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Synastry Overlays: Moon in 7th Through 12th Houses

Synastry Overlays: Moon in Seventh Through Twelfth Houses
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By Corinne Lane         17 Comments

These are synastry overlay interpretations for the Moon in the partner’s 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses. (See instead: Moon overlays in 1st–6th houses.)

Moon in 7th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s seventh house of a synastry overlay creates an atmosphere of acceptance. The Moon person feels secure in the presence of the house person. You (Moon person) feel that the house person will be as nonjudgmental and accepting as a parent.

For both partners, being together simply feels natural to you. You may want to be together all the time. You complement each other: one of you ebbs while the other flows. There can be tension at times, but for the most part, your relationship is relaxed, comfortable, and complimentary.

The two of you are open and accepting of each other. The house person likes the Moon person with all their personality quirks (if any). You (the house person) find the Moon person pleasant and enjoyable. The house person will usually want to be there as a support for the Moon person.

The Moon in the partner’s seventh house is not highly exciting, nor highly intense. Rather, this synastry overlay adds security and staying power to a relationship, and is one of the strongest Moon overlays for marriage.

Moon in 8th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s eighth house of a synastry overlay can be a breeding ground for some of mankind’s most unattractive aspects.

The house person reaches deep into the psyche of the Moon person and stirs up the demons that most of us keep hidden in the subconscious. The Moon person may crave things in this relationship that are normally unacceptable to society. You (Moon person) know they’re unacceptable, and yet you’re unable to control the dark urges that the house person arouses in you. There may be a compulsive desire for sexual excess, extreme possessiveness, extreme greed and power.

The Moon person’s dark urges have the effect of sucking the house person in to this “devil’s playground.” The two of you desire to act out your deviant fantasies together. You’re deeply attracted at a core level which defies logic. You feel a hunger for your partner in the pit of your stomach, and you take pleasure in the idea of devouring each other.

If your individual characteristics have a good amount of restraint, you may be able to contain your demons. In this case, you may be able to enjoy the deep connection and emotional nurturing that comes with this overlay, and keep the relationship at a healthy level. However, if either of you already have a dark or rebellious streak, then this relationship can bring out the worst. If this is case, the deep connection may not work here because after the demons are revealed, everyone looks less attractive.

You may break this relationship only to resurrect it years later. Your compulsive desire for each other may seem to fade temporarily, but it always comes around again and is never satiated.

Moon in 9th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s ninth house of a synastry overlay creates idealistic feelings in both partners.

The Moon person idealizes the ninth house person. The Moon person has all kinds of lofty perceptions about the house person. You (Moon person) may see them as heroic, brilliant, inspirational, etc. You put them on a pedestal, and in some cases, you may feel that the house person is so great that they’re out of your league.

You (Moon person) genuinely admire the house person, and the house person is inspired by this to be an even better person. Indeed, the Moon person brings out the best in the house person. The house person senses this, and they may become emotionally attached to the Moon person. The house person may feel that they can’t do anything great without the Moon person, or they may become dependent on the Moon person’s admiration as a source of inspiration.

There is more than affection here. You have things in common. The admiration is great because you feel that you have similar attitudes on politics, religion, and socially acceptable behavior. You rally around the same causes. People tend to really like others who think and act like them. While this may not be very romantic, this adds a positive influence to any relationship.

It was noted above that the Moon person may consider the house person to be out of their league. This can also manifest physically, as in, they may be a far distance away. So, this synastry overlay can also indicate that this is a long-distance relationship.

In any case, there is a great deal of respect, admiration, and affection in this relationship.

Moon in 10th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s tenth house of a synastry overlay creates a rather impersonal type of relationship.

The Moon person feels uneasy about the tenth house person, even though there may be practical reasons for you to be together. The house person, indeed, may a be a great catch, but the lack of emotional closeness just doesn’t feel right to the Moon person. You may feel that the house person is too self-serving.

This is a valuable position for a work-related relationship, but this isn’t the most fertile breeding ground for love. However, the individual characteristics have to be considered. If both partners are focused strongly on worldly success or achievement, then you can benefit by teaming up together.

Both partner’s may want each other as a sort of trophy. This is the “trophy wife” or “trophy husband” type of relationship. Other synastry aspects between your charts can add a more affectionate nature, but this Moon in the tenth house overlay is not enough, by itself, to sustain intimate love. This overlay simply adds a practical motive for being together.

Moon in 11th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s 11th house of a synastry overlay is a happy overlay.

As soon as you meet, the Moon person sees the 11th house person as a “dream guy” or “dream girl.” You feel that the house person is the answer to all your hopes and wishes. You instinctively feel at ease around the house person.

The house person sense this, and then also feels very relaxed around the Moon person.

Both of you feel that you can be yourself in this relationship. You feel no need for keeping up appearances, or for trying to put your best foot forward. Neither one of you seem to worry what the other will think. You feel accepted by each other even if you disagree on things.

If there exist any difficult aspects or overlays between your two charts, this Moon in the 11th house can calm down those negative issues. With this overlay, you can never be really mad at each other.

You both feel that you’ve known each other all your life.

In extreme cases, this relationship can be a “castle in the air.” If you’re together, consider yourselves lucky enough to have penetrated the castle doors. For many, this relationship can remain an unrealistic wish that, nevertheless, makes you smile when you think of the other person.

Moon in 12th House Synastry Overlay

The Moon in the partner’s 12th house of a synastry overlay can, unfortunately, create a lack of trust in your relationship.

The Moon person feels that they cannot figure out the house person. You (Moon person) get the feeling that they’re hiding something, even if they’re not.

The house person will sense this, and they’ll not generally enjoy being accused of hiding something. The house person may then respond by being suspicious of why the Moon person is suspicious in the first place. As you can see, this is a tense overlay rather than an easy-going one.

There may be no logical basis for a lack of trust, but your gut feelings keep you both uncertain of each other. Instead of love, this overlay can breed paranoia. Even if there is an initial attraction between you, this overlay can make you unsure of each other.

Both partners can be hurt by the accusations and lack of trust. The pain will go very deep, and it can be impossible for this relationship to survive the wounded feelings.

Very selfless individuals, those with the emotional endurance of a monk, could maintain this kind of relationship. The vast majority of normal people care about their own feelings way too much, and could not endure a relationship like this.

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  1. Danielle on said:

    Wow moon in 12th house dead on greatvwork

  2. Incredibly accurate! Thank you❣️

  3. Very accurate.. with one person i had my North node conjunct his moon in 9th house.
    But my moon in his 12th house.
    By my progression chart his sun and moon, my north node was in cancer 8th house. His demons came out. Mine intensified when i drank. We both ended up ripping eachother apart.. but we survived. When we talk (on distance) he claims hes a changed man but texts me while hes drunk.. yeah your changed man.. thats clear. Hope he stops hitting and abuse woman.

  4. Can someone please comment on if a person’s sun and moon falls in the other persons 12th house? Does this signify its doomed?

    • Not necessarily. Are they in the same Sign as the other person’s Ascendant? If so, then it will tend to feel more like a 1st House connection overall.

    • I think this description here is very vague, it brings out only the negative side.I have a one person in my life :his moon in my 12th house. we are kind of a soulmates or have the kind of psychic, intuitive connection. but you can also meet someone with this position who’s intentions are not good.

      • Thank you for saying this. My moon is in my boyfriend’s 12 house but we have a wonderful connection. I don’t have any trust issues at all with him so this description confuses me.

  5. Karen Harris on said:

    I guess both my husband and I are as selfless as monks. We both have our moons in the other ones 12th house. It’s beautiful and psychic. We feel each other on another dimension. We know each other’s moods, tastes, wants of the moment, reactions, sooo much without having to talk. We can meet each other’s needs easily. We often feel the other one’s pain, both physical and otherwise.

  6. A love interest has their Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus ALL in my 9th house. Would this be a good thing since we would feel so much in common, or would I feel like he is constantly in the “teacher” role and I am “student” role? I do feel a deep connection to this person, it’s unbelievable…but at the same time, a little scared of his intelligence. Our moons are conjunct, as well, and Suns are sextile.

  7. The monk comment is very accurate. I noticed he really triggers my paranoia and vice versa but its because in projecting my own insecurites on him. Just recently he was short with me and I took his words and gave them the wrong meaning. I was thinking he does to me what I do to him. I assumed if I do it then he must do. Thats help a lot but you have to check yourself constantly. My sun and mercury are also in his 12th. We have very similar wounds and “stuff” in the attic lol

  8. Hi I don’t understand what does it mean by saying « can be a breeding ground for some of mankind’s most unattractive aspects» I don’t really understand, can someone explain to me please

  9. Maestro on said:

    My partners moon is located in my 11th house. His moon is in Capricorn as is my moon. Also his N. Node is in my 12th house. Pluto & ascendant are in my 9th house. Is this bad?

    I feel like he is the one for me but the relationship is extremely hard and I want to move on from it.

  10. Dr. ShaRone S. Kushnir on said:

    i have a friend. his moon (Sag) and jupiter (Cap) are in my 7th house. My moon (Can) is in his 12th. Both our suns (Virgo/Libra). are in one anothers 4th house. This intense angular (12th, 4th, 7th) feels beyond Karmic. its a very intense brotherly bond, to say the least. Also, both our suns are sextile one anothers moons, i. e. My Libra sun sextile his Sag moon; his Virgo sun sextile my Cancer moon. Currently, the toughest aspect to overcome is both our mars are square to one another from my 5th house to his 12th house. One more thing, his Aquarius Uranus in the 7th is trine my Libran Venus (which is conjunct Pluto). Yip. this is once in a lifetime connection. Extremely deep and impactful. Will it survived? Only G-d knows.

  11. My partners moon is in my 12th House and this is incredibly spot on. Thank you!

  12. My husband has a moon in capricorn. It’s in my 7th house. We’ve been together 16 years. Very comfortable around each other since day 1

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