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Part of Fortune in 9th House

Part of Fortune in 9th House of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the ninth house in your birth chart, you look for a more cosmic reality than a mundane one. You experience your greatest fulfillment discovering truth, expanding your consciousness and your understanding of the Universe. You know many cultures and different forms of human thought.

You transcend the inner understanding of mundane reality. You know that everything is relative.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the ninth house of your birth chart, the third house is the opposite house. Through the third house, you realize the amount of energy spent among people who do not seem to understand each other, since the meanings of the words distort the truth.

You must remain impartial in these situations and learn the idea of duality as part of human nature. You must know that the truth is only known through the non-truth, and therefore you need to resolve the duality to a higher truth. Once you understand this, then real communication will be possible.

Often you will see and hear yourself expressing and saying things that are not totally true. The more duality you experience and express, the greater will be the need to resolve this duality into a unity and understand the need for polarity in Nature and in human life.

You have a great need for identification with a deity, study, contemplation, meditation and spiritual search, universal truth and being attuned to the forces and laws of Nature. But this world sometimes does not allow it, since daily life immerses us in a mundane reality. Remember that every little thing gives a unique sense to the totality and universal understanding of justice.

You are very skilled in recognizing the subtleties of thought. Without looking down on others, you must keep your standards higher and thus raise your level of being, and at the same time learn to function in the everyday world of less important ideas and thoughts, understanding them as necessary. Thus, you will understand the nature of everything that is relative and dual.

Wisdom loses much of its beauty by trying to transfer it to the concrete and inferior mind. So, you must learn to experience a cosmic reality while you learn to function in the world of less important ideas and thoughts. Tolerate and balance the relationship between both in your life.

You must always maintain your independence. Your satisfaction will come from all the truth you discover for yourself, without trying to make others fit in your world and without trying to correct their ideas and attitudes. You simply have to teach them, maintaining a detachment and even an indifference to how they accept what you are teaching them. Then, you will experience the height of your knowledge, your true function in the world, and your fulfillment.

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