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Part of Fortune in 2nd House

Part of Fortune in 2nd House

If you have Part of Fortune in the second house in your birth chart, you enjoy discovering what is of true value to you as you become more sure of your principles, building a wealth that gives meaning and richness to your life.

Possessions and money are important to you as long as they reflect your most sincere values.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the second house of your birth chart, the eighth house is the opposite house. Through the eighth house you will know the values of others. So, you must learn to differentiate what is good for you personally and what is good for others.

Therefore, your greatest fulfillment comes from knowing how to maintain your personal integrity, and from everything that you know rightfully belongs to you.

Your greatest weakness is to let yourself be absorbed by the sexual values of others. Your greatest happiness comes from achieving inner stability, and a strength of values that can not be altered by others or by society.

You look for strong principles that guide you in your life. You must learn that other people will also find theirs. You should not try to force yours onto them because it would be trying to give something to others that they are not ready to receive, or are not willing to listen to. This would only weaken you, and in addition, you would risk losing your goal and doubting the validity of what you already have.

You learn to appreciate the values of others in an impartial way. This helps you accept the validity of ideas that are contrary or different from yours and that do not really threaten the security of yours. You know that the world is large enough and that variety adds richness to the world.

In the second house of your birth chart, wealth is built. In the eighth house, the false aspects of that wealth are destroyed, either physically or mentally.

You will notice how others change their opinions. Therefore you will have clashes with friends and family, and fundamental differences of opinions, principles and values. These will decrease when you know how to not take it personally, when you take it as if their opinions do not threaten what you value and posses.

With this detachment and impartiality you will express your divine nature and the importance of defending meaningful principles and having integrity, without it resulting in violent struggles or losing your inner peace. Thus you will develop the ability to see what is meaningful and necessary for you, and this will be your greatest happiness.

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