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Air Sign Love Language

Air Sign Love

Updated August 28, 2019
Originally posted June 10, 2011
By Corinne Lane     6 Comments

Note: Air sign lovers are people with the planet Venus in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), NOT sun-sign air signs. Just because you’re a “Gemini” doesn’t mean you have the planet Venus in Gemini. Go find out your Venus sign before reading here.

Venus air signs express love by using their heads. They are communicative. They appear very involved because they talk and listen, but they are emotionally detached and cool. They don’t have emotional break downs, and they don’t go overboard professing undying eternal love to you. They do express love verbally, but in a friendly, light-hearted way. In fact, their love will feel very much like a friendship. They will want to go the movies with you, then discuss the movie over coffee. They will want to do all sorts of friendly things with you.

They are also very friendly with everyone else. However, just because they talk to everyone does not mean that they are sleeping with everyone. Air signs have many acquaintances. They can be very popular. But they don’t get intimate with their many friends; they stay cool and detached. If they have told you they love you, they probably mean it (except Venus in Gemini).

When it comes to understanding feelings, they will appear to understand. They will say, “I understand you feel …. because … .” But you will not get sympathetic tears and hugs because they understand feelings with their heads not actually feel them with their hearts. They communicate intellectually. They will not cry with you like Venus in water. In fact, although they say they “understand” your feelings, they are secretly thinking that you are too emotional and you have no need to cry.

On the good side, they are charming and usually attractive. They will never bore you.

How Venus Air Signs Feel Love

Venus air signs understand love rather than feel love. They prefer to live in the abstract world of concepts and ideas. If you want to make them feel loved, communicate it verbally to them; they are great listeners. Make time for mentally stimulating conversations on all topics with them. Even invite others to join in your conversations. Pleasant socializing means the world to them.


Venus in the air signs is compatible with Venus in any of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and also with Venus in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

You can read more about Venus in Gemini, or Venus in Libra, or Venus in Aquarius.

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  1. Mrcarbonkid on said:

    So according to this! I’m doomed to hv a stable relationship bcz of gemini?
    It is true though, i’m still in contact with all my exes and all said : “you are emotionaly detached” in times.

  2. I am cancer sun with venus in gemini, I love the art of conversation!<3 For some reason, I only last in a relationship 3 to 4 years and I do get bored when there is no fun or excitement and mentally as well… but I don't believe in cheating nor do I like cheaters!!! I rather be alone and just have friends, I can be a loner at times even if I am a social butterfly…. :)

    • You are 100 right Even my sun is in cancer and Venus in Gemini. I had two relationship well first one was just infactutaion and never cheated in my relationships. I like ppl who are sensitive but not weak. I like to be in home most of the times and sometimes I just wanna enjoy the outside world.

  3. Shekinah Pereira on said:

    I’m a Scorpio sun with Venus in Libra. The man I’m after has Venus in Sagittarius and his sun there too. We both get bored easily and I think he does faster than me. We started as close friends and now I don’t know how to win him

  4. This is SPOT ON. I’m a Cancer Venus dating an Aqua Venus and when it comes to expressing love, it’s like I’m speaking German and he’s speaking Swahili. Air and Water don’t mix.

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