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Part of Fortune in 10th House

Part of Fortune in 10th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the tenth house in your birth chart, you feel better when you do what gives you self-respect. You also inspire this behavior in others.

Everything in your life needs to bring concrete results. Your greatest satisfaction lies in fulfilling a specific goal that you have defined yourself.

You want to be accepted by others and by those in positions of authority, which is not easy, because you must develop great maturity, see the world without illusions, and maintain perseverance and continuous effort.

You see the reality of the world, so you understand the emotional needs that lead others to negativity and to have emotional dependencies. You must overcome the childishness of your reactions, the repetition of patterns, and excessive sensitivity, which only trap you in the past.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the tenth house of your birth chart, the fourth house is the opposite house. Through the fourth house, you are aware of the needs of others. However, you must stay open to the needs of others and their emotions, without letting yourself be carried away by them. You can intuitively appreciate their actions, but do not identify yourself with them. This way, you’ll be able to complete your projects and ideas through sustained effort and being consistent with your goal.

You gain a great sense of integrity to understand and respond to life’s experiences.

Your Part of Fortune in the tenth house will be placed in positions of power, trust, and authority. You will take this into account as you guide the people around you, even if this involves solving problems about what is right and wrong, because you have inherited a strong sense of morality, religiosity, and discipline in your childhood.

But you should not let this hold you back. You must understand that what is right and wrong are not obstacles set in stone, but that they vary with time, place, and era, adding great amplitude to the mental and physical world. As long as you maintain a true sense of justice and personal integrity, the mere act of defining your goals will dictate what is good or not for you personally. Everything that brings you close to your goals and fulfillment is the right thing to do, and what moves you away from them is not.

The emotional level becomes the key to the material world, since it helps you take care of and nurture your ideas and first steps, which will then help you to complete them and reflect your personal mastery. Becoming mature on an emotional level will help you to recognize if the goal you have chosen really fits within your true individual nature. It will also give you the respect you need in order to reach self-fulfillment.

Your greatest happiness comes from feeling that you are capable of taking responsibility, carrying out social obligations, and possessing a force to create trust and respect from others, in order to help those who are still searching. Respecting yourself and defining your personal goals, which are integral to your inner being, will give you your greatest fulfillment and will serve as a guide to those around you.

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