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Part of Fortune in 7th House

Part of Fortune in 7th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the seventh house in your birth chart, your greatest fulfillment comes through giving to others and enjoying the harmonious company of other people.

This is a very spiritual position, because it will only become personal in the presence of another person. You are able to identify with others. You know others intimately and you know how to share, cooperate, harmonize and please them.

You see more happiness in others than in yourself, and you make sure they know it. You want everything for another person. You look for union in friendship or marriage.

You are able to perceive the needs of others. You motivate them to get their needs and help them find fulfillment. It gives you great joy to see their growth and fulfillment. You know better than they do what gives them happiness. Your gift is in getting them to realize it for themselves, regardless of whether they recognize your help.

You can see the world objectively by studying the action and reaction of everything around you and the people you know. You are deeply into how people react to others.

You will make many sacrifices to make a union, at any level, with another person. You will know that the love you receive is much more profound and enriching than most people feel.

At an unconscious level, you take more care of others more than they do themselves, helping them through their suffering. So, it is difficult for you to know what you want for yourself. For that reason, other people will be the ones that show you your way.

As soon as you accept and understand this identity, you will feel the union with your inner essence, which is what most satisfies you and what most helps your fulfillment.

You very easily give in to others, especially during your youth, until you realize it and begin to distinguish what may be good for you.

Your wishes will always come true if they benefit another person or facilitate a good relationship with another person.

Since all your good luck comes from that outside world and from pleasing the person you love, that’s why your soul feels incomplete and disharmonious in the absence of a personal union. This desire is the most important and takes priority over all other desires indicated in the rest of the birth chart.

Through the cause and effect of everything that you give to others, you’ll find fulfillment of your identity, your spirit, and your happiness.

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