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Part of Fortune in 5th House

Part of Fortune in 5th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the fifth house in your birth chart, you enjoy creating. You express this through a particular talent or simply as a way of life. You personally identify with everything you create.

Not only is everything you make a product of yourself, but you also become the product with everything you do.

You have the great ability to realize your dreams, which is much of your own doing through your willpower. You get to know yourself through everything you do.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the fifth house of your birth chart, the 11th house is the opposite house. Through the 11th house, you see the ideal reality from which you must create. You also see the illusions and fantasies of other people. However, if these ideals are too scattered and do not inspire you, then your ability to create diminishes.

Since your friendships can give life to your hopes, dreams and wishes, and push you into the realm of creative imagination, it is important that you know how to choose your friends, as they are the source of the creation or destruction of your inspiration and imagination. And you need inspiration and imagination to feel like an individual being.

At the same time you must take them in a detached way and see your dreams as a collection of symbols of the universal unconscious, without dispersing your creative process, or identifying with these dreams unless they fit within a creative project.

You must realize that all creation is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent effort, and also that there is a great difference between knowing what one can do and really putting it into practice. You will only know yourself through what you do, not what you think.

Regarding your friends, you have a strong idealism, but you must remain impartial understanding the concept of not being involved. The more you talk about everything you can do, the less energy you have at your disposal.

Your greatest happiness comes from being deeply and intensely involved in everything you are capable of creating. Sometimes this satisfaction comes from a single brilliant creation, whether in the arts, the theater, or through a very special child.

Sometimes you absorb dreams from other people, those dreams that they don’t know how to use. You must examine these, and apply them to what you have learned through your creation. You should not try to instill the will to create on those who only talk about it, because then you lose your own will.

You like to enjoy all the good things in the world, although you have to learn the difference between inner and outer richness, to give more importance to your inner fulfillment than to the outer one.

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