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Careers by Zodiac Sign

Career Path by Zodiac Sign


These are types of jobs and careers fields that are well-suited to each zodiac sign.

Besides reading the career fields for your sun sign, try reading the ones for your midheaven sign. (You can look up your midheaven sign here.)

In addition, the career fields for your Rising sign may offer more insight into your particular skill set. (You can look up your Rising sign here.)

Aries Career Fields

It is much better for Aries to start their own business rather than work for someone else. Aries types are born entrepreneurs. If they must work for someone else, the job must provide challenging activities as well as competitiveness. For example, top-level careers in business or the sports industry. Aries can work in any profession that allows total independence, or puts them in a position of leadership.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Pioneer, adventurous, enterprising, competitive.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Impulsive, impatient, you spend more than you earn.

Taurus Career Fields

Taurus-type careers are those related to beauty, art and decoration. Also those that have relation with the cultivation of the plants and with banking activities. They can be very effective working as psychotherapists. It is preferable for Taurus types to work for a salary rather than commission. This is especially true for Moon in Taurus.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Practical, patient, trustworthy, tenacious.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Possessive, lazy, stubborn, routine.

Gemini Career Fields

For Geminis, their source of income often fluctuates, which can make it hard to consolidate their earnings. They may be earning money from different sources at the same time. They have a talent for sales and marketing.

Their best careers are those that involve travel, as well as those linked to the media or big business because they are excellent speakers and negotiators.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Versatile, adaptable, ingenious, creative, fast.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Inconstant, changeable, nervous.

Cancer Career Fields

Cancer-type careers are those that are related to the home, in any sense, or focused on attending or protecting families. This can range from working in the kitchen, to construction, to the military. Interior decorating. Nurseries, schools, and hospitals. Cancer also has an entrepreneurial spirit, as it is a cardinal sign. They are driven to start their own business, but they are susceptible to be taken advantage of because of being led by their feelings even in business. If they go into business, they should do it with a strong business partner whom they can trust.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Reliable, responsible, helpful, loyal, worker.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Naive, insecure, withdrawn, shy.

Leo Career Fields

Leo-type careers are those related to fame, directly or indirectly. The obvious careers are acting-related, but Leo can make good managers, or do well in any public relations job. Leo is also related to education and recreational or play activities, so any job related to teaching, sports, entertainment, or hospitality would make sense. This would include hotels, restaurants, and theme parks.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Intelligent, lively, born organizer, generous.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Proud, show-off, extravagant spender.

Virgo Career Fields

Virgo-type careers are those in any way related to medicine or the medical field. Also, their high attention to detail makes them excellent for administrative tasks, design, film, art and writing.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Organizing, efficient, reliable, perfectionist.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Critical, nervous, withdrawn, underestimates self.

Libra Career Fields

Libra-type careers are those related to beautification, decoration, art or human relations. They are also good mediators or counselors. They can be lawyers, diplomats, ambassadors, consultants, etc.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Strategist, diplomat and sociable.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Indecisive, inconstant, argumentative and money-waster.

Scorpio Career Fields

Scorpio careers are those related to medicine, prison officials, Treasury, and any detective work. Scientific research, therapies or activities related to mysticism or esotericism.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Loyal, skilled strategist, sagacious, brave, fearless.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Proud, manipulative, vengeful, ruthless.

Sagitarrius Career Fields:

Sagittarius careers are those related to teaching, University faculty, sports, journalism and media, writing, translations, law, travel agencies, and art.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Optimist, smart, traveler.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Wasteful, irresponsible, bad organizer.

Capricorn Career Fields

Capricorn-type careers are those in politics, administrative work related to banking and official bodies, such as boards of directors. Also, careers that are governed by classic, strict, or purely formal rules. They fit right into top-level corporate jobs.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Patient, hard-worker, constant, ambitious.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Materialist, pessimistic, stingy.

Aquarius Career Fields

Aquarius careers are those that are related to technology and media, especially modern ones such as the Internet (media) or aerospace (technology). Also, any type of social work, or any career involved with futuristic themes. Aquarians are idealists, and they prefer to dedicate themselves to their ideals.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Extremely quick learner, futuristic, humanitarian, fraternal, generous.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Utopian, opportunist, cheater/trickster.

Pisces Career Fields

Pisces careers are any related to art or requiring artistic skills. Also, those connected with esoteric things, symbolism, or fantasy. They are well-suited to work in hospitals, and also in the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants). They also do well in all philanthropic and humanitarian activities.

Job skills or helpful attributes:
Hospitable, compassionate, generous.

Potential flaws to consider when choosing a career:
Ambiguous, evasive, chaotic.

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  1. All of my signs are wrong with the careers, I’m Capricorn Sun, Scorpion Rise, Pieces Moon, Virgo MC, all my life I’ve been into mechanical, rebuilding engines, fixing anything mechanical, now I’m a truck driver. I have spiritual abilities I use as guidance, and do occasionally help others when my spirit informs me to.

    • This is based on your mid heaven, not any of those you have listed.

      • MC is short for Midheaven, which means Wendy’s midheaven aka MC, is in Virgo.

        • Francesca on said:

          Yesss! Exactly! Look at MC and aspects to the ruler of MC (Virgo Mercury). Where is mercury? Which sign and house. What is happening in your 6th house of duties also.

    • Michael on said:

      So can anyone tell me what all my signs are. I’m a pisces born in camp leguene, NC
      In the eyes of March on 1990 at 8am

      • Rebecca Fiona Cornel on said:

        Hello Michael……this is Rebecca Fiona Cornel….. Pleased to meet you….

        Your Sun/Star/Birth sign, the Moon and Ascendant/ Rising signs also reflect your personality……

        since you say that you are a Pisces born, it just means that your Sun/ Star sign or Birth Sign is Pisces…… Sun signs represent your outer self ……. The Sun signs also provide an insight to your natural gifts and abilities or talents …….and also a Sun sign has a span of a month….so when i say “I am a Virgo sun” or “my Sun/Star/Birth sign is Virgo”, it just means that my Sun/Star/Birth sign is Virgo and the span of the Virgo sun sign is from August 23rd to September 22nd…… So your Sun sign falls in the span of February 18th to March 20th …..and sometimes you hear some people say “i am a Virgo sun” or “my Sun/Star/Birth sign is Virgo” this is also how some people say their birth signs……also, it’s the one most of us usually read in the news papers under the “horoscopes” section…. Now, i hope that i got this little part clear?……

        Okay, now moving on to the other signs in astrology, there are two other main signs, that’s apart from your Sun sign…… these are your Moon sign and your Rising or Ascendant sign……. Moon signs describe your Soul’s true identity….. you can look at this as your personal hidden truth that is mainly the subconscious part of you, or the part that is kept hidden from other people….. i.e: the Moon signs represent your inner self…..This sign differentiates you from the other people who have the same Sun sign as you…. so though i am a Virgo born, or my Sun/Star/Birth sign is Virgo, my moon sign could be different from another person who is born under the Sun/Star/Birth sign Virgo…… This sign reflects your fears and represents your emotional side, as in: how you express and deal with your emotions…… the Moon sign says a lot about what you long for and what your obsessions are……. it also impacts your relationships and how you bond with others……

        The Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant sign, actually depends on which sign was rising in the Eastern horizon when you were born……. Rising signs represents how others see you… also shapes your attitude, appearance and demeanor….. some Astrologers, (that’s people who study horoscopes), refer to the Rising sign as a “Mask people wear”…… the Rising sign changes EVERY TWO HOURS……… so my Rising sign is Gemini according to the Western/Tropical astrology……. but my Rising sign according to Vedic astrology is Taurus…… so someone who is born with the same Sun sign, example: Virgo sun, will have a different Rising sign than the one you have…….

        So if you want to know your Rising, Moon and Sun signs and all your other signs, like Mars sign, Venus sign, Mercury sign, Saturn sign, Pluto sign, Uranus sign, Neptune sign, Jupiter sign and your North Node and South Node and also your Black Moon/Lilith sign and Chiron sign and even your Vertex and your Mid Heaven or MC, you will need to know your exact time of birth and where you were born…… so, you need your Birth Date and you type the Month you were born in, example: September…… then the Date or Day you were born on, example: 17 …….and the Year you were born in, example:1987….. (the month, day/date and year i typed here as an example are actually my own birth day, month and year)….. this forms your Birthday/Birth Date….. Next comes your Time of Birth….. and you need to know this if you want to get an accurate result…… for this you will have to know the exact Hour, Minutes and Seconds, example: 23 hours, 31 minutes, 00 seconds …..(here again i gave my time of birth again as an example)….. after this, you type your Place of Birth or the place where you were born, example: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India…..(again this is my actual Place of Birth that i gave you as an example so you understand)…. some websites you may go to, will also ask you to give the Longitude and the Latitude of the place as well, but well, i would suggest that you don’t worry about that too much because once you give the name of the place, the time and the date/day you were born, the Longitude and Latitude will come on it’s own……

        Sorry for the long reply, but, well, i always type long replies or messages and many people have told me in a sarcastic manner “wow! that message took me two days to read” or “you know that message of yours can fill up a book”….. Anyway, i hope that i answered your question……. and i hope that you and everyone at your side have an amazing day today and everyday………stay safe, protected and blessed always…….

  2. Wow interesting I have done some of the careers listed.

  3. Sun – Pisces, Moon – Cancer, Rising – Scorpio, & MC – Leo are the placements within my chart. I have literally studied, achieved certification in, and have had employment in every single one of the fields related to my natal chart. I also read tarot cards. My mind is blown! ‍♀️

  4. Francesca on said:

    Hey this is a super helpful description of the signs at work.
    May I suggest, for Sagittarius a little edit. Philosophy and religion! Sagittarius are preachers but not so much “teachers” Gemini are better teachers. Sagittarius can share knowledge but not get down on the knees to teach someone. They are the priests and university professors, authors and YouTube preachers. They “preach” instead of teach.

    • ‘Sagittarius are preachers but not so much “teachers”’ I do not agree as my first job right out of school was as a foreign language teacher. I continued for 4 years and then for two more as a private tutor of the same subject. Most of my students were between 9 and 14 years, many of them learning the language for the first time. If that doesn’t involve getting down on one’s knees to teach (though not literally) then I don’t know what would qualify. Some of the other suggested careers, namely media, writing, translations, and art are spot on too. I currently work in the latter three fields with some voluntary journalism and media contacts thrown in for good measure. Law is something of a contradiction, though. I gave up teaching to study law full time (mainly to please my dad) and gave up that after 2 years to work in my teenage passion of advertising—a combination of graphic design and copywriting. I must also point out that the potential flaws listed are totally wrong where I am concerned. Reverting to Francesca’s observation, I think it may be accurate for those whose sun sign is Sagittarius. My late mentor whose sun sign was Sagittarius and who was an accomplished art director was a preacher not a teacher. I had to learn more on my own and by observing him than through direct teaching. He was also deeply into religion and religious music. I hope that helps anyone who might read this, especially young people.

  5. Natalie on said:

    libra midheaven here and i am literally a law student and super into art! that’s very interesting

  6. Leo ascendant and Taurus midheaven. I scream glamour apparently 😂😂

  7. my Midheaven sign is Cancer , I relate to it but it doesn’t describe my top interests in a possible career. My sun, mercury and lilith signs are all pisces and I feel that describes me best as well as my rising sign Libra.

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