings since young. Which is very true I guess. I started humping bolsters at 5 afterall. Did some questionable stuff as well.

  21. This site had nothing good to say about Lilith in Aries :(

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