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Moon describes what gives you that deep, secure feeling

Moon Sign Calculator

NOTE: Birth time is not always required because the Moon doesn’t change signs every day. So, it’s possible to know your Moon sign without a birth time, for certain days. If the Moon changed signs on your birthday, this calculator will let you know.

Look up your Moon sign with our Moon Sign Calculator. Your Moon sign describes what gives you that deepest secure feeling. That feeling can be described as what a newborn baby feels when the mother cradles her arms around the baby and holds it close to her chest. We all need to feel like that once in a while. If our Moon sign needs are never met, we can’t go on. Sometimes, when bad things happen, you seek to meet the needs of your Moon sign more than anything else. When our Moon sign needs are met, we feel secure. That secure feeling comes from different things for all of us, depending on the Moon sign.

Here is the Moon Sign Calculator:

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After calculating your moon sign, you can read a description of your Moon sign here.

You can also learn more about what the Moon represents in astrology.

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  1. is it possible that my moon sign is off? I don’t resonate with the scorpio at all.

  2. Doreen DeFilio on said:

    A Scorpio moon is a bit different than a Scorpio sun.

  3. Unknown on said:

    Well mines said it tends to Change to either Capricorn or Aquarius due to my birthplace so I’ll just consider myself as more as a Capricorn because of the traits and I see a lot more similarities.

  4. Jacqueline on said:

    Items weird that I’m an Aries but my moon sign changed from my fathers sign(Gemini) to my mothers (Taurus) the day of my birth. And it says with specified time of birth I resonate with a Taurus. But I have no commonalities with my mother at all.

  5. Excellent

  6. It said I’m a moon sign of a libra I feel like I’m in between libra and a Scorpio it said my moon sign was libra but i feel i relate more to Scorpio

  7. It’s between Aquarius and Pisces because no one remembers what time I was born lmao

  8. I actually need my birth time bc the moon changed signs The day I was born Sooo Sun Sign: Aquarius Moon Sign: Aries Or Taurus

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Read Moon in Aries and then Moon in Taurus on this page, and see which one you feel like the most. As a young child, did you randomly get violent and throw punches? If yes, you may have Moon in Aries.

  9. My moon sign is a Sagittarius. Awesome.

  10. Is it possible that my moon sign is shown wrong I’m definitely nothing like moon Virgo

    • Well they take western astrology to calculate your moon sign. But you can read more description about moon in virgo, virgo moon is different from Virgo sun in many ways. Moon sign and sun sign show trait of a particular zodia in different ways.

  11. Chase Pierce on said:

    My zodiac sign is a Pisces but it says my moon sign is a scorpio, anybody know what this means?

    • Yes, You were born in Feb or March so your zodiac sign or sun sign is Pisces. However when your moon sign is calculated on the basis of your birth time and birth place as well along with date, your moon sign comes out to be Scorpio. It doesn’t mean you are not a pisces. There are diff types of pisces, some are more extrovert, some introvert, moon signs and other planets (mercury, venus signs) show what type of pisces you are, they are basically define your more specific traits

  12. Ok!!! Do I just found out I am a moon virgo and a sun virgo!!
    Can somebody kinda help find out anything about doubles signs.
    I feel so different lol

  13. K Alyse on said:

    Welp I got a Libra moon and sun… pure Libra here…

  14. Abriel Mills on said:

    Okay so my moon was in cancer but I still don’t get this lol bc my mom is a mean using Pisces and my sister which is my twin sister was born 40 mins after me are all different personality’s. Lol

  15. I am so confused it says my moon sign is a virgo but I am a Cancer born July 7 81 and 8 24 am… How do I understand this?

  16. How accurate are these? Not to be rude or anything. My sun sign is a Sagittarius but my moon sign is an Aries. I got my moon sign as a Pisces from another website and now idk which one I actually am.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Check if the other website is using the “Sidereal” zodiac instead. The calculators here use the “Tropical” zodiac. Also, did the other website take your time of birth? Because the exact time of birth is important in your case, in case the Moon moved from Pisces to Aries on the day you were born. Your exact birth time makes the difference.

  17. wow…. so both my moon and sun sign are Leo… weird cause my friend’s moon and sun sign are both cancer XD

  18. I’m a virgo moon sign, and before I even found out what and how I was a virgo moon sigh, I was so interested in reading about them since I felt like I was reading articles about myself. And I thought, well it would be ironic if I was nothing like virgo even tho it seems like I am one, but not to my surprise, I am.

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