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Part of Fortune in 6th House

Part of Fortune in 6th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the sixth house in your birth chart, your greatest satisfaction will come from work and being always active. You get fulfillment through careful use of your time and energy.

You realize how others return to situations already solved in the past, to negative emotions, or to make defeatist excuses. However, you must take care of the details of the present and overcome all negativity through a very active, systematized and organized life, always serving Humanity and seeking to make your life as useful as possible.

Your life needs to have a sense of purpose. You worry about improving yourself and your environment. Maintaining a purity of thought helps you to completely surrender to what you are doing without letting yourself be carried away by doubts or other distractions.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the sixth house of your birth chart, the 12th house is the opposite house. Through the 12th house, you know the inner needs of humans. This makes you sensitive to the forces of creation and the invisible powers of the Universe. It also gives you a deep compassion.

You must do something with this and not be just a passive observer. Therefore, you must participate actively in life, and yet, although you know the infinite, you must function clearly in the defined world.

It gives you an immense joy to know that you can help heal another person. You must strive to be useful at all times and use your ability, since you know better than anyone else how to do things to find an improvement or greater functionality.

You know the workings of the unconscious and how others, and even you, are carried away by their impotence, imperfection and uselessness. That is why your greatest satisfaction occurs when you are able to improve others and help them formally to develop their potential.

You must learn to appreciate the perfection that exists in the world, not worrying about the imperfections, and to develop this potential to the fullest. You must see negativity impersonally, in a detached manner.

You function better when you do not think of a cosmic reality or beyond, but by tuning into the Universe you make it functional by perceiving it with the five senses and putting it into a realistic practice. When everything you do makes sense, you can even allow yourself to be carried away by everything that happens at the moment without fearing to lose your way on your path that you set upon. Therefore, you must improve your natural abilities, and thus the Universe will begin to cooperate in the awakening of your fulfillment.

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