Weak, or Lack Of, Fixed Qualities

Weak, or Lack of, Fixed Qualities

(See first how to calculate your balance of qualities.)

Before reading on, note these compensations for a lack of fixed quality in the chart. Compensations do not necessarily make up for an extreme deficiency, unless they are very strong or very numerous compensations. Compensations for weak (or lack of) fixed signs include:

  • Sun in fixed sign
  • sun conjunct Pluto
  • Sun conjunct Saturn
  • Sun conjunct Uranus
  • Sun conjunct the Ascendant
  • Sun conjunct the midheaven
  • Sun in or ruling a fixed (succedent) house
  • Predominance of earth signs
  • locomotive pattern

Lack of (or Weak) Fixed Quality

These people may have difficulty completing what they have begun and developing structure and stability in their lifestyles. They may, as a result, become obsessed with organized or finishing, and may test their willpower by committing themselves to overly-demanding projects or goals.

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