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Synastry Overlays: Venus in 10th, 11th, 12th Houses

Venus in 10th, 11th, 12th Houses - Synastry Overlays
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By Corinne Lane         11 Comments

These are synastry overlay interpretations for Venus in the partner’s 10th, 11th and 12th houses. (See instead: Venus overlays in 1st–3rd houses, or in 4th–6th houses, or in 7th–9th houses.)

Venus in 10th House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s tenth house of a synastry overlay, you find it easy to put work before play in this relationship.

You (Venus person) see the house person as someone that can help you attain your goals and improve your status. The house person sees you as having creative talent, vision, and understanding in areas which they lack. There is a give and take here, and you work well together. Your skills or areas of expertise complement each other. You respect each other’s strengths and skills.

Your partnership could be productive and profitable for both of you, but this may be the only incentive to pursue a relationship. This overlay doesn’t add much of an emotional or romantic aspect, unless you consider business plans to be romantic. You’ll both desire to be the boss of this relationship.

Venus in 11th House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s 11th house of a synastry overlay, you immediately like and accept your partner upon meeting them.

Right away, you are interested in sharing their interests. You want to know what their hopes and wishes for the future are. Your partner is flattered by your warm attention, but they’re not overwhelmed. They don’t consider your attraction to be overbearing, but rather easy-going, warm, and friendly.

Your partner knows that you accept them as they are, and they gladly behave open and free around you. You have fun together, enjoying many of the same social activities or hobbies. You’re relaxed around each other. You are both comfortable being intimate with each other and sharing your inner selves.

The most significant part of this overlay is that you make each other feel comfortable in your own skin, with all your weird habits. You have no fear of rejection because you accept each other as you are.

The attraction here is light and friendly, not necessarily deep and emotional. But this open atmosphere does draw you both to open up to each other and share your inner thoughts and dreams. While not entirely emotional, there is some depth to the type of intimate bond that this overlay can create. Although this overlay is excellent for friends, this is also a positive atmosphere in which romantic love can grow and thrive.

Venus in 12th House Synastry Overlay

If your Venus is in your partner’s 12th house of a synastry overlay, you find yourself deeply moved in strange ways by the house person. For example, you may not be a needy person, but you find yourself being very needy or vulnerable around the house person.

The house person may feel that you put out some “false advertising.” You (the Venus person) were one type of person when they met you, but in this relationship you act somewhat different. The house person can’t really understand certain aspects about you. They may feel that you are a dream come true, but at the same time, they’re not sure that this dream will last.

It’s the 12th house overlay affecting both of you. Something about this overlay makes you feel insecure, as if the relationship is going to end but you don’t know why. The Venus person tries to hold on to the relationship, which confuses the house person even more. The house person doesn’t know if you want to continue or end the relationship.

There’s an ephemeral quality to this overlay, so enjoy this mystical union while you have it. Now you see it, soon you may not.

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  1. All the interpretations on this website seem to have overlays backwards – isn’t it the house person who FEELS the impact of the planet person? After all, that’s where they are “hit” by the other person…

    • Astrology Library on said:

      The house person feels the impact, only after the planet person acts in a certain way. The planet person first acts depending on the impression they get from the house. This is just like when you walk into someone’s home for the first time, you get an immediate impression based on what you see there. The planets enter a person’s house, and each planet responds differently to the vibes of each house. How the planet person first reacts will then impact the house person.

      • Anthony on said:

        Do SIGNS play an important role in house synastry?

        For example, a girl I’ve fallen for, has her Venus in my 12th house. Her natal Venus is in Virgo, I have Virgo in my 12th house. We also have an EXACT aspect of Venus conjunct Jupiter (she’s Venus), in my 12th house where I also have Jupiter.

        I’ve fallen for her hard, can this mean she feels something for me too? I know it’s just one “thing” but is it safe to say some feelings on her part could be prevalent based on the above information?

        • Stella Moon on said:

          I’m not 100% sure, but I feel there should be definitely some kind of connection between you both. Not sure if it’s good or bad though. Try to find any clues by looking at the other aspects in your charts (the comparison as well as individually). Also look at the placement of the sign and house of y’alls North and South Nodes and the positions of y’alls Prenatal Eclipses (planets on the prenatal eclipse’s indicate massive destiny deals)..for whatever reason when I read your comment “Karmic tie” popped into my mind. I think I’ve been in a karmic situation myself. I keep finding similarities all throughout the charts just like your 12th House Venus. I believe that the N. Node is forward movement and you’re “moving towards your destiny”. South N. is leaving your past and you’ve been linked up again because one of you has a lesson to teach and/or be learned by the other and once that’s been done you’re said to no longer be in each’s lives from then on.
          The 12th House represents Life of the Soul, Spirituality and the Unseen World BUT it also stands for Self-undoing, All that is Hidden, Love Affairs and (worst of all) SECRET ENEMIES! So hidden issues might surface! Hope this message finds you well.

    • Snarke on said:

      It actually goes both ways they haven’t gotten any interpretation wrong at all, maybe you can add some one or two things.

  2. Amber Collins on said:

    Now I know what happened in a previous intense relationship. It was due to my Venus placement in his 12th house. It never felt quite “real.”

  3. Hi I am madly in love with this man and it’s a difficult relationship. We have some unbelievable times and I just want him to commit to me, it’s like he easily forgets how good the relationship is and just wants unrealistic expectations from me. I feel like I have to earn his love and that he doesn’t accept me and my hardest challenges though. Being confident and making money is literally the hardest thing for me and he doesn’t want to understand my challenges, he just tells me I need to make money or we are through and the pressure of that is unbelievable. I want to do it, but I do better with caring understanding people because I need to feel optimistic to be able to find interests and have faith and confidence. Venus in Capricorn is conjunct my moon and mars in Capricorn in the 12th house. His 12th house cusp is Aries with his mars conjunct Pluto near his descendant. He has aquarius in 10th north node. I have Aries in 2nd north node. What do you think this is all about?

  4. Jane Furlow on said:

    This is accurate. My student and I each have our venus in the other’s 10th house, and we have a great working/learning relationship. Lots of good work done and each of us respects the expertise and knowledge of the other.

  5. Danielle on said:

    Hiya, So my Venus is in his 12th house, my Venus is Capricorn I’m still trying to learn the rest , so are these relationships not going to work out as it’s the 12th house?

    His Venus (Taurus) is in my 3rd house?

    Please could anyone be so kind and explain further, thankyou xx

  6. I have my natal Venus in my 12th house of Cancer where his Sun and Venus have also fallen in my 12th house (although those did not make any conjunction with my Venus). + My 7th house natal retrograde Jupiter has fallen on his 12th house of Aquarius. My 4th house of Scorpio has Saturn and South Node where his Mars and Saturn have also fallen(although those did not make any conjunction with my planets). + His Pisces ascendant(rising sign) has fallen on my 8th house.

    In total, I have 12th, 8th and 4th house overlays with this person.
    I had many dreams about the Venus person. Once he told me that he also got dreamt about me twice.

    Suffered alot by falling for Unavailable people and unrequited love and this on-off thing going for 7.5yrs. Finally I realized that this will not work. So I disappeared from his life. Although it preached an important lesson for me to let go, this is such a heartbreaking synastry.

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