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Part of Fortune in 3rd House

Part of Fortune in 3rd House

If you have Part of Fortune in the third house in your birth chart, you are happy to communicate with others. You enjoy being understood, so language and proper use of words are important to you. You try to understand how others think and how they see things, so you can develop a greater perspective in your thinking.

Thinking clearly is what will bring you your greatest fulfillment.

Your security is based on thought instead of the material world. Therefore, you like to teach others to think clearly, so they can understand the world around them, and understand all kinds of people.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the third house of your birth chart, the ninth house is the opposite house. The ninth house helps you understand abstract thinking, other people of other nationalities and mentalities, cosmic ideas, and the higher mind. But your fulfillment will come through the lower and concrete mind.

You must learn the difference between the presence of human ideals, and the reality in which they must live and be carried out. By accepting this wisdom and not being strict in your ideals, nor judging those who still do not understand the higher truth, you will gain the trust of those whom you want to teach and with whom you want to communicate.

You do not judge other people, you just try to understand them and get to know them. This helps you accept that which is contrary or different from yourself. You have something important to say without forcing your ideas on anyone, or on those who are not ready to accept them. You learn to have much tolerance.

You also learn to recognize when is the right time to say things. You must give your teachings and knowledge in a detached way, and you will get great satisfaction knowing that you have enlightened another person’s understanding.

You absorb many philosophical and spiritual thoughts through the ninth house. You realize that the greatest truths go beyond the mental barriers that separate people.

You must be fair. You have the ability to see all sides of a situation. Thus, by bringing superior understanding to human relationships, you help all people in your environment get along better and get a better understanding of the different points of view that may exist. This way, the dichotomy of the world and of human thought will not hinder communication between people.

You find your greatest satisfaction and happiness through all the people you get to know and help. When you come to understand all the circumstances and people around you, you acquire a spontaneity and confidence in yourself and in the whole Universe.

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