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Rising Sign Calculator

Rising Sign Calculator


Calculate your rising sign with this rising sign calculator. The rising sign is also known as the ascendant. An exact birth time is required. Even a few minutes of difference in your birth time can change your rising sign.

Birth Date:
Exact Birth Time:

UTC time offset:

  To go more in-depth, see the freshly-updated free birth report.

After calculating your rising sign, see the interpretation for the combination of your sun and rising sign.

You can read a description of your own rising sign here.

What is a rising sign? You can learn about the rising sign in this rising sign lesson.

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  1. Sun- Taurus
    Moon- Pisces
    Rising- Leo

  2. Noah E on said:

    I found this interesting, my sun sign and my rising sign are opposite to each other. In fact, each other’s detriments. Crazy.

  3. alicia on said:

    sun capricorn moon aquarius rising cancer

  4. Versailles on said:

    oh, this is a bit funny. My sun sign is a Gemini, but BOTH my moon and rising sign are Cancer. hehe.

  5. all my long life I was told I was Leo rising. now I’m seemingly Cancer rising. did astrology change? having a bit of an identity crisis.

  6. Sun Aqua
    Moon Gemini
    Rising Cancer

  7. Chris Bankhead on said:

    Sun: Aquarius
    Moon: Gemini rising
    Rising: Cancer ascendant
    Interesting 🤔

  8. Pisces sun
    Aries moon
    Capricorn rising

    I’ma fucking mess!!

  9. Libra Sun ♎ Aquarius Moon♒ TAURUS Rising ♉

  10. Rising sign-Leo
    sun – Pisces
    moon – Libra

    Oh my god wow 🥺

  11. Pisces- sun
    Aries- rising
    Cancer- moon

  12. Sun Taurus Moon Taurus Rising Virgo. Not bad at all.

  13. Sun – Leo
    Rising- Virgo
    Moon – Virgo

  14. Triple Pisces!!!

  15. wanna ask, my rising is Gemini 27° 33′ that’s mean I’m at the end of my ascendant near cancer ascendant, and i more feel like cancer ascendant than my ascendant Gemini because i’m not that talk active, clever, and have a lot of ideas but more kind like sensitive as cancer ascendant. So i think my ascendant not suit me.

    Then how’s it? am i still Gemini ascendant or actually Cancer ascendant? im still confussed heeelp

  16. Sun Pisces moon Taurus rising Taurus

  17. Sun Taurus moon Pisces rising Leo

  18. Gemini sun and stupid Pisces for rising and moon 🤮

  19. Sun: Scorpio
    Moon: Capricorn
    Rising: Taurus

  20. Carolyn S on said:

    Sun: Cancer
    Moon: Gemini
    Rising: Scorpio

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