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Cancer in Love

Cancer zodiac in love

Updated August 28, 2018
Originally posted June 26, 2011
By Corinne Lane     60 Comments

“I Love My Family”

The first secret to know about a Cancer in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Cancer person. Only someone with the planet Venus in the sign of Cancer will be a “Cancer in love.” (Find out your Venus sign with our Venus Sign Calculator.)

Venus in Cancer is the big sentimental baby of the zodiac. Cancer is the first water sign, and Venus in Cancer is a very emotional lover. They express affection sensitively, comfortingly, protectively, and tenaciously. They care about your feelings and they will not give up showing it. Venus in Cancer will embrace you tightly as they express their love with a tear in their eye. When a male Cancer lover tells you he’s in love with you, he means that he wants you to have his baby. The female Cancer lover is expecting you to get her pregnant; there’s nothing she wants more.

The first priority for Venus in Cancer is to have a family. They need to nurture and be nurtured in order to be comfortable with life. If they cannot have their own biological family, they may join some type of close-knit group in order to feel part of a family, or they adopt children or have many pets. Venus in Cancer becomes dependent on its family, and loyal to it. President Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie both have Venus in Cancer.

Cancer in love alternates between mothering you and wanting you to mother them. When they first fall in love with you, they will take you to meet their mother. They want you and “Mother” to be the best of friends. They will court with tons of sweet kisses and hugs; Venus in Cancer absolutely loves hugs. They’ll be clingy, always with their arms wrapped around you, or their hand clasped around yours. You’ll find it difficult to get rid of them; not that you’d want to. Your Cancer lover cannot bear to see you sad or hurt. Cancer lovers are a bit psychic and receptive; they can tell when you feel sad. They will become overly-protective of you, hardening right up and lashing out at anyone who threatens you. And at the same time, they will sincerely cry with you when you get your feelings hurt. Venus in Cancer reflects your moods.

But it will take some time before they let you get that close to them. Cancer lovers are extremely self-protective. Even if they like you, they will wait until they feel safe and sure of your affection. If they don’t get what they want, they become moody. Their emotions swing back and forth just like the Moon’s phases (the Moon rules the sign of Cancer). They may be happy that you cooked a lovely meal for them, and then give you the silent treatment because you have to go to work. Cancer lovers are masters of the silent treatment. They can also be stingy and mean. Sometimes their moodiness and overly self-protective feelings can become so extreme as to make it impossible to have a relationship with them. This eventually brings them sadness. They are not practical when it comes to love.

The Venus in Cancer male is attracted to naturally large breasts, never fake ones. He prefers the soft, natural, full, motherly look. A full-figured, even slightly over-weight, woman attracts him more than a thin, athletic woman. As with Taurus, Cancer is turned on by fertility. Venus in Cancer may actually be turned on by pregnant women. Brains don’t really matter to this guy; in fact, he may be intimidated by a woman with brains.

How to Love Venus in Cancer

To make Venus in Cancer feel loved, you must become a part of their family. If you become best friends with his mother, he will love you. “Mother” him, be protective of him, cook for him, and he will love you. Venus in Cancer absolutely loves a home-cooked meal, preferably not spicy because they probably also have a sensitive stomach. Wear an apron when you cook, whether you’re male or female. They love to stay home. If you’re constantly dragging them out of the house for exciting dates, they will think you don’t love them. Sit with them on the couch with a tub of ice cream watching the latest romance movie, and they’ll feel loved. Never invite extra people over without consulting them (unless it’s Mother). They prefer to be alone with you. They are shy in large groups; they always prefer small, close-knit groups.

If you’re a woman, dress pretty, not sexy. Dress like a grandmother, with soft, flowery dresses to attract a Cancer man. He likes to see a little cleavage but make sure it’s a dress Mother will approve of. Always appear pretty, natural, and ladylike. Venus in Cancer loves to feel needed. Be dependent on them. Don’t be too independent whether you’re male or female. They want to take you under their wing. But you should have some emergency money hidden, because although they have the desire to take care of you, they are not a practical lover and may not always have the means to take care of you.

Be sincere with your feelings and very sensitive to their feelings. If they suspect that your feelings are insincere (remember, they’re a bit psychic) they will retreat away from you. In other words, Venus in Cancer can tell if you really love them. If you really love them, you’ll be rewarded with a caring, sensitive, nurturing, and gentle lover who is not likely to stray.

If all else fails, have their baby. Venus in Cancer is probably the only zodiac sign who cannot resist the parent of their child.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Cancer. Read about the Water Sign Love Language since Cancer is a water sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. This sounds EXACTLY like my boyfriend. His Venus is in Cancer, and mine is in Scorpio. We get along, wondrously. <3

  2. Wow! The guy I’m dating is just like this. He always knows how I’m feeling and sometimes it feels like he’s reading my mind. I was kind of afraid to be too affectionate and nurturing (don’t know why) and I’m looking forward to having children, but most men get scared away when I mention having children. Good to know that this actually turns them on!

  3. thaiwockeez on said:

    I am a venus in cancer and i agree this is so true, only part not true is the big breast part..

    • Elaine Richards on said:

      This certainly is true every bit of it represent my guy I am Scorpio and we get along so well he adopted my 11 year old daughter he wanted us to have a child but I am too old for that now. I am 50 he is 56

      • sadeep on said:

        my venus is cancer.every word is true other than But you should have some emergency money hidden, because although they have the desire to take care of you, they are not a practical lover

  4. The Brains part! – does matter! – and No! – i am not! – turned on by pregnant women! – and no! – i do not prefer big breast!

    “And last! – No – i do not! – want every female – whom –
    i say – Love you to! – Too have my baby”…….W.T.F.

    • Brittany on said:

      This is for people with thier venus in Cancer. Not for people who sun is in Cancer

    • Trellony Nixon on said:

      Lmao. Whats your sun sign?

    • Natalie on said:

      Im a Venus cancer and I do not let myself go! And it does take a minuted before I give all my loving caring ways to anyone I have to be highly attracted to them to let them in but yes I’m very giving. N I do not introduce anyone to my family unless we damn near ready to get married, but not just because I like them.. moody yes, but not really clingy because I love my personal space and freedom to do my moon in Sagittarius, I do not like anyone who is too clingy myself or needy, I can very self centered do to my sun in Leo, n if I do get some what attached to anyone n we break up it may hurt my sensitive feelings for a min but I get over pain quickly, n walk away knowing everything happens for a reason.

  5. BrittanyS on said:

    I am a Leo with venus in cancer.
    This is shockingly about 97% accurate for me. I do usually think about having children with a guy I am in love with. But then I usually try to put those thoughts in the back of my mind because I know it’d be a bit weird >.<

  6. I am a Virgo Sun and Scorpio Venus male. I believe that a Cancer Venus is the best match for a Venus in Scorpio, just like Harley stated above, they are made for eachother.

    I would like to ask Astrology Library if there is some kind of chart or calculator to find out the matching compatibility between Venus signs, just like Sun signs.
    The Venus is even more important in a relationship than the Sun sign, I would love to see how Venuses match each other.

  7. All I have to say is Cancer Venus people are very very VERY sensitive. You’d have to handle them gently and slowly because if you make the mistake of being too assertive with them they will crumble, literally.

    My dad has this aspect and he is so touchy about almost anything. If someone says “hey, you look shorter today” – he’ll automatically obsess over that comment and assume it was an insult. No amount of reassurance helps because then he thinks your covering up how you really feel about him, even if you truly like him. My ex girlfriend has Venus in Cancer also and I don’t want to “blame” this aspect on our breakup but I’ll just say she was a bit paranoid and too clingy for my liking. I’m a confident guy and don’t find over bearing people attractive in the least. Its difficult explaining to Cancer Venus people that the dramatic episodes of affection, like pouting when they don’t get their way or being paranoid is irrational. they think that’s the way love should be when it isn’t. that’s been my experience anyway.

  8. I am a sun in cancer Venus and mercury in cancer and surprisingly I never agree to any of this. Lol I hate dependent people and the relationship I have with my mom is rather consentious. I like to feel smart and be with someone I can argue with for hours. I cant stand too much smothering. My ex was a cancer though. I have a Venus/mars in aqua courting me and he’s definitely emotional, it’s unnerving. This degintely doesn’t apply to me and I fly away from deep intimate commitments too. I have moon in Aries but with the abundance of cancer in my chart of has nothing to do with my general emotional independence. Astrology is a bit extreme

    • since your Moon is in Aries, it’s obvious that you’re not like others with a Venus in Cancer. Look at the whole picture. Not everyone with Cancer Venus reacts/feels the same way. Your Aries Moon has a crush easily, don’t prefer commitments, like challenges in relationship and kinda selfish. And i’m not sure from the above you say you have Venus in Aquarius? Aquarius is detached and don’t know how to show their affection. Takes everything into accounts, i get this is why u don’t feel like others with Cancer Venus.

  9. jyothis on said:

    Its so true, am a girl, but it perfectly describes me. I wish my bf understood this. :(

  10. Shashi on said:

    Male, Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising, Venus in Cancer. I like intelligent women. I’m not turned on by pregnant women and large breasts are a turn off. I’m 41 and don’t intend to ever get married or have kids.

  11. specialinfinity on said:

    I’m a virgo sun, aquarius moon, scorpio venus, cancer in mars, and aquarius rising girl. My boyfriend is Gemini sun, leo moon, cancer venus, Taurus mars, and virgo rising. We met years ago but he never approached me even though we saw each other more than enough times and then all of a sudden he contacts me on facebook saying he’s liked me for a long time(the feeling was mutual). We’ve been together for a few months now. With my venus in scorpio always needing to be manipulative and test my relationships our relationship has been a rollercoaster so far. He is very sensitive to the things that I say (I’ve found this with all leo moon guys! I’v dated my share! 7th house leo) and he is kind of clingy but his commitment and determination to make this relationship work is unbeatable. If I told you what we’ve been through and still are going through within these few months you wouldn’t believe we’re still together (No infidelity!!). He acts nothing like a Gemini until it comes to well…. I honestly don’t know since I don’t really know many Gemini besides him; but I’ve heard that they are flaky, really social, and like constant change. Maybe I haven’t been with him long enough to really know but he’s the complete opposite to that descriptive. I honestly hope that Scorpio venus and cancer venus are the most love compatible because with my venus sign I need relationship security. I guess I have to have his babies to keep him committed…lol.

  12. I have this placement. I have Virgo Sun, Libra rising, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Venus and Libra Mars, I can relate to some degree, I am very protective of my feelings and I have struggles showing them freely, but that’s less due to astrology and more because of my difficult upbringing. I can say that I do have that negative, doubtful attitude sometimes when my boyfriend shows me his feelings like I cannot enjoy the love without questioning and analyzing it. But I’m trying really hard to change that and it’s working, because honestly I would never date a person like me, it can be draining
    But when I love, I really do everything for that person, I understand them and work hard to solve all their problems I really think I’m the most amazing friend anyone can have

    • OMG! I have the same exact placement in my astrological/birth chart! I always wondered if I’d come across any person that’d have the same signs in each position as me. I’m curious if we’re similar in our personalities. Lol i hope i don’t come off creepy, i’m just so surprised & intrigued. And everything you wrote in your comment above, is literally how i feel as well. That’s crazy!

    • I have a Venus in cancer and I am the most amazing friend anyone can have. And rest assured that they will never get another like me.

    • Barbara on said:

      You are imperfectly perfect! Your mate will love you and even the qualities you find not so good are not going to change their love for you because it will be unconditional love. With that said use this reading as a guide for your own personal growth for your greater good and soul growth if you find that you need or want to just live in your truth and be true to you and your higher self will guide you along the way. I think we are all flawed and are imperfection just like the dark parts can be utilized as strengths if applied as strength for are good parts. My light and dark love each other and now work as a team for the greater good. Love yourself as a whole and your perception of what you consider bad as positive because they can be when you do. I hope that makes sense. Much love blessings and abundance my friend. ✌

  13. Damien Costanza on said:

    I have Venus in Cancer Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo and Mars in Gemini. I do not mind large ones or small ones but for some reason I am abhorrent to fake ones. My friends decided to surprise me for a birthday by taking me to a strip club and made a wager with the girls: free dance if I could tell if she was fake or real. 9 times out of 10 I was right.

    • Lol that sounds hilarious.

      • Damien Costanza on said:

        Venus is within 10 degrees of 7th house cusp and Leo moon is intercepted in my 7th house. In other words Leo is swallowed up in 7th (27° Cancer to 6° Virgo) aND Aquarius is swallowed up by the Ascendant house (27° Capricorn to 6° Pisces.) Mars is in Gemini but at the end of house 4. I’ve wondered many times what this means.

    • You have those placements in western or Vedic astrology? In western I am a Gemini sun (6th house), Aries moon (3rd house), Gemini Venus (5th house), Virgo Mars (8th house) with Capricorn rising. In Vedic I am a Gemini sun (9th house), Pisces moon (12th house), Taurus Venus (2nd house), Leo Mars (5th house) with Sagittarius rising.

      • Damien Costanza on said:

        Western Astrology. I tried the Indian ones one time and couldn’t understand it. The only thing I understood was Rahu and Ketu (North & South Node). But if you want to hook one up for me:

        Born May 18 1983 at 00:38 (12:38 AM) Central Time Austin, Texas USA

      • Vedic astrology rather calculates accurate placements

    • Wowza. Our charts are similar, except I have my Mars in Pisces. You must be a cool person.

  14. bethuel on said:

    I am single male My sun Taurus,my venus cancer,moon virgo and mars gemini,I agree with all the astrological philosophy

    • Bethuel on said:

      Again I am male my 20 May 1983

      My Sun. -TAURUS
      MY Moon -Virgo
      My Venus-Cancer
      My Mars-Gemini

      I live and stay in South Africa my email (

  15. I am a
    Virgo sun
    Pieces moon
    Cancer Venus
    Cancer Mars

    The guy I fell for is a
    Libra sun
    Taurus moon
    Scorpio Venus
    Cancer Mars

  16. latasa killebrew on said:

    I am a 44 year old Gemini sun and cancer moon and Taurus Venus Aquarius Mars can u please explain to me what this mean?

  17. Venus in cancer along with jupiter and mars

  18. CeruleanMermaid on said:

    My sun is Leo, Moon in scorpio, and venus in cancer.
    I totally agree that venus in scorpio are usually the best people I can have a long term relationship with
    It’s kinda embarrassing the clingy and possessiveness part although I don’t find myself to be over bearing (maybe ask my boyfriend about that lol).
    I am hyper psychic/empath so unless someone is a complete sociopath I can peer through their motives.
    We are very touchy feely and protective of our friends family and lovers but the truth is that we take a good minute to finally open up and show that side. it’s a great tactile because I usually weed out the disingenuous.
    The best advise I could give a venus In Cancer is make sure you have a support system or group that can create that sense of bond for you, because if not you’ll seek it in the wrong places/people also totally learn when to cut tides, but don’t be too cold/crabby I think we have a fear of ultimately being alone.

    • I know a Leo with venus in cancer and moon in Scorpio. Wonderful
      affectionate, caring person. No, they don’t like to be alone,
      but neither do I…my venus and mars are conjunct in Taurus.

      Both venus in cancer and venus in Taurus are the most affectionate
      huggy people you’ll ever meet.

  19. I was seeing this guy that in Western/ Tropical astrology he is a Leo sun, Taurus moon, Leo Venus, Libra Mars with Scorpio rising….but in Vedic/ Sidereal astrology he is a Cancer sun, Aries moon, Cancer Venus, Virgo Mars, Libra rising. In western astrology I am a Gemini sun, Aries moon, Gemini Venus, Virgo Mars with Capricorn rising along Uranus and Neptune in my 1st house conjunct my Rising. In Vedic astrology I am a Gemini sun, Pisces moon (12th house), Taurus Venus (2nd house), Leo Mars (5th house) with Sagittarius rising. In our composite chart we have together a Cancer sun (8th house), Cancer Venus (7th house), Aries moon (5th house), Mars in Gemini (9th house), and Sagittarius rising along Neptune in the 1st house not conjunct. In synastry, my moon always trines his sun, his Pluto squares my Venus, his Pluto conjunct my Mars in my 8th house, his moon in Taurus falls into my 4th house conjunct my IC, his Sun and Venus fall into my 7th house, my Sun and Venus fall into his 8th house,….. In Draconic astrology I am a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Scorpio Venus, Aquarius Mars, Gemini rising. He is a Aries sun, Capricorn moon, Aries Venus, ….don’t remember the rest lol.

  20. I’m a Gemini with venus and mars conjunct in Taurus. My rising sign is Leo. My mercury is in cancer, saturn in cancer, jupiter in virgo, moon in libra, etc etc etc.

    I was in love with someone that was Leo Sun, cancer venus, mars Leo, mercury cancer.

    My venus in Taurus and their venus in Cancer was the most amazing feeling I have ever had.

    Does anyone know about venus in cancer with a venus in Taurus????????????????????????

  21. My Venus is in cancer / moon in cancer / rising in Gemini / sun in Leo / mars in Aries I’m a guy

    I’m Dating 3 females at same time they live 2 hours away and they all have Venus in cancer..

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Gemini rising, you say. Take a look at the Gemini in love article. :)

    • Wow you are disgusting. Hope they dump you.

      • Hey Karo….who were you referring to when you said “Wow, you are
        disgusting? You must’ve meant Natsu. Natsu sounds synthetic in
        his love life. LOL Maybe some day he’ll grow up.

        • Yes I meant him. Natso is a disgusting pig who I hope gets dump or those women realize and catch on soon. Hate dishonesty and BS. Calling it like I see it. -Aries moon

          • Hey Karo…you crack me up…yes…me too…I hope the 3 women dump Natso too. Just curious, you have an Aries moon…but what sun sign are you?

          • I’m a last degree Gemini sun or some people would say a Gemini- Cancer cusp. June 20th I was born at night time. If I would have been born 14 hours later I would have been a Cancer sun lady. Although funny story my mom (Sagittarius sun with Aries moon) was confused when was my actual birth date since in some other document it says June 24th. She swears though that it’s June 20th. That they made a mistake in those documents. Everything else is correct though even the birth time. If I was indeed born in June 24th that would make me a Cancer sun with Gemini moon. I did the chart already. Anyways my rising is in Capricorn with Neptune (Pisces) and Uranus (Aquarius) in my 1st house. For both dates that’s my rising. Not the best rising to have it’s lame. I’m not surprised both me and my mom are Aries moon women since my grandma is an Aries sun lady.

  22. I have venus in cancer and this does NOT fit me at ALL! I get turned off by clinginess, I hate the silent treatment. I looove going out and being in social situations. And my mother and I have a horrible relationship (incidentalIy she is a Cancer sun, i find her to be weak-willed and a bit of a doormat with men) I am a Leo sun, with a Scorpio moon and Scorpio rising.

    • Really Jas? I mean Scorpio moon can make you pretty emotional so does that Rising….although I can say that you most likely have your moon in your 12th or 1st house making you even more so emotional. The moon is at fall in Scorpio. It is not the best sign for the moon. The moon is at home in Cancer and extremely comfortable in Taurus who it finds very beautiful and stable. That’s why the Moon is at odds in Scorpio and Capricorn the opposite signs of Taurus and Cancer.

  23. I have a friend (Leo) with venus in Cancer…AND…moon in Scorpio. The sweetest person you’d
    ever want to meet….BUT….when that Moon in Scorpio acts up….watch out…they seem to be

  24. Hey Karo….I just saw your answer after I asked you what your Sun Sign was. I, too am
    a Gemini/Cancer cusp. I was premature, so if I were born when expected, I too would have
    been a sun sign Cancer. Being a Gemini/Cancer cusper is good because it gives the
    intellectual Gemini a lot more feeling to have some Cancer traits. What do you think?????

    • I have a friend who is a certified astrologer in western astrology. She says the cusps don’t exist. The sun can only be in one sign or the other. Although to be honest i fit the Gemini Cancer cusp better than just being a Gemini. I think it’s a good blend between both signs. It makes me understand Cancer people faster.

      • Hi Karo, hard to decide because some astrologers do believe in the cusps and just as many don’t. I feel like you do because I have much more sensitivity and emotion than other Gemini’s I’ve met (which is the Cancer part of it), yet I fit a lot of the traits of a Gemini. I think it’s a good blend too. I think we’re lucky to have that placement. Take care.

  25. Libra Rising, Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Cancer Venus , Cancer Mars
    Venus and Mars are conjunct, but my moon opposes both
    Lets just say i appear emotionless/detached, but this couldn’t be more untrue
    Also i hate superficiality and i can sense that shit like clockwork

  26. Hi Chris: Leo Rising, Gemini Sun, Libra Moon, Venus in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus.
    You appear emotionless? Never knew a big hearted Leo to appear emotionless. You sure
    about that?? Maybe someone has misjudged you. I’ve always felt the warmth of big hearted
    Leo shining thru. Maybe it’s your Moon in Capricorn as they can seem a little serious
    at times. I hate superficiality as well. Almost 100% of the time, I can tell what a person’s
    made of. I don’t as a rule judge people, but if I do, the only way I judge a person is about
    where their heart is.

  27. Juliett on said:

    My husband is a Cancer sun and Cancer Venus and surprisingly it’s not very accurate. Of course, he is very loving, loves to stay home, cook, but he doesn’t get along with his mom and doesn’t force me to be friends with her. And the part about brains and big breasts – oh boy, it’s just the opposite. I, on the other hand, have Cancer in ascendant, and the description is more accurate to me than to him (despite my Venus in Virgo).

  28. Either there are other strong influences in your husband’s chart to make you feel the description is not accurate, Or….he loves you so much, that he spares you from having to be friends with his Mom, and remember, he himself doesn’t get along with his Mom, either.

  29. Hi Juliet: Either he has other strong influences in his chart besides Cancer, or he loves you so much that he doesn’t want to subject you to being friends with his Mom, who he himself doesn’t get along with that well. The fact that you have venus in Virgo and he has venus in Cancer is a Good Thing.

  30. I’m actually a loving person ;)

    • Well, being a Leo, and with venus in Cancer you probably are a loving person, but loving 3 women at once is a bit much. Not many women want to share a man with 2 other women. Just my opinion Natsu.

  31. Lionfish on said:

    I have Venus in Cancer and my chart is literally drowning in water but I never wanted children. Not even a little bit.

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