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Part of Fortune in 4th House

Part of Fortune in 4th House of Birth Chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the fourth house in your birth chart, your greatest fulfillment and satisfaction will come through starting new things, be it human life, ideas, or projects. Pay special attention and care to setting foundations that can later support your future growth.

You feel happy giving to others and sensing their true self and their real needs.

You should know that things take time to mature. You learn to plant the seed before you get the benefits of the harvest. You understand that first you must set your goals to have purpose and direction, to be able to take advantage of all your efforts and everything you start in your life.

Your happiness and joy comes more from those seeds or beginnings that you initiate, than from their completion or culmination. Although, you need to complete what you start to know its real meaning.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the fourth house of your birth chart, the tenth house is the opposite house. Through the tenth house, you realize the importance of structure, order, and responsibility to be able to carry out all the projects and crystallize all those incomplete beginnings.

However, you should not identify with the end results of what you want to accomplish, since you would easily lose your sense of purpose and you could be disappointed.

Therefore, you must deal consciously with the things of the material world, always taking all the necessary actions to begin stability in the world. Your joy is based on starting everything that will give you stability and inner security. This gives you an intimate sense of belonging in your world. You enjoy participating in common projects and everything that brings you intimate ties with other people.

Being in a natural environment will do a lot to help you stay rooted. It will also give you great joy to stay close to your family, or to serve your country. You also get joy from discovering your unconscious ideas, since this can mean the security of being within the root of your soul.

You must not allow the ego of the world to divert you from your important natural beginning, which will give you your greatest satisfaction.

By developing a true love for all things and people close to you, you will know the meaning of your life. This will give you the confidence to always be where you are most needed and where you can most learn.

You can achieve a deep connection with your inner being, and through that, open up your personality and show a tender care for the things of the world, for your family, and for of all the people around you.

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