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Part of Fortune in 8th House

Part of Fortune in 8th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the eighth house in your birth chart, you will achieve your greatest satisfaction and fulfillment through what is granted to you by other people.

Others always teach you another way, another path, or another value system. And, every time you try them, you make new personal discoveries, making your experiences richer. You will see and experience new things, very different from those you already know. It represents a revolution of consciousness and getting a new perspective.

You must reexamine all those personal values that no longer serve, by observing what stimulates them. Thus, by learning the art of flexibility, you will be able to give those values a new meaning. The more you can discover these values and apply them to your personal life, the more your experiences and your understanding of life will be enriched.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the eighth house of your birth chart, the second house is the opposite house. The second house teaches you to recognize your own values. You should perceive these values impartially, as if they were not yours completely or you did not possess them, so that they do not stop you from fulfillment or from sensing the stimulus that you receive from your environment and from others. This way, you can easily leave everything that no longer serves and does not cause growth in your life.

Your most beloved possessions and values should be those that survive, because they are totally real and true. This deep connection of what is personally valid to you, gives you an unshakable security in yourself. This leaves you with total freedom to explore and recognize the validity of the experience of others.

Other people in your life will teach you what weighs you down and what transcends temporary desires. You will learn to express the values of a divine nature.

Therefore, you must surrender much of your personal wants and desires, as well as your ego,in order to leave a legacy, be it money, ideas, new values, sexual enrichment, or a conscious realization of your essence. Understand that in this world, you are not alone, and that the most fortunate thing for a human being is to be able to share his life and his possessions with others. So, you get to be an intimate part of a common project that benefits all who are involved in it, even enriches the soul of humanity.

Learn humility. Do not be possessive of your own values. Learn to go with the flow of other systems of values and ideas that seem different from yours. These will be your greatest source of satisfaction.

Your fulfillment and happiness will come through all the people you deal with, through discovering the harmony in everything that seems alien to you, and through your soul’s great regenerating force. A transformation of all the accumulated negativity is possible by being present in the Here and Now.

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