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Part of Fortune in 12th House

Part of Fortune in 12th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the twelfth house in your birth chart, you feel everything in your environment with a lot of intensity and depth. You are intimately attuned to everything.

Your greatest fulfillment will come when you are attentive to your inner being. You can satisfy your desire to understand the invisible forces of the Universe and your personal unity with the Whole, by realizing the unity of all seemingly separate realities.

In any case, you must function in the everyday world with its apparent limitations, which you see, while you realize the unity of all people and circumstances, how they are related, and how they work together. This will help you not to identify yourself with these limitations, actions, and programmed circumstances.

You really realize that negative conditions arise when one selfishly pretends to experience only positive things. Likewise, you must experience everything from a neutral and impersonal plane, where there is no negative or positive, turning your life into an example of a deep freedom from all those apparent effects of outside influences.

By maintaining a detachment from the material world you can allow yourself to flow through situations and emotions without personalizing them, seeing them as common to the human psyche. Thus, you understand the truth of life. Periods of solitude are very beneficial for you to gather strength, get in touch with your inner being, and begin to feel the essence of everything, because this is the source of your spiritual strength.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the 12th house of your birth chart, the sixth house is the opposite house. Through the sixth house, you must learn to function in the world efficiently and take up the calling to serve Humanity.

However, the greatest truths will be revealed through periods of meditation and silence. This is when you are able to approach and communicate with a mystical experience and understand the deep secrets of the human being and life. You learn to realize the unlimited experience of the human being, and to escape from the material prison that most people impose on themselves through their emotions and obligations.

You understand a higher meaning for human responsibility and for the effort and work that must be done in the material world. The Part of Fortune in the 12th house helps you transcend all limitations and obligations of the human being. It gives you the opportunity to know that your soul is free, that everything is truly a unity, that behind every experience there is a great truth, and likewise, that suffering has a very deep purpose and meaning.

Being in the Here and Now will undoubtedly bring you an inner illumination. And, it will give you the opportunity to know God and trust that everything we need is within our reach because it belongs to this total and universal energy. You learn to enjoy all the experiences of life. You understand the superior sense of spiritual growth that all crises offer as humans mature and evolve.

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