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Difference Between Capricorn’s and Scorpio’s Desire For Control

Difference Between Scorpio and Capricorn's Desire For Control

Updated September 16, 2019
Originally posted April 23, 2012
By Corinne Lane     93 Comments

Both Capricorn and Scorpio desire control. They both want power, but their desire for control and power is different in motivation. And their method of obtaining it is also different. Here are 4 ways they differ.

1. Appearance Matters

The most noticeable difference, and the reason why Scorpio is more dangerous, is that Scorpio is alluring. Capricorn, while can appear respectable, is not alluring.

The Scorpio quality to allure is always subliminal, though. You can never pin it on them. They will always say they had nothing to do with your apparent obsession with them. Yet, there you are: obsessed. Scorpio does not move in on his target. Scorpio lures his target in with pure magnetism. You never see Scorpio coming.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is no more subliminally alluring than cauliflower. Capricorn moves in on his target, and you see him coming the whole time. This doesn’t take away from his strength, though. You’re no more powerful to stop Capricorn than you are to stop a slow-moving bulldozer heading straight for you.

2. Motivation

Another difference in their method of attaining power has to do with their different modes of behavior: Scorpio is a fixed sign while Capricorn is a cardinal sign. When Scorpio is on a path towards his target, he will stay on that path at all cost, even to the point of death. He can, and will, ignore everything to the left and right of the path. Scorpio becomes obsessive about the path that he’s on. Scorpio wants the psychological empowerment that comes from staying this course. He will be very skeptical of easier paths that may crop up along the way.

Capricorn, however, couldn’t care less about psychological empowerment. “How do you deposit that in that bank?” he asks. Capricorn wants the measurable, tangible fruits of power. He sees the rest (psychological power) as a waste of time because he’s not even sure what it is. To Capricorn, anything psychological seems to be something “silly.” For this reason, he will not stay on his path if a better path crops up on his way to the top. He will gladly jump on to a new path that hints at better opportunity. In fact, he actively seeks new paths the whole time he’s moving in on his target. He knows that new paths can open up new opportunities for greater success. And he knows that shortcuts can help him reach his target quicker.

Scorpio will not stray from his path even if a new path offers better opportunity, because Scorpio is more interested in gaining psychological power rather than reaching some tangible, physical target.

For example, Capricorn might have a goal to have 1 million dollars in the bank. He may switch jobs, investments, and banks repeatedly, as needed, to grow his money faster. His goal is to make the money grow, “period”, regardless of where the money comes from.

On the other hand, Scorpio may have a goal of having 1 million dollars of “Corporation X’s” money in the bank in order to let Corporation X know that Scorpio is powerful. So, Scorpio will not move his investment to Corporation Z that would pay him 3 times more, because his target is less about money and more about power. Scorpio wants to make the money grow for a certain psychological purpose.

3. Putting Others First

Scorpio can, when so moved, after investigating the possible return on investment, put others first. Capricorn, on the other hand, will never be so moved to put others first. This may have something to do with the placement of the house of Capricorn up at the top (on the midheaven) of the natural astrology chart. Or it may be because Scorpio is a water sign (feeling), while Capricorn is an earth sign (not moved by feelings). Whatever the reason, this difference balances out the advantage that Scorpio had over Capricorn with the alluring appearance thing.

What this boils down to is this: Scorpio is aware of other people’s feelings, and will not necessarily try to crush everyone on his way up. Capricorn will crush 80 people on his way to the top and not even notice that he crushed them. Seriously, he will not notice.

On the other hand, Scorpio will decently ask you to stay off his path if you want to live. He doesn’t want to crush you on his way to the top. But he’ll only warn you once. If you don’t get the hell off his path, then he will crush you. But unlike Capricorn, Scorpio will be fully aware that he crushed you. In his mind, it was your fault because you didn’t move. Scorpio would have preferred it if you had moved, so he wouldn’t have to kill you. He really does put others first.

4. Self-Destructive Tendencies

Scorpio has a tendency, once he’s reached his target, to self-destruct. This is because of number 1 and 2 above. First, the limelight of success takes away from his appearance of mystery and subliminal allure. Scorpio can’t have that. Like a snake, he’ll shed his skin and go into hiding for a while. Second, exercising psychological mind control can be exhausting! Scorpio self-destructs after reaching one goal just to psychologically prepare for the next victim, uh, goal.

Capricorn does not have this tendency to self destruct. He is always looking for new and better opportunities that build upon what he has already gained. He never cared about appearing mysterious, and he doesn’t know what “subliminal” even means. He enjoys crossing off another item on his “List of Goals.” Then he continues climbing. No need to self-destruct.

When Scorpio and Capricorn Meet At The Top

What happens when they come into contact with each other at the top? Capricorn is immediately attracted by Scorpio’s power, while Scorpio is immediately jealous that Capricorn was able to even come close to Scorpio’s success. Capricorn secretly wants to take Scorpio’s job. Scorpio secretly wants Capricorn to die so he’ll be out of the picture. There is no way for these two to co-exist at the top. There will always be a struggle over power and control, with both Capricorn and Scorpio wanting to have the upper hand.

Famous Examples

Dave Grohl (musician, Foo Fighters) has Sun and Ascendant in Capricorn. Coincidentally, Dave Grohl has his midheaven in Scorpio. Also coincidentally, after the lead singer of his band (Kurt Cobain of Nirvana) died, Dave Grohl started his own band: The Foo Fighters. (Disclaimer: I love Dave Grohl.)

Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung, Chinese leader) and Anthony Hopkins both have Sun and Ascendant in Capricorn.

Grace Kelly had Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio. Grace Kelly was an American actress who married the Prince of Monaco and became Princess of Monaco. Now her son, Albert II, is the crowned Sovereign Prince of Monaco. Not too shabby for a little American girl from Philly.

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  1. But what happens when you have strong influences from both Scorpio and Capricorn in the natal chart?

    • Astrology Library on said:

      See the comment below for suggestions.

    • That’s a very conflicted person. It depends on where those placements occur for the conflicts to exist. I know someone quite well who has 8th house placements in Scorpio. When their intimate, sexual energies pop off, it’s almost like they are possessed by another person who’s a Scorpio or something. It’s like that Cappie sun disappears and someone else steps in and takes over. It’s a very strange contrast.

      • I am a Cap. He is a Scorpio. My Scorpio moon falls in his 8th.. I found myself doing things very unlike myself. It is a weird energy for sure.

  2. I have the same question. I have a stellium in Scorpio & a stellium in Capricorn. Although, I do have more Capricorn influence.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Take a look at the planets you have in Scorpio. See which houses in your chart these are in, and especially which houses they rule. Those are the areas of life where you will notice Scorpio tendencies. Then do the same for your Capricorn planets to see what areas of life you will notice Cap tendencies.

      If you’re looking to see whether you’re more like Capricorn or Scorpio, you can check the signs of the following:
      1. Any planet conjunct an angle (Asc, I.C. Descendant, M.C.) is an extremely strong influence on your life.
      2. Any planet that makes a close conjunction, square, or opposition to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant (the big 3) will be a very strong influence on your life. Check the sign of the planet making such an aspect to any of your big 3.
      3. The sign of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, and Mercury are a strong influence on you and on the way you think.
      4. The dispositors of your Sun and Ascendant are a strong influence. The dispositor’s sign will be be a strong influence on you.

      An even mix of both Scorpio and Capricorn, I think, gives a very serious nature (with bouts of depression), but an unstoppable will and determination that’s hard to beat. This is what I would call a business champion. If this is you, remember to pat yourself on the back once in a while, and don’t be so hard on yourself. You can be your own worst enemy on your climb to the top. The example of Dave Grohl, above, shows how his cut-throat determination started a new band in the wake of his old singer’s death, not caring what anyone thought of it, and achieved international success.

      • I have Sat+Mars in Scorpio 10th house

        SU+Me+Ve in Capricorn 12th house

        Now Sat aspects these 3 planets what does it indicate

  3. Very interesting article on Capricorn/Scorpio, Thank you. I have my Sun on my ascendant both in Capricorn, and Scorpio on my MC. No planets in Scorpio but my south node is conjunct Chiron in Scorpio in the 10th. My Sun is disposed by Saturn in Leo (in mutual reception) in the 7th. I believe my desire for power & control comes out in personal relationships. But have not idea how Chiron & south node come into play.

  4. GemPundit on said:

    Scorpios and Caps have a lot in common. But they have some differences, too. The things they have in common is that they are both realists (oftentimes cynics), driven/ambitious, emotional, introverted, family-oriented, etc. Some differences, as stated above, is how they handle their emotions. Capricorn does have a lot of emotions, but they organize them and compartmentalize them. They also have more control over them than a Scorpio. However, if a Scorpio is matured, they can also achieve this level of emotional control. Also, although Capricorns are emotional (although few would know it…but once you fall in love with them, you see how deeply emotional they really are) Scorpio’s emotions do run deeper. I mean you are dealing with a true water sign vs. a half earth/half water. They still have lots in common, though. I dated two Caps and we had tons in common. It also helped that I had a Cap moon :)

  5. IntenselyPassionate on said:

    “On the other hand, Scorpio will decently ask you to stay off his path if you want to live. He doesn’t want to crush you on his way to the top. But he’ll only warn you once. If you don’t get the hell off his path, then he will crush you. But unlike Capricorn, Scorpio will be fully aware that he crushed you. In his mind, it was your fault because you didn’t move. Scorpio would have preferred it if you had moved, so he wouldn’t have to kill you. He really does put others first.”

    All accurate but I really love this paragraph the most, so dead on. And this comment comes from someone with strong Scorpio influence… ;)

  6. Capricorns are nothing against scorpios. With one scorpio in a room thats where all people will be staring; doesnt matter if “he” is beautiful, smart, outgoing or not. People often see scorpios as the real deal without even knowing ithat thats how they feel.

    The capricorn will be the one staring and admiring the scorpio most of all, wishing to one day be just as hypnotising as the Scorpio and have its respect. Then he will set a goal just as the article says and create a hell for all involved and if the cap “wins” he will still be jealous of the scorpio because scorpio knows he”s the best and everyone else knows it too. Cap will always be upset that scorpio dont respect them and actually thats often what they want from the whole game; be equal at the top with the scorpio and have everyone admiring them. But scorpio hates cap and yes, wants him drop dead.
    Also, if a scorpio loves someone and starts to ignore that person, it will hurt bad for that person and he will always try to get the love back. If a scorpio stop loving a person, that person is probably hitler, scorpios will go throught fire for the one he loves even if he knows that what he is doing is wrong. Caps just keep moving when something goes out of order.

    The biggest weapon that a scorpio has against a cap is:
    Cap would do anything to be like Scorpio.
    Its super easy for a scorpio to rock the boat and make the cap insecure, another way of saying it would be; cap needs a plan for everything and if stuff goes unexpected his true self can show. Especially if the scorpio pushes him in a manipulative way.
    Scorpio can easily bully the cap (who hates that) without anyone else noticing, like bullying through telepacy.
    Cap is freaking super insecure and scorpio can se in one second exactly what he’s insecure about, then use it and break the cap.

    Oh and btw, im a scorpio

    • Capricorns are nothing against scorpios. With one scorpio in a room thats where all people will be staring; doesnt matter if “he” is beautiful, smart, outgoing or not. People often see scorpios as the real deal without even knowing ithat thats how they feel.

      **Scorpio does have magnetism, and people tend to be drawn to their intensity — a result of deep emotions, and series of power tricks mainly. However Capricorns have more of a palpable inner strength and are just as mysterious, if not more so (the strong silent type). Scorpio simply TRIES HARDER IN SOCIAL SETTINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH POWER DYNAMICS. Capricorn is already a Capricorn…it doesn’t have to try. It’s an old sign, a retired general with a wall full of medals, it’s not out to prove anything like young immature Scorpio that is essentially half an Aries (Mars is one of the ruling planets). Scorpio is a smouldering heap of contradictions, emotions, dark energy, like a colorful cauldron boiling over. Capricorn is more like an austere, solid anvil, or a piece of battle armour with a few dents…less dynamic or exciting at first glance, and they naturally put out more of a closed vibe. Scorpio is more inviting because they always need fresh souls to add to the cauldron to manipulate / digest — they feed off the attention. A Scorpio in a private or one on one setting is vastly different from one where a multitude of eyes are upon them **

      The capricorn will be the one staring and admiring the scorpio most of all, wishing to one day be just as hypnotising as the Scorpio and have its respect.

      **Capricorns listen deeply. They are extremely sharp and perceptive. They have an impeccable memory, They give attention very well, and when speaking to you do so like you are the only one in the room. They are not “admiring” Scorpio but simply either:
      a) being generally interested in what they are saying and displaying proper etiquette
      b) confirming their initial instincts about all of Scorpios tricks…like a detective keeping someone talking to uncover truth
      c) ‘humor’ a Scorpio out of a type of pity, like an elder listening to a dynamic, ecstatic young child telling them all about their first time catching a fish or something, or getting a B+ on their test…”Woa, cool! That’s awesome little dude, good for you” – Capricorn is not threatened by Scorpio hogging the social spotlight, and understands it does this out of weakness, not strength. They will simply endure with a high level of indifference. Capricorn is more charming, graceful, alluring and diplomatic than Scorpio, and oozes competence, confidence and class. Scorpio lacks these things and makes up for it with a primal magnetism, derived mostly from power tricks described in this post.

      Cap will always be upset that scorpio dont respect them and actually thats often what they want from the whole game; be equal at the top with the scorpio and have everyone admiring them. But scorpio hates cap and yes, wants him drop dead.

      ** Capricorn is admired too, though in different ways. Capricorn is more respected, Scorpio more feared.
      All Scorprios in my experience have respected me…they sensed the strength of what they were dealing with and have never pushed me too far. They simply test you at first (like a woman ;) ) and constantly test you and are more of a loudmouth ball buster, shit disturber type. Cap will always pass their tests, and their seriousness / hard to read-ness makes Scorpio increasingly uneasy in their presence…they think “hey how come I can’t bully/control/manipulate this sign like I can the others? I’m supposed to be the mysterious one” Cap does not hate Scorpio, they simply find them annoying at times :) **

      Also, if a scorpio loves someone and starts to ignore that person, it will hurt bad for that person and he will always try to get the love back. If a scorpio stop loving a person, that person is probably hitler, scorpios will go throught fire for the one he loves even if he knows that what he is doing is wrong. Caps just keep moving when something goes out of order.

      **Not sure what you mean by this. Yes, Capricorns are stronger, far more stoic and less affected by things generally if that’s what you mean. Nothing will keep them down or get in the way of their goals. They keep moving.**

      The biggest weapon that a scorpio has against a cap is:
      Cap would do anything to be like Scorpio.
      Its super easy for a scorpio to rock the boat and make the cap insecure, another way of saying it would be; cap needs a plan for everything and if stuff goes unexpected his true self can show. Especially if the scorpio pushes him in a manipulative way.

      **It is the Scorpio that is insecure..that is why it always feels the need to play games, and is overly obsessed with psychological power dynamics. Capricorn wants to be respected as well, however it has enough inner strength and conviction to rely on, which often does the talking. Cap is Cardinal, which means it can constantly create new approaches to things / new paths. It’s conscious of it’s deep reserves of power. It likes to plan for the most part but I would argue a Scorpio would be more out of their element when thrown off their fixed path. Scorpio’s true colors show when it is challenged by Capricorn. I’ve embarrassed them many times with an unexpected witty remark and you can see how angry they get **

      Scorpio can easily bully the cap (who hates that) without anyone else noticing, like bullying through telepacy.
      Cap is freaking super insecure and scorpio can se in one second exactly what he’s insecure about, then use it and break the cap.

      **I have never been bullied by a Scorpio. Again, it’s not the Capricorn that’s insecure, but the emotional (cough..weak water sign..cough) Scorpio who’s CONSTANTLY ON DEFENSE LEST IT GET HURT, like a little dog barking to try and scare you — “better bite before something bites me” it thinks. Like a little Scorpion flaring it’s stinger at anything that hovers over it…at the mountain goat Capricorn climbing way above, the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, hiding behind the whole constructed fantasy, the elaborate spectacle to hide that he’s just a little man. It could be that Capricorn is simply more honest with itself, and more open (again, showing strength) about it’s weaknesses or flaws. It’s a very uninvolved view to take this as weakness or insecurity, but Scorpio is more unevolved in general. To Scorpio, any person’s loss is their direct gain, and they play a petty game of going round gaining a perceived inch here and an inch there. Nietzsche once said: “The greatest thing about victory is that it liberates the victor from the fear of defeat” — A Scorpio will likely laugh at someone who falls and hurts themselves, and loudly exclaim “look at that moron!”

      Scorpio will always inject tension if things are going too smoothly or everyone is agreeing. It will go out of it’s way to say something ridiculous and make some bold claim to get people arguing and try and reclaim power by disrupting. It will always try and ‘one up’ by saying “that’s nothing, this one time…” and it will hide among all the dust that’s being kicked up to temporarily regroup and pick another psychological target, like a scorpion scurrying along the dessert floor.

      In closing, remember Capricorn is the father / grandfather of the zodiac. It is the most masculine sign and ruled by the planet of discipline and hard lessons that does not play games or screw around. Scorpio is a rowdy Bart Simpson impressing people with its colorful slingshot and skull and crossbones cereal box tattoo…. Capricorn doesn’t invest in these areas of flash and flimsiness as much but shows up where it counts. Every time I have seriously challenged a Scorpio they have backed down. They had an aura of “chill out man, it’s only a psychological game…” like the coward when finally caught and lifted up by his shirt says “I swear I wasn’t looking at your girlfriend…”

      Capricorn wants to be respected, Scorpio wants to be feared. Scorpio is the archetypal dark knight or villain, and tries very hard to look the part (it will always choose black clothing or the leather jacket, the monster truck or sports car, covered in tattoos…) It is very street smart and again will always choose something — no matter how trivial or small — that enhances its power, like standing or walking on the higher slope of the street so it appears a little taller in comparison to you, speaking just a little louder than the next guy, etc… pay attention to these subtle things next time you’re around a Scorpio.

      • Capricorn is feminine. Saturn represents binah . Binah is the first point of the feminine. All that giving birth to reality kinda says enough.

      • You get it. You explained it all so perfectly.

      • Brandy Mundy on said:

        Just to hear you speak on the things the Scorpio stated about Capricorn shows how competitive and childish you both are. How about respecting each other different allures and strengths which you two ascribe as weaknesses? Grow up seriously. No one cares to feed either of your egos!!!

        This is coming from a Scorpio 2ND deacon. You two sound like kids having a play ground spat.

      • LOL look at the Scorpio and Capricorn going at each other. Both wanting to be on top! ha


    • were you “crushed” by a capricorn ? or are you just obssesed . I know how that scorpio energy can be … maybe you should try to relax once in a while.

      • Capricorns will always win against a Scorpio. Caps keep a solid unstoppable climb while Scorpios fluctuate and self destruct. Scorpios think they are ahead and that’s just what the cap wants you to think ;) we are always planning and advancing at a solid pace and will come out on top. Like the wise goat on the mountain of success

        • Dragonscorp13 on said:

          Yes, I am most intimidated by capricorns,unlike any other sign. However, my capricorn friend is so patronizingly condescending, that she slips up in the most obvious ways, while reminding me how well educated she is.I don’t mind, because she goes out of her way to reassure me that I am one of her most intelligent friends.

          • Brandy Mundy on said:

            She reassured you of how smart you are meanwhile taking blows at your self-esteem? That’s not a friend dearie, that’s a manipulating and conniving person. They kill your positive energy. Ugh let that person go!!!

    • Crazy Cap on said:

      I’m going to try to be fair in saying this, not only because I am a Capricorn, but I have a Scorpio ascendant, Mom and many aunts are Scorpio. I must side with Mark for the most part. Most Scorpios I know are sharp, strong and get shit done. But they tend to push people away by being to demanding and intolerant. So the same people that they value and want to be on the same page with them; are the very people that tend not to form an “Alliance” with them. Capricorns on the other hand tend to let you just be yourself, they do more listening than talking because you learn more by listening. No need to be seen or heard and that’s a challenge for Scorpio because they feed off of the words people say and analyze it for ignorance and discrepancies. If they don’t like what they hear, they will dismiss you and never deal with you on the same level if at all and that’s the shameful sad part about most of them because they close themselves off and immaturely count people out and underestimate them and overestimate themselves. But when the verdict comes out that they were wrong about this person, they will apologize and become very forgiving and thoughtful. Capricorn on the other hand will listen to your words but wont try to analyze or use them against you. They may seem indifferent or spaz out when you are talking too much but you can always reel them back in by discussing finances, goals and plans.
      Also one big difference in Capricorns and Scorpios is Capricorns wont pretend to know everything about everything. They will wait till they know enough and research the subject before they start arguing and debating it with you. Scorpios will just debate anything just for the sake of arguing and may see you as less human and just plain ignorant if you dont agree with them. Also Capricorns see and appreciate the value and differences in people and can be friends with anyone although they choose not to have alot of people they themselves call “friends”. Scorpios on the other hand most likely cant be friends with just anyone but will have alot of people they themselves call “friends”. But I will say in Scorpio’s defense, they wont be fake with their friends. Friendships with a Scorpio can be trying because you will more than likely start off as good friends then end up as great enemies until “you apologize” and then you will be on again. Capricorns friendships can also be trying because they are constantly learning what it means to be a friend, they are just not that chatty, emotional or petty. You may spill all your beans to them and expect them to jump in to your defense but they are slow to do it because they were born with the wisdom that there are always more than one side to the story and they would like to hear both before they commit to a feeling. They have to be right about the feeling they commit to.

      • Dragonscorp13 on said:

        I respect capricorns, but they often think they are right even when they are wrong. I am a scorpio,alas, but I never talk about something unless I know what I am talking about. If I do not know, I will keep my mouth shut.

        • Quit lying doesn't help yourself on said:

          Capricorn is slow and about perfection. Capricorn is usually wrong? Yeah I’m sure Muhammad Ali was usually wrong about everything. Had no clue what he was doing but was so good at boxing. Get out of here with your childish lies.

        • Yonela Nkosi on said:

          Same applies to me

      • I think this is a substantial understanding of these two dynamics. I have been studying a horoscope with South Node, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn,1st House,Ascendent -with their Mars,Venus,Mercury and Sun!! in Scorpio-I want to say ‘poor guy’ add to this mix a 12th House Moon

      • Brandy Mundy on said:

        Not all Scorpios are the way your mother and aunt are first deacon Scorpios are what you are describing 2ND deacon which I am November9 are way more open minded than the first deacons. First deacons are the typical Scorpio. The second at the heart which means we exhibit more positive aspects of Scorpio than the first deacon. Scorpios are different according to their deacon. So you only have one part in a three part series. However I will say we are the worst at emotional transgressions. We do not know how to forgive or let go of those types

    • Scorpionic Goat Fish on said:

      I’m a sun Capricorn in the 8th house (scorpio/pluto), and I gotta say that, living with myself all my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that capricorns are much stronger at the end of the day. Scorpio is alluring but too emotional, jealous, vengeful, they lash out. Caps are always in control of their emotions, maybe the real turmoil for a cap goes inside, but they quickly get up and keep going. Scorpios are manipulative until they can “sting” you, but then that’s it, the fun it’s over, Caps on the other hand are the goat-fish, they love climbing that mountain and they love it when they get to the top. Having that molotov cocktail in my sun, I know both energies like the palm of my hand. If you want to manipulate me, you won’t be able, if you want to step over me, you better think twice. That energy combo is really power hungry, which can be overwhelming. Mind you, I’ve learned to love this energy over a long period of time, it’s kind of out of control in the beginning, you master it when you are mature (very capricorny). Hope this helps, ta

    • Capricorns have the ability to remain cool and calm while stepping on the self destructive scorpion. We can shut off our emotions and become cold as ice in order to move up and move on. Scorpios on the other hand are emotional and obsessive which are weaknesses in business. Caps have a solid steady path on the way up to the top of the mountain. Scorpios fluctuate and become unstable, but while always thinking they are winning. That’s just what cap wants you to think, while we smile with wisdom watching you think your on top. While your obsession and manipulation become your own demise. I’ve come across many Scorpios that are jealous and have felt the need to challenge me. I’ve always won, silence is a strength they should learn from caps. ;)

    • No offensd, but get over yourself.

      The thing you seem to forget is that when angered, a cap will literally sink a ship just to drown it’s captain. In other words: if we go down, guess who’s going down too. You.

      We’re just sick of Scorpios immature pettiness. If you want to play games, we’ll play along. But don’t be suprised if the relationship dies afterward.

  7. There was supposed to be a funny smiley to show that Im not evil but it didnt show :( oh well..

  8. Scorpios are evil and are bully, if you go against their wishes they will be the devil who will destroy the peace in the house

  9. betty sky on said:

    I’m a Capricorn ascendant with a conjunction of Neptune and Uranus less than 1 degree apart.
    But I have 4 planets in scorpio: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Pluto, all in the 11th house. All these planets are opposing Moon in Taurus 5th house. Talk abt a heavy chart!

    But if I’m capricorn or scorpio, well, it’ll depend on the sittuation. I can put people first depending on the person, and I can go crashing everyone else, pretending I didnt notice. Theres a nice mix of being hypnotical and being respected at the same time. Still, I prefer to spend my time alone, its very drainning when you become the center of attention even if you dont want to, like if everyone is expecting big things from you.

    And yes, tapping my own shoulder is one of the hardest things. I put so much pressure on myself and have a sense that I must be an overarchiever, I’m having some really difficult times due to this one. But I’m also afraid I loose this and become kinda lazy. It seems that following balance is almost impossible. I thank heavens I have moon in a very stable sign, at least my emotions are in place (no drama queen around here).

  10. Chad Walsberg on said:

    Ellen, you’re funny. Go back to your shadow sanctuary.

    Mark!!! Could not have said it better. I have Mercury in Scorpio.

    Juno, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Moon, Pallas in Capricorn. And the Part of Fortune!!!!

    In the Capricorn World, Scorpio is an intern.

  11. In my case I have Scorpio rising and Capricorn sun. Trying to decide now which one of them I identify more hehe. Great article!

    • Crazy Cap on said:

      Me too, Cap Sun, Scorp rising,
      As a lover of astrology, you have to consider also the sign the Moon is in, for the Moon dictates emotion handling and it sounds like alot of these comments are emotionally driven where everyone is striving to be better than the other.
      Sun Sign- overall tendencies, how you see yourself
      Rising Sign- how others may see you
      Moon Sign – initial emotional responses
      If these 3 signs are not in harmony with each other, you may act contrary to how your Sun Sign tendencies, thereby creating a contrary depiction of how others may see you.
      We have to allow everyone the benefit of the doubt to believe and except themselves without devaluing others.

  12. I’m a Scorpio. I was married to a Capricorn. The relationship dynamic is so bizarre (that’s why I’m here, trying to get insight). I hear all the points the caps have made in the comments and very much agree that capricorns seem to feel much smarter and stronger than scorpios. However, bring a Scorpio, I have to say, that’s only caps perspective. Scorpio feels Caps wisdom and wants to absorb and grow through them; Scorpio in return wants to offer Capricorn emotional depth. Scorpio is happy to put Cap on a pedestal for sharing their wisdom, but Scorpio also knows it’s own worth and wants to help Cap to recognize the value of feeling. Capricorn is whole heartedly intrigued and mesmerized by Scorpios emotional nature at times, but then ultimately dismissive of it. The power struggle seems unending but the attraction never dies, it’s quite frustrating but also comforting I think to both Scorpio and Capricorn because cap *thinks* it is constantly reminded of how strong it is because it’s just so wise and smart while Scorp can passionately continue on its fixed path trying to get Cap to break out of the seemingly controlled space they live in.

    Honestly, I think both are very insecure but appear confident, though scorpio sees value in not always being confident. Scorpio tries to build up Caps security while cap will never offer the same in return because they think they shouldn’t have to, like its a sign of weakness for Scorpio to even want that. Scorpio just feels it’s an expression of love and admiration and genuinely enjoys making the Cap feel loved. Cap is highly suspicious because they can see how self destructive Scorpio can be and so they try to protect themselves.

    There are so many good qualities about Scorp/cap but the power struggle is real. Reading other caps perspectives on scorpios here was sad. The thoughts are so accurately reflective of the way my Cap thinks when he feels defensive. Anyway. Interesting thoughts from everyone. I don’t really think Capricorn has a good grasp on what scorpio is about at all but because they are goal orientated and they see scorpios nature as a threat, Caps tend to try to devalue the Scorp allure so they can continue on their way.

    • There is plenty of depth (emotional & otherwise) to Capricorn, you just might not ever glimpse it if you aren’t a close friend or loved one. It’s not a defense or safety mechanism as in the case of scared, sensitive Cancer, it’s simply an efficiency thing. Look at most renown artists, athletes, etc. they are ready to suffer greatly and sacrifice to reach the top of their craft. It’s a trade off that they stoicly accept. But yes, things don’t always have to be that Spartan & rigid…Capricorns can
      use a hand ‘lightening up’ a bit here & there.

      I don’t think Cap is dismissive of the emotionality of Scorp in a hurtful or mocking way, it just doesn’t relate to it completely, and doesn’t see it as a viable solution most of the time. The main tone of my initial response was against negative claims being made about Cap, and challenging them. I didn’t mean how much better we are, just that when it comes down to it (since the poster asked for it) here’s why they are wrong about those claims, and why Scorpio will most often lose in a battle (of patience, will, strength, etc). Which leads to the next point…

      I don’t see the Scorpio nature as a threat, just an annoyance (at times). Something crucial I forgot to mention in my initial post is the trademark Scorpio intensity. Think of a 1980’s hair metal band wall of guitar amps constantly turned to 11…you need some nuance. It can’t be 11 all the time…it can just be draining to deal with Scorpio because they are often just unecerssarily intense…like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. It’s like chasing after your grandchildren all day when all you want to do is relax with a tea and a good book. Cap has a stern, paternal almost ‘herding’ kind of energy and I think it’s the young rebellious Aries in Scorpio that causes any sort of power struggle. “I don’t have to listen to you!”

      I don’t think Cap or Scorpio are insecure. A Libra is insecure. Cap just doesn’t want to waste time and Scorpio is just paranoid about everyone. Scorpio just seems obsessed with being perceived as the toughest person in the room. Their self destructive antics might fool some, but not Cap. They correctly understand this is a sign of weakness / a younger soul in need of recognition and rarely if ever will Cap call them out on this…they will actually try to spare them and honor that. It ‘disarms’ them and helps them to relax. Maybe we can say that Capricorns relentless pursuit of greatness and success exhausts him and causes emotional detachment. He needs to be reminded that peers are necessary and good for his health. And Scorpios relentless pursuit of being in control (so as to limit external controlling forces) and being paranoid leads to self destruction and emotional instability.

      Together I think they make great friends (I can’t comment on partnership as I’ve never dated Scorpio, but I imagine a good bond there too). Scorpio just needs to relax, and Cap needs to step off the high horse and not be so old.

      • Great insight!

      • I love your insight! I love capricorns, blah. Love/hate.

      • I have another question about capricorns… Do you ever open up about all your secrets to anyone? Are the things you keep to yourself even really important enough to keep hidden? I waited years and years to hear about certain things in my ex’s childhood that seemed to just never be of importance/any of my business or maybe he couldn’t emotionally bring himself to talk about them? I’ve noticed the same sort of behavior in several capricorns but I can’t tell if that’s just a coincidence. Do you simply not place importance in sharing secrets?

        I seem to be repeatedly drawn to caps, and this ‘pulling back the layers of the psyche’ is honestly one of the bigger attractions. I’m starting to think you guys actually don’t like to have your layers pulled back at all (some signs do).

        • Actually, it’s sort of my impression that you like having someone who would want to pull back your layers and want you to open up but you actually just have no time for that nonsense.

          • Capricorns don’t like to be vulnerable because they feel it is weakness and prefer to appear strong. They have to trust you will not use their secrets to harm them. We are very guarded for safety precautions

          • I know this is a late reply but for anyone else wondering, yes, we do eventually open up but it can take a very long time. In general, we don’t tend to be game players when it comes to emotions. If we say ‘I love you’ take it at face value even if there doesn’t seem to much emotion behind it because the words alone mean a lot. Caps show their affections in small and nuanced ways. Nothing you say will be forgotten. If you offhandedly tell me you like cats and your favourite colour is blue, then I will spend half an hour trying to find a blue birthday card with a cat on the front for you. Little things like that you might miss so pay attention to the finer details. We do want to open up so you’ll find that the closer we grow, we’ll start to share our feelings on a smaller scale as almost a test to see if we can trust you but never ever break our trust if we open up to you or we are likely to just break contact altogether. It’s probably true that we treat ‘outsiders’ as disposable (though sometimes without realising it as we can be so wrapped up im our climb that everything else blurs by) but when we cement our relationships, we can be a loyal and as self sacrificing as they come. I would never put business above one of my people and once you’ve got me, it’s hard to lose me :-) Just be patient with us. Caps are very patient because they know it will pay off in the end so if you do this, you are showing us that you are already willing to put the time and effort into building something great for us to share xx

        • Crazy Cap on said:

          I am a Capricorn and I personally dont reveal what I call “secrets” because they would no longer be.
          The trustworthiness of the person I am in a relationship with dictates what they know about me beyond the surface level.
          I believe that if revealing info about my personal life will benefit the relationship, then you will know about it, only if we are close and you are trustworthy. If it has no point or benefit, you may not know ever. I am more of a person that will learn you first before I start talking.
          I am not a gossiper for mine or anyone elses secrets. If someone tells me something they dont want to be repeated, It doesnt get repeated.
          I respect my privacy and the privacy of others therefore discussing issues that are’nt part of the scope of the relationship is foreign and uncomfortable to me.
          Show first you are trustworthy and real and you may begin to know more about your Cap friend than on the surface.

    • I think this provides the most insight from an experienced combination of both. My only reflection on reading most of the posts is the difference in emotional connect. If a person (any sign) can understand the value of emotional connect as lived by scorpio there would be better understanding to be able to work with the personality. As mentioned caps may have emotions but the way in which these manifest and relate are different. Scorps has the capacity to see this, adjust and still provide room in the relationship to develop together. Whilst the caps may see the unit (as in being a couple) there is a disconnect on the togetherness and the emotional strength this provides. Emotional depth and expression should not be devalued. There are many a traits amongst signs that wind ppl up but the point is to understand what makes a person who they are and then what you bring to grow or detract from them. Thats how you grow as an individual and from within your relationships – often other signs dnt have the capacity because they only know themselves.
      I am a scorps just come out of a 13 year relationship with a scorps and believe that the differences btween scorps n caps are actually what makes them a force to be reckoned with. My experience is very similar to whats mentioned here and i believe the greatest challenge is the emotional understanding of the two. Just as caps demands support of their goals and means to get there it doesnt always equate to the emotional demand needed for scorps. From reading the bashing comments througout this thread underlines this lack of understanding from most of the caps here commenting. I havent read a caps yet comment on any compromises they have made in a sign of any give or take. How can a relationship go anywhere if my conclusion is i cant relate or your feeling is not viable. I personally have a lot of respect for the can keep me focused and in check. But the way i see and FEEL things matters and has value. I have found this from experience. if you had the capacity you may find yourself having different perspectives on situations managing them better and bringing more strength security and respect to many relationships around you. I feel like a little depth can cement a relationship so no matter how it is tried n tested by life or differing personalities there is always a strong foundatio to build upon. Tired of the scorps bashing. Says more about you than scorps.

      • Sorry i had a relationship with a caps – not scorps

        • Crazy Cap on said:

          I am a Cap with Scorpio rising and personally I feel a the Cap in me is calm, quiet and sometimes self loathing and wants to be left alone by strangers, but that Scorpio part of me reels me back into a reality that I need to be more tolerant and sociable and understanding of others. Personally if I cant see a future with you in some way, I dont invest.

      • Scorpio here and you explained yourself beautifully! That’s the thing no matter what Caps, at the end of the day will still strive to be on top! Also a lot of what the caps were saying was exactly what my Cap ex was doing to me! Yes I know I can be “emotional” at times. But Caps could understand Scorpio a little better if they could only relate on a deeper level. I actually respect and admire Cappy’s strengths and ambitions. In fact these are some of the very “few” people that I would trust to handle business with marry or have as a friend. Because of some of these traits. If they are in your corner. YOU’RE GOOD TO GO! But I feel that with both wanting to be in control is where things get tricky. I still to this day have some long term Cappy relationships. Then there are other’s where we went our separate ways or Sparks were sure to fly!

      • Crazy Cap on said:

        Sorry KiKi, trying to be neutral here, but I have read more Capricorn bashing then Scorpio bashing

      • I’m a 47 year old Capricorn (3rd decan if that matters. I dated a Scorpio man (11/18) for almost 4 years.
        You say Capricorn’s don’t make compromises?
        That makes me angry. I gave up my job to work with my Scorpio man because he was stupid jealous. I did HIS bookkeeping, took care of HIS home, HIS daughters, HIS everything. I opened up to him and trusted him completely. I loved him so much. He says he loves me but treated me worse each day. Maybe he and I weren’t meant to be together and maybe this is a bad example. It’s all I have as an example to share here.
        I have never loved somebody so deeply or been as honest and open like I was with him. I sacrificed so much for him. HE is the one that wouldn’t comprise. It had to be 100% his way all the time.
        Normally, I would cut and run immediately after seeing any red flags but I stuck it out. I tried to talk but he wasn’t having it. (I hated talking about this kind of relationship crap too but it was necessary.)

        To sum it up quickly here… I just moved out. I changed my number and left town. He is sending me emails about how sorry he is and all that blah, blah blah BS y’all like to do when backpeddling.

        I guess my point is that if we love and admire somebody, we will give you everything we have. We DO sacrifice for our loved ones, we DO try our best to be open, loyal, honest and sincere. Sure. We aren’t like that with just anybody but it isn’t as if we aren’t capable of it.

        • Keri -P.S. on said:

          BTW. I’m a Capricorn with a Scorpio sun.
          He is a Scorpio with a Virgo sun.
          My Scorpio moon and his Aries Mars are in his 8th house for all the synastry geeks.

    • Dragonscorp13 on said:

      Very well said. We are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses. Capricorn being a cardinal sign will always try to lead, which is ok if it is somewhere worth following. Since scorpio is fixed, we don’t have to prove ourselves constantly. Of course, we will never win any popularity contests.

    • Caps aren’t at all dismissive of scorpios emotions and will full heartedly apologize when they realize they’re in the wrong (if they consider the scorpio close to them).

      Problems arise when the cap decides to be a little vulnerable for the sake of trying to repair a friendship or relationship. Rather than accept the apology, scorpios see it as admitting weakness and will try to use it to manipulate the cap. Then they get all butt hurt when they realze they haven’t talked to their goat-fish friend in a fee months. The scorpio sits smugly, thinking it has thr upper hand in the friendship. However, they fail to realize that once they cast they used the apology as a weapon, they immediately terminated the friendship. The capricorn has long since moved on. They acknowledge what happened. But they would rather not sit around and wait for the scorpio to show up again and sneak attack them. There’s plenty of more fish in the sea.

      • Your comment slightly confirms my point..when the caps Decides To Be Vulnerable…part of trusting someone Is to be vulnerable – not so much a conscious thing to choose (so its your control you are deciding to release – a little)- if the scorps looks strained to accept there must be something around the sincerity e.g. apologising for disrespecting someone would be a Standard because you disrespected them but if you are generally disrespectful what does your apology mean? (So actually both parties aren’t satisfied with said apology) To me the manipulation you speak of is maybe unresolved points… someone still isn’t listening or is maybe tired of talking…in fact as a cap you talk a lot abt how the scorps thinks n feels but in your description you are lacking the emotional connect – i dont know one scorps that seriously sees things as black n white as you have outlined. Your writing sounds more like a cap from a cap perspective who cant help but bash what she dont understand. Feedback duly appreciated.

        • My best friend is a Scorpio and although we clash on how to direct our shared sense of single-minded pursuit (emotional vs business) she has never betrayed me and so I’ll stick with her through thick and thin. However, if she had tried to turn my vulnerabilities against me, I would have ended the friendship immediately. People dont realise how big a deal it is for us to let our guard down. For that to be betrayed seems like an attack and I’ll be the first to admit that once that first red flag goes up then I’ll just end it. If I get to that point with a person where I feel comfortable letting my guard down, that is me expressly saying ‘I trust you. I care about you. I want you to be a part of my life forever’

          But if I invite you into my home and you tear up my furniture then I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. It’s a two way street. With my best friend, I will guard her secrets, protect her and defend her and I make an effort to understand and compromise with her that I wouldnt bother making with other people. We’re at the point now where if trust was ever broken or boundaries crossed, I would sit down and talk to her about it and give her the benefit of the doubt before making any decisions but in those early days I would have just ended contact without so much as a word. Capricorns definitely have their flaws but we don’t take our feelings lightly. Trying to play on our weaknesses is one of the worst things you can do. We find it easy to cut ties due to our natural cynicism; the relationship isn’t real until it has been proven to be so. I do often think that maybe I end relationships too easily but that’s because it’s hard for me to find much emotional value in something that in my mind has just been confirmed as false or insincere. It might seem cutthroat to explain it like this but if I’m willing to invest my time and effort into building a relationship, any sign that it might be a bad investment will make me cut my losses and move on because at the end of the day, I’m still working toward a goal and that goal is to build real, true relationships. Somebody who undervalues trust and doesn’t respect my efforts to try and develop that (which is what Im doing when I open up to you) isn’t going to worth that emotional investment. I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s my experiences on the matter xx

    • Brandy Mundy on said:

      Capricorn is not smarter than Scorpio. We have two different ways of doing things. Capricorn can be cruel and hard to Scorpio if Scorpio hasn’t evolved enough to know who they are and love who they are. First of all it takes a certain level of maturity to acknowledge and understand the depths of your emotions. If handling your self means shielding your emotions and depressing them, I suggest therapy. There is a time and place to dispel emotions that arise Scorpios who work to control their emotions will learn to differentiate between the two. I dated a Capricorn when I was younger and he purposely would anger me just to see me react because my calm cool collected nature bored him. Being left to myself was not great for him. He intentionally would do and say things to hurt my self-esteem, psych and emotional well-being. After that experience I vowed to never endure that again. I had alot of maturing and growth to go through during the years but I will say if you are in a situation where you are spoken down to or emotionally taken advantage of then get away because it doesn’t get better. Controlling your emotions means walking away to protect them even when you don’t want to.

      • Karen k on said:

        Boy capricorns are completely different than a female cap but have met male caps.boys come off as hard emotionless arrogant judgemental too serious annoying because of this.females come off as kind intriguing intellectual fun mysterious.i couldnt date a male cap..

      • Brandy Yes… the same thing happened when I was dating a Cap guy. I could not BELIEVE how mean he would get with me at times. It almost comes off as being jealous? It’s like he just wasn’t happy if I was comfortable or something. I would leave, try to tell him how much he offended me or hurt me. Then he would change for a little while then back to that sneaky,arrogant, insensitive, game playing ways of his! One day I left for good…i really had enough of him!

  13. Earth is the resting place of water. Its where water can be held, carried forward, recognized as a life force necessary for growth& change.

    They’re both powerful forces. Earth & water.

    • Brandy Mundy on said:

      Agree. Water is the source that nourishes and ensures that earth spurts to its fullest bloom. Without earth their is no soil. Without water their is no hydration, beauty. Without that mixture there is no strength. Both can strengthen each other and come out better if only they work together

  14. Goat’s trample on scorpions like they’re just another pebble on the mountain he going to climbed on.

    • Even if caps trample scorpio, so as long as the fight is worth it…the scorpio will come back. If they dont then perhaps the fight is not worth it at all.

      • I’ve never been trampled by a Capricorn because I know how to say no. Its a beautiful word. They have tried but fail. Any scorpion adept at using their mind is able to leave the goat on the hill by itself when it needs to be done

    • Brandy Mundy on said:

      If the Scorpion doesn’t sting the goat first.

    • Brandy Mundy on said:

      The more I read this forum the more I would stay away from the Capricorn. They sound like the Senate betraying Julius. Sounds evil and lack of sincere moral.

      • Chaconne on said:

        Ooopppsss… As a Capricornian, I don’t really care and won’t try to hold you here if you wanna stay away from the party. Ohhh please make sure your sting is sharp enough to break our feet yeah, lol… And don’t forget, who the heck are you to judge us as an evil and lack of sincere moral? And also the way you said that proved us enough that you don’t deserve to be held for high level conversation by cool head… We have pokerface but brave enough to take responsibility of what we did… You play nice okay let’s make it better… But if you play bad… Don’t cry if we play more bad just to piss you off, Scorps! ;)

        • I’m just commenting on what’s been posted on the forum about you guys and as far as a stinger, I wasn’t trying to use it. If my intention were that, I’d have had my own say of what Capricorn is really like, but then again, I try not to judge people until I know them and I know that everyone is not typically their sign. So you mistook my statement as a personal attack. How intriguing.

      • Bonnie_B on said:

        This is kind of a typical Scorpio reply. You guys are cool in some ways but when you feel cornered or un-appreciated, you tend towards the dramatics, lol. Your emotions will always trip you up whereas cooler heads tend to prevail.

        Not directed at the person I’m responding to but as a generalization;
        At your absolute worst, you guys are jealous, vindictive and vengeful and in these cases, you always end up bitter, broke and basic because you live in your feelings, obsess over people who don’t deserve a second thought and blow everything out of proportion. You really are your own worst enemy and you end up with nothing to show for it but a sense of gratification that you ‘won’

        I still think Scorps are the closest sign to Caps besides Virgos though but you direct your energy to the wrong thing such as arguing about how ya’ll are the most ‘badass’ and ‘dangerous’ sign. I personally couldn’t care less about how many bust ups you been in or how after years of plotting you finally got revenge on your high school ex-boyfriend. If you’re trying to impress then show me the bank statements, the degrees or the doors with your name above them. A Scorpio who can follow the money is the only kind I deal with.

        • Ironically enough, they say that about Scorpios > Bonnie< that they are vindictive, vengeful and jealous, but that's not how I am. As a scorpio I can honestly say I am the least vindictive, and jealous and vengeful of that name. I think the description you give is of a scorpio who is immature and allow their emotions to rule them, but I can honestly say I'm not like that. They say that most first deacon scorpios are what you describe. I'm a second deacon scorpio and we are actually the nicest ones out of the bunch, who seek no reason to harm others or retaliate when others do something to us. We prefer to just cut you out of our life, because we understand that there's no good in revenge. We feel that desire but we don't act on it. We feel alot of things we don't act on because our sense of right and wrong is what keeps us in check. Oh yeah and being the badass and dangerous, sounds stupid in my opinion. Everybody thinks they are the most bad and dangerous. I just think Scorpios are not all the way they portray us. Just certain ones.

  15. I think whats not being mentioned is that everytime scorpio self destruct, they come back, stronger. I never knew any other sign who can do this better.

    Anywhoo, i agree with the article, my problem with cap leadership; they value tangible result more than the loyalty of their team whereby for scorpio loyalty of the team is as important if not more important than the end result. Caps are not afraid to trade his team for the purpose of their goal, scorpio will not trade loyalty.

    • Chaconne on said:

      Or maybe Capricornians are just too sensitive and very aware to see the situation where they stand doesn’t deserve their dedication… Don’t blame a Capricornian for being a natural adaptive person quickly and don’t regret when a Capricornian give their ultimate loyalty to their right ones finally! :)

      • Carpricorn true loyalty lies in their purpose…
        “they stand doesnt deserve their dedication ?,Don’t blame a Capricornian for being a natural adaptive person quickly ? “…nah, thats just your excuse to dispense people for your victory…

  16. That’s right to do. If an individual consistently prefer the negative side of you over the positive side there is no love and the person has issues with themselves. As for Scorpio’s being overly loyal we can but blend it with the truth. You may be a great friend but if you sucj at your job we will tell you. At least I will. Before doing so we will try hard to help you excel.

  17. All Great Generals of WW2 were Scorpios : Erwin Rommel, George Patton, Bernard Montgomery so I think that Scorpios are more strategic and more cunning then Capricorns.

  18. Jeff Bezos. Richest man in the world. Capricorn. Nuff said :)

  19. Jake Castleoff on said:

    And then Taurus comes in and crushes them both…Especially a Sun Taurus with Aries Ascendant and a Saggitarious or gemini moon. Scorpio’s worst nightmare.

    Taurus has internal strength and can generate strength internally.The things taurus can do by own will and own independence and strength are exactly the things Scorpio and Cap need to gain control of others for. Scorpio and Cap gain peace and control from controlling others…Taurus actually retains peace by excluding others and protecting their eternal, internal peace. Also, Scorpio is purposeless without Taurus because Scorpio’s only job is to recycle everything that Taurus creates.

    • Taurus does have good willpower, but they are not as evolved as Capricorn. They have a primitive, caveman like mentality when it comes to little things Capricorn views as petty. For example, if you accidentally throw out a small piece of food you had mistaken for trash, Taurus will flip out!! Who touched MY ____?!?!?!?!?!?!! They are peaceful until they feel threatened, and they seem to feel threatened often (which is a sign of weakness).

      It has been said that Cap is the creator of resources (this is in line with them being tenth house and the father figure) and Taurus is the user and manager of those resources. They are the ‘earthiest’ of all the earth signs and this often leads to an immense stubbornness. This is a trait they share with their fixed sign cousins Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

      I’ve had three Taureans absolutely snap and ‘unfriend’ me because of a simple comment or request. Only one was mature enough to apologize and acknowledge their error.

  20. Also Capricorn is a leader they are a cardinal sign so how would Capricorn be jealous of a Scorpio Scorpio has too many emotions and let’s it get in the way of their goals. Capricorn people keep their eyes on the prize and are not flip floppy going from one thing to the other. Boss like qualities and Scorpios admire Capricorn’s or there is a mutual attraction but Capricorn’s don’t gawk over people.

  21. I died reading “When Scorpio and Capricorn meets at the top”.

  22. This was obviously written by a scorpio. Lol.

  23. Roxanna DuPaul on said:

    I have Scorpio ASC, Moon, Venus, Uranus, and Capricorn Sun, and Mars. Venus, Moon, Uranus all conjunct at no greater than 1º. I am all of the things outlined above, but not without a huge Jupiterian influence. Jupiter is conjunct MC and squares my ASC at 0º. I also have Mercury in Sag. What this does I think is really take the edge off of the Scorp/Cap need for power and control – but this is only on a superficial level. Deep down, I realize I am learning that I MUST have power. I must or it kills me. But ONLY OVER THOSE WHO HURT ME. People who reject me, dismiss me, pass over me, underestimate me. Especially in love. Then, I want to get revenge simply through my own success.

    I’ve never ever walked on someone or thrown someone under the bus to get ahead, cheated on someone or that kind of thing. I strive for honesty in everything! But when I’m hurt…man. I will do anything to “win”. And winning simply means reminding those who passed over me that they were stupid.

    I’m starting to think I should do more spiritual work tho.

  24. igotahardlife on said:

    im a second decon scorpio with a leo ASC and my pluto and jupiter are Sagittarius, and my brother is a Capricorn-and holy crap-NOTHING, and i mean nothing, will get thru his head in an argument, for a childish example: i pet the cat he likes, he then takes that cat from me and says, “let’s get you away from that mean girl” so, i wont let him touch the cat i RAISED from a kitten, but, no. It doesnt work that way, he starts to blurt these needless arguments out. I tell him,’ if i cant touch the cat you like, you cant touch the one ive raised, that’s the way it works.’ but i guess not in his fat, stupid book of ‘Hypocritical things i can do to people that they cant to do to me.’
    so he repeats the same sentence over and over(also speaking over me)until i get agrivated and yell at him to shut up and listen to me. when the adult enters the room, this boy, tells his side of the story, which is-“i was just petting the cat, then she came in here and said ‘no, you cant pet that cat, youre not allowed to!’ and started to take it from me for no reason!” he “quotes” me wrong only to save his lying butt, and changed the story so drastically, it benefits only him and makes me unable to explain the ACTUAL thing(they wont listen anyway since they heard the “angel’s” argument), so you can see why im mad. And they believe this, and only lets him speak. now, i get in trouble, and i try to tell them what actually happened, but, nope! im furious because i am all about honesty and fairness, and equality, but im so mad at them that wont let me talk that my brother tells me that “your only upset because you wanted to make everyone else mad by trying to be over dramatic and being mad at everyone for no reason at all and you failed.” My FATHER has even told me before that-im being over dramatic and to ‘keep your emotions in then.’
    . . . . i was so mad i wanted break both of their faces for stooping to that level of hypocrisy and pettiness.
    any scorpio who has been told this, will understand my anger.
    At one point, like a month later, he got mad at me when i asked him to leave while i was having an emotional breakdown and complained how he had nowhere else to go and that ignorant son of a gun turned the tv on. and i snapped mentally, because i have dealt with this BS from him my whole life and it was finally hitting me, and he still didnt leave until he had to sleep then i could cry in peace.
    My brother was born at the beginning of january. hes a capricorn and he obviously doesnt understand how serious emotions are for me when i try to explain that emotions are a big thing in my life, he wont listen interrupts me and says, “your only upset because you wanted to make everyone else mad by trying to be over dramatic and being mad at everyone for no reason at all and you failed.”when that’s really not the case. he will literally toy with my feelings like they need to be played with. he will try to spark argument and fistfights by annoying me, mocking me, says im wrong about everything and taunting me, and jokes around and mumbles his response when i ask questions-untill ive had enough. till i start thinking hes retarded, til i load my bullets of arguments and pull the trigger on him and break him down like hes been doing to me for years. He thinks he owns me, and thinks he is always right no matter what. i doubt he will ever know or understand a teeny tiny bit of how emotions are for scorpios…even if i beat it into him.
    i do not care if you think im bashing him or capricorns in general. i really dont.

    • crazy cap on said:

      I’m not so sure this is a scorpio/capricorn thing or more of a brother/sister sibling rivalry thing. Sounds like two coins of the same immature argument. Step up above one more level(vibration) Scorpio and you will see that in the grand scheme of the whole world, this is a meaningless argument. That immatureness on both yall part will be and is meaningless. Mature adults wont keep fueling and feeding into this argument because they know in the end, it’s pointless. I have my sun in Cap and asc in Scorpio so I can understand where both sides are coming from. Become like an elevator with no buttons, that way when it is pushed, it has no affect. I dont know who’s older but you scorpio; take the higher road and let the bullshit roll right off you shoulders by ignoring him. Paying less attention is better than letting it bother you.

  25. I think this article is waaaay biased in favor of scorpios. It’s like every good trait Scorpio is claimed to have the better version of it according to this article.
    As a Capricorn, I m genuinely happy when others succeed. If I saw a fellow Scorpio at the top, I’d be happy for them because I most likely helped them get there at some point. And as far as the “secretly” wanting to have their position at the top, I’ll elaborate since this piece is so skewed! I can be happy for so genie at the top and want the same for myself as well. There’s plenty of “at the top” to go around for there to be just one winner ever, every time. That’s why whoever wrote this clearly is a Scorpio or loves one and is trying to impress one. I have no problem with that, but let’s be real about it. I now understand when I get accused of overthinking. The author of this one is clearly overthinking! Have a good one.

  26. anonymousscorpio on said:

    I am a scorpio btw I dont hate capricorns and the fact that this “Capricorn secretly wants to take Scorpio’s job” in here is very ACCURATE at first it’s in our nature to be jealous of them but it happens someone will steal your spotlite at every point of your life.

    Mostly thats Capricorn’s nature to be competitive Scorpio like me needs to accept it that they are better so they are

    its just so funny capricorns thank you because of your competitive and like to steal other people spotlight I don’t have to deal with pressure and stress one time people dont care about me so they put all the work on the capricorns they just given some work and I still got the money yay

    but Scorpio is very mysterious and secretive of what they are passionate about being on top is like for public status only Scorpio like me can figure something out so that capricorns cant steal from them anymore

  27. Im a Cap with Scorpio Moon. Just Reading the comments while eating popcorn. So entertaining.🤪. I like Mark’s comment – so spot on.

    This explains why my celebrity boyfriend(scorpio) and I have power struggles most of the time. But dang, scorpios are hot,I cant resist their charms🤤.

  28. We can analyze a Scorp/cap to the end of time but there are so many variables that affect not just this sign combo but all others as well. Let’s also not forget that personality disorders such as narcissism and bipolar play parts. Everyone is broken to some degree either by childhood trauma, life events, family dynamics, and past relationships. These color our relations with others. Truly, I believe if those factors didn’t exist, we would all get along famously. We would all innately want to see our fellow humans succeed in life and want to help each other get there. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. I’m a Cap sun, Scorpio rising and Sagittarius moon

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