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Synastry Overlays: Venus in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Houses

Synastry Overlays: Venus in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Houses
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By Corinne Lane         1 Comment

These are synastry overlay interpretations for Venus in the partner’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd houses. (See instead: Venus overlays in 4th–6th houses, or 7th–9th houses, or 10th–12th houses.)

Venus in 1st House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s first house of a synastry overlay, you are greatly attracted to your partner’s qualities and appearance. You love being seen with the house person. However, beware of focusing too much on how good they make you look. You tend to want to show them off because it reflects well on you.

The house person is flattered with your admiration. You make the house person feel beautiful and graceful, but over time, they may not enjoy the shallowness of such admiration. Nobody likes to feel like they’re simply a good-looking trophy. To be sure, check the individual characteristics of the house person. If you (house person) naturally have low a self-image, you may enjoy this flattery indefinitely. The Venus person will give your self-image the boost that it needs. However, if you already have a healthy level of self-esteem, you will eventually want to be admired for something other than your beauty, grace, charm, etc.

Eventually, we all want to be loved for our “ugly” selves — when we’re not showing off our beauty or charm. The Venus person may not notice that the house person has an ugly/regular side. The Venus person perpetually sees the house person as beautiful. The house person may choose to bask in this glory, or you may crave to be admired for your more innate qualities.

Venus in 2nd House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s second house of a synastry overlay, you tend to be too focused on what you can get from this relationship. You don’t really feel like going the extra mile for the house person.

Your partner senses your self-interest and will be careful not to get emotionally involved with you.

Both of you are hesitant to lose anything, so you both hold back. This is, obviously, an impediment to a close relationship. Other types of relationships can work with this overlay, but necessarily romantic ones which require giving of oneself.

Venus in 3rd House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s third house of a synastry overlay, you feel carefree and comfortable around the house person. You feel like the house person doesn’t have a problem with you being yourself. You find the house person easily approachable.

The house person appreciates your realness, and your warm and friendly tone. You make the house person happy.

Both of you are good friends from the start. It feels natural to talk to each other. You both feel that it’s easy to express yourselves to each other. You know that your partner will understand and not make fun of you. This creates a feeling of trust between you. Your relationship is light-hearted and pleasant.

This overlay is not focused on romance, but it’s a harmonious overlay that adds understanding and sensitivity to any relationship.

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  1. I am a Leo, and my nearest and dearest is a beautiful Pisces lady, and her Venues perfectly conjuncts my Moon in Aries – third House, and we have a wonderful relationship with never a cross word, a relationship filled with love and trust, and of course mutual support and encouragement.

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