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Capricorn in Love

Capricorn in Love, Venus in Capricorn

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted July 11, 2012
By Corinne Lane     39 Comments

“I Work First, Love After”

The first secret to know about a Capricorn in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Capricorn person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Capricorn will be a “Capricorn in love.” Find out your Venus sign.

Venus in Capricorn is a person of substance and worth. They have been referred to as cold, unfeeling, unemotional, and even stingy with love. But that is not entirely accurate. They may only appear that way because romantic love is usually not a priority for them. Building a successful career is a prerequisite for them to be happy in love. They simply cannot, or will not, enjoy a love relationship until they have satisfied their goals at work. Unfortunately, this is a “catch-22” since they are never really satisfied with their level of achievement at work. They always think they can do better.

If you are lucky enough to catch a Venus in Capricorn after they have achieved some level of career success, be prepared for Victorian-style courtship. You will be his queen or king. But not in a flashy, Leo way; rather, in a non-flashy, tasteful way. You’ll sit side-by-side on your thrones and enjoy life. Whether sitting on the sand watching the sunset on a private beach, or watching T.V. in his quality-furnished living room, he wants to enjoy with you the life he’s built. See, he’s not cold and unfeeling. He’ll only appear that way during his “building years.”

If you happen to attract his attention during his building years, he will immediately size you up without your knowledge of it. He has high standards and will not waste time on you if you don’t meet them. This isn’t coldness. It’s just that Venus in Capricorn places a high value on finding the right partner. There is a lot at stake for them because they plan on sharing their empire with their partner.

If your Venus in Capricorn lover is still in his “building years,” you’ll have to trick him into taking a break from work for love. It is not easy for them to get into a loving mood, but once they are in the mood, WOW. You’ll see then why the sign of Capricorn is at the top of the astrology chart. They are sensual in bed, and they take their time to satisfy you. Fire sign Venus lovers will get impatient with this style, but earth and water lovers will experience immense ecstasy with Venus in Capricorn. You’ll find yourself resenting that they returned to work the next morning. They’ll leave you wishing you could actually live in the bed together.

But you’ll have to endure his absence if you want his love again. If you don’t behave, he will not find you worthy of true partnership. If he doesn’t find you worthy, he will not bother with you very long. If he does find you worthy to rule his empire with him, he sticks around for life. Once in love, he follows through with unparalleled determination and stamina, in the relationship and in bed.

They will be interested in children and grandchildren. Not because they like children, but because they must leave a legacy.

They will keep their work life separate from home. You will never truly know what (or who) they’re doing at work. Keep that in mind, whether your Venus in Capricorn lover is male or female. They work hard, perhaps harder than any other sign, but they’re still only human, which is difficult for them to accept. The pressures of hard work can weigh anybody down. Venus is Capricorn is the least likely type to crack under pressure, but it’s not impossible for him/her to crack. In the rare case that this person cracks from over-work, they will inevitably be at work. And they’ll have sex with the first person they see (this applies to both girls and guys). They’ll never admit this to you.

This isn’t to say that all Venus in Capricorn people are unfaithful in relationships. I’ve explained here the issues that can lead one to unfaithfulness. If the circumstances are such that they find release at home with you, they would have no need for unfaithfulness. See, theirs is not the same as the air-sign’s infidelity due to general fickleness, or fire-sign affairs of passion. For Venus in Capricorn, any infidelity would be due to a release of pressure (that, and he can’t resist a girl in a business suit).

Even so, he doesn’t want to be a failure at your relationship. If he’s made a life with you, he will always fulfill his duty at home. He manages his work affairs and his duty at home by keeping them separate in his head, and it works for him. In his mind, he doesn’t love you any less because of it. He works hard at work in order to build a good life for the two of you, and he expects you to know that. When he works late every night, he’ll say it’s for you. If you’re beginning to think this guy/girl is a bastard, remember, not all Venus in Capricorn men/women cheat. Many of them are really working late. They are capable of loyalty.

The irony: He keeps work and home separate in his head, but work and love are intricately bound together for Venus in Capricorn. He cannot enjoy love without work first.

The saddest thing to see is a Venus in Capricorn person who is getting along in years yet has not fulfilled his work goals. This person may never make room for a romantic love relationship.

In some cases, Venus in Capricorn may choose his queen before he builds his career, and then wants her to sit tight and wait for him to build the life that they’ll enjoy together in ten years. His intentions are noble, but many partners will not wait that long to enjoy life. Venus in Capricorn doesn’t understand this, and he usually ends up feeling rejected personally instead. After several prospective partners leave him, he can suffer depression.

All people with Venus in Capricorn can suffer extended bouts of depression. They can occasionally sink into thinking they haven’t achieved enough success to be worthy. They can also be suspicious. Another problem for Venus in Capricorn is that their need for self-control and emotional reserve can come across as coldness to others. This is an earth sign, so emotional reserve comes with this package. People with Venus in the other earth signs do not mind this. But everyone else will have problems with his aloof, impersonal approach. Even Venus in the air signs can consider him cold, since he lacks the lightheartedness that air signs have.

When Venus in Capricorn has decided that he’s ready for love, he’ll be fully prepared to face the work and responsibilities of having a relationship. They have what it takes to love you forever. Their style of affection is reserved, cautious, and serious, but it’s also sensual, and meaningful. Don’t mistake their style for coldness; this is how they love.

What type of girl is the Venus in Capricorn man attracted to? Naturally, someone willing to sit on the throne next to him. It’s not enough for you to be financially wealthy. You have to look and act the part. They’re attracted to traditionally classy girls, prim and proper in public. They’re not so interested in your looks, per se. Rather, they want to be sure you make them look good in public. Wild girls are ultimately a turn off for Venus in Capricorn. They’re looking for someone who looks good next to them on a political campaign poster and/or who doesn’t mind staying home with the kids. Either one will turn him on, but if you can pull off both, you’re a keeper. They’re usually attracted to their boss or secretary.

The Venus in Capricorn woman is powerful. She is strong, confident, yet unlike the fire signs, she can be diplomatic, too. What a package. Regardless of her Sun sign, there is always a strong quality of substance and worth about this girl. Even the wilder Sagittarius and Aquarius, if they have Venus in Capricorn, have steadiness when it comes to romance. They will not take love lightly. The Venus in Capricorn lady may choose to wear the pants in the relationship. But no one looks better than she does in a pants suit. The Venus in Capricorn lady is a prize for life. To be sure, she does not need a man.

Celebrities with Venus in Capricorn include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Miley Cyrus, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Liu, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, J. Edgar Hoover, and Elvis Presley.

How to Love Venus in Capricorn

How do you make your Venus in Capricorn lover feel loved? First, and most importantly, they need to be sure that you’re seriously committed to them before they give of themselves to you. Commitment equals love to them. They will not endure a half-hearted relationship. They are prone to depression, so remind them of their worth, often.

They are attracted to work and responsibilities, so make him feel needed as the provider of the home. Where other guys run away, Venus in Capricorn is attracted to the duties of home and family.

If you really want to make him feel loved, let him work overtime. Venus in Capricorn is a workaholic. Working actually gives them pleasure. Let them work until they drop, and they’ll drop right into your arms.

If you’re trying to attract a Venus in Capricorn lover, you must act like a queen (or king). Think blue blood class. Always treat him/her with respect. They will not tolerate crude or low-class behavior from you. Flashing your money in their face will not work. Remember, it’s not your money they’re attracted to; it’s traditional classiness. Go with a short, French manicure instead of long, red acrylic nails. Dress conservatively rather than revealing. They are concerned about reputation.

Don’t be emotionally-needy. Or better yet, have a separate source for emotional nourishment. Venus in Capricorn cannot be a shoulder for you to lean on, emotionally. If he has his Sun in Scorpio or Pisces, he’s capable of providing emotional support but with Venus in Capricorn, he does not enjoy it as part of his love life. His love style is not emotional.

Trying to attract a Venus in Capricorn lover is like applying for a job a large corporation. You may get lucky, or you may never even get noticed. He wants to see your resume, but he’s afraid to ask you for it. You’ll score points with him if you give him your resume up front. If you happen to be his co-worker, you’re a foot in. He can be easily seduced at work. He doesn’t only love to work, but he also loves to love at work. The traditional secretary/boss affair applies to him. He’s a sucker for a lady boss.

At this point, it helps to decide whether you’re going to be his business associate or a stay-at-home mom. Remember, he’s attracted to both, but he may have penciled you in for one or the other. Confirm your choice with him, and then buy the necessary wardrobe. You’re going to have to act and dress the part.

If he’s the type that wants kids, he doesn’t necessarily need you to be home with the kids. He just needs to be sure that someone will be at home managing the kids, cooking, and cleaning. If you don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom, then find a proper nanny, a housekeeper, and a cook. But if you and your Capricorn lover cannot afford this, then you must be willing to stay home and play homemaker. In that case, you don’t have to pose with him for his campaign photos. He’ll see you when he gets home. Be sure to have dinner ready, or a reservation at a restaurant, if you’re smart. Either one is okay with him, as long as you have dinner under control.

If you can meet their stringent qualifications, and if you can wait until they build their kingdom, you’ll be rewarded with a thoroughbred lover who will make room for you at the top of his mountain.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Capricorn. Read about the Earth Sign Love Language since Capricorn is an Earth sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. Thank you for this article!

    You talked a lot about male Venus in Capricorn here. Should we, female ViCs, just attach an s to all the “he”s and assume the description is just as applicable to us?

    • Capricorn is feminine nature also! :)

    • Tharon on said:

      From what I read about venus in capricorn, it it wasnt neutral then it was about the woman and when it actually pertained to the man it was in reference to the woman on how to turn yourself into someone you’re not just to catch him.. so ith all due respect and hope no offense taken, I dont agree with your comment that it was mostly about the male aspect.

  2. Well in fact is only feminine

  3. Couldn’t agree more on this , i am a typical Capricorn , that’s why i am still single , it took me a long time to figure out who i am , since i was born this way , i am gonna accept my fate , i need success more than anything else , i live for it , i am just unable to love after i make a life to a good position , but my family and friends around me couldn’t understand me , i feel life is meaningless except my dream is the only thing keep me moving on …just hope i will get a good job ,and financially well off , maybe i will be more focus on setting down in a family …

    • I am a VIC man and couldn’t agree more. The path is hard but the reward is glory. Once a major goal is achieved, you deserve to delight yourself, endlessly loving your girl. This is the top of the top!!!

    • lol… even though you wrote those words it still seem like I did… you’re not alone… I am 34 yrs old & 11 months old, had several relationship and none seem to stick, but my drive for financial success knows no bound

  4. ariessunandveus on said:

    i dated a scorpio sun, leo moon, cap venus… nightmare…

    • Nicole CG on said:

      Me too. Why was it a nightmare?

      • Oh, man. That’s my chart, exactly! What was a nightmare about it? I’m a woman, so maybe the traits present differently

        • ariessunandvenus on said:

          im an aries sun with a cancer moon and aries venus with a cancer mars. He was tough very guarded and barely ever wanted to be around me it was very bizzare. He accused me of cheating which i never even thought about other guys and more things i just dont have the energy to relive. He and i are still friends but he has moved across the country. Hes not really all that terrible we were just together at a bad time.

          • Dawn Campbell on said:

            Ugh. Sounds bad. Those charts probably don’t match up very well as far as compatibility, either. I struggle with Scorpio men in general myself, although I am one too, lol. They are either angry insecure douchebags or more like a bratty little brother than a love interest. I’m immune to their charms for the most part.

          • Jason Apostolou on said:

            Iam a Sun/Midheaven/Mercury/Jupiter/Chiron in Cancer guy with Mars in Aries.I always like to meet women like you who are half Fire half Water.Everybody says that we (Cancerians)should stay away from Aries ladies but I beleive that an Aries girl with Water traits can be a great match for a Cancerian male.

  5. I am a VIC man and couldn’t agree more. The path is hard but the reward is glory. Once a major goal is achieved, you deserve to delight yourself, endlessly loving your girl. This is the top of the top!!!

  6. i AGREE…That’s me! Female ViC, Sun in Scorpio, Leo Moon…dated an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon and Venus in Gemini…amazing sex….fireworks, flames and steamy sizzling for hours. Emotional.Nightmare.

  7. I am not a VIC but a Capricorn sun sign and I was once involved with a VIC man, sun in Aquarius. Boy, was that hard. No getting past the iron gates lol. An emotional roller coaster. Never knew where I stood. Me, a typical Capricorn. Love my work and get huge satisfaction from it. Probably why I am still single, too much time invested in work and not enough in lurv ! Love the post.

  8. hmm this sounds about right for me :)

  9. Do the Cap man ever settle do they real have true love or they just users?

  10. I am an aquarius with a cap moon and cap venus this is spot on

    • Nicolette on said:

      Does your cap have issues with affection? I’m an Aquarius and I’m with a cap . I want to be kissed randomly and held I want to do the same to him but don’t want to push him away. I like having convos but sometimes I think we’re just both locked vaults that it’s hard to carry on convos. I know he cares he’s always askin if I’m ok but does really say hey I miss you, or just come up and hug and kiss me or hold hands . I try to do that with him but not sure if he’s scared to be affectionate . Any advice?

      • I’m a Cap male and one of my best girl friends is an aquarius. Its strange, we’ve been friends for years, supported each other through a lot, we even TALKED about dating at one point but it always seemed like we were just a few degrees too cool to get that physical chemistry going.

        I don’t know enough about the love life of other Cap men to say with certainty, but I’m very affectionate with my girlfriend and always have been with women. And definitely passionate in private.
        Caps do like to feel valued, attractive etc. So you not being afraid to break the ice might help him open up. You might be more likely to receive a small thoughtful gift just because he saw it and thought of you than an intense public display of affection though. Caps always like to play it cool, especially in public.

        That being said, classy PDA is awesome, I love love love it when my girlfriend and I are out around people and she makes a point to come nuzzle or kiss me, lean on me for a minute or sometimes she just takes my attention and makes me feel like we are alone in a room full of people for a few minutes. Basically whenever she makes it clear to everyone without being crass that she’s with me and very happy about it. Gemini girl… I’m probably gonna marry her :)

        So I’d say try some of those things. But like I said me and my aquarius friend never could get the physical side going, might have just been bad timing. You might also want to get a free Synastry report on a website, find one that explains the connections for you they can be insightful, other aspects of people’s natal charts can play a large role. Good luck let us know if you get him to warm up, its definitely possible but he might have some growing to do in that area so don’t think it’s your fault if you guys can’t find a good middle ground.

  11. Nicole CG on said:


    Been in love with a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon, Venus in Cap male for quite some time now…

    We are broken up but I cant seem to shake him even though he lives 1000 miles away.

    Both of us are focusing on our careers, we keep in touch, and tell each other we love one another.

    Am I in the category of “sitting tight and waiting” while he (we) builds a career?

    Im an Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Venus in Aries.

  12. V.A.M. on said:

    I’m Aquarius with Moon in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Capricorn. This article is right on. We always know what we want. If the business suit doesn’t fit why to purchase it to wear it. Always looking for the right style, colour and fit – I am happy.

  13. Little miss who on said:

    Just got out of a relationship (don’t know his venus sign) and this was actually a huge help for me.
    I study to become a doctor and he was ending his studies in another (very very easy) university, although he was very hard working at his work (which I found really pleasing) i just thought he will be able to ‘sit by and wait’ until I finish with my exams, but it was clearly bothering him I had no time for our relationship or that I’m always concentrated on work and studying. Sex was great but emotionally I suffered…everytime he went out and I couldn’t I knew it wasn’t fine with him but I thought he understood that. I also found out from my previous relationship that I’m not capable of the ‘corny’ and ‘cute’ quortship I do not find it adorable and I do not find it cute. So I was a bit ‘cold’ with this one (and I thought it was okay with him since I was wrong about his needs). Emotionally it was a suffer though I knew this relationship was bad because I sacrificed a lot of time for him (because I really cared) and it started to take out on my study.
    I guess it just wasn’t ment to be. This article helped me a lot because I felt personally rejected and started questioning myself what’s wrong with me. Now I understand what was missing and what I’m looking for.:)

  14. saroj sethi on said:

    i have venus,mercury,& dragin’s head in my capricorn & this article somehow relates to me

  15. Someonee on said:

    Interesting article. I’m a Sun-Cap, Venus-AQ male and have this intense passionate ‘thing’ with a Sun-Cap, Venus-Cap female. We are in our 20s, not established but definitely both have plans for our empires. I am not sure what my question is, mostly just a comment that this article seemed very male-centric, and kind of keyed in on what would be considered gender stereotypes or norms, which I guess is something Caps tend to do.

    My question is, what the hell do I do with this V-C woman? I wish there was some more info on women with this position. My Cap girl is pretty amazing but in a rough spot. She was the one that got away about a year ago and the recent Venus retrograde brought us back into each other’s orbits.

    Pretty scary though because I’ve had partners who struggled with fidelity, even though their love was true. I feel like I might be falling for another one, and that can be a very painful experience. Advice?

  16. Anonymous on said:

    I’m a Capricorn, Sagittarius rising with a cancer moon and Venus in Capricorn. This pretty much sums it up. I’m a huge workaholic, doing crazy overtime hours. My coworkers always tell me that’s insane and I should take a break, but I always say, “It’s no big deal, really.” At the same time, though, I know when I’ve reached my limit, and when to relax.

    I’m dating a Leo Sun with Venus in Cancer and he’s as much of a workaholic as I am. He’s pretty cool, and I think our signs, though unlikely, compliment each other well.

  17. I just want to say I thoroughly resent the entire tone of this article. I am a woman with Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Venus-this article is written entirely on ‘how to woo the Capricorn Venus man’. Ugh! I feel slighted to say the least. Although the overall attributes described color me to a ‘T’, it would be a bit less offensive without the repeated references to ‘stay at home mom’ ect ect. I also have a Taurus moon, so Im apt to be a bit sensitive. However, I do look for the serious, level headed, committed and passionate King to rule my empire, whatever that means. Im not as hell bent on material as perhaps a man would be, just enough to be comfortable is plenty for me. As long as the one Im with is a hard worker, which I respect oodles, and not afraid of commitment, and willing to show buckets of affection, those are my primary requisites.

  18. My Venus is in Capricorn in the First House, though my ascendant sign is Saggitarius and my sun sign is Scorpio.

    What does it mean?

  19. I’m a woman, sun Cap, moon Pisces with VIC….work is never ever done. i do even work for fun. i just change up the kind of work. i’m a goal setter but can get bored before i finish. but, never ever would i be unfaithful. i don’t commit unless i mean it. i expect the same. some of the things hit and some don’t. for sure horny all the time. i am the one who likes to dress up. skirts most days. i like a manly man with lots of testosterone and a little on the naughty side is fine with me…clothes don’t matter necessarily or looks. there will just be that something that lights my fire and i want it.

  20. Jason Apostolou on said:

    I’m interested in a Scorpio woman with Venus and Black Moon/Lilith in Capricorn but with Saturn in Cancer (my dominant sign).She also has Mercury or Mars in Scorpio but can she be considered a Capricorn just by her Venus?

  21. VenusinPiscesLady on said:

    This is the man I am dating right now. He is Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon, Venus in Capricorn. I am Aries Sun. Gemini Moon and Venus in Pisces. Even we are far away and both busy accomplishing our individual goals, we do have time for ourselves and we really love each other. Hope he is gonna be my future husband.

    • VenusinPiscesLady on said:

      Update: We broke up last 2020, he cheated, and he is a womanizer. He is a backstabber, he is a liar. I blocked him and never spoke to him again.

  22. I am a ViC. This is nothing lie me with the exception of trying to control my emotions. This could possibly be due to the fact my moon is in Cancer or because I am an empath. In fact, my moon pretty much outshines my sun (Aquarius). I am extremely emotional, caring and maternal (4 children, too). I love more like a Venus in Cancer, from what I have read. The rest of my natal chart seems very accurate, though. Only my Venus does not match up with how I am.

  23. Laughing. Someone said I was at the top. One time. Venus in Cap. I thought it rather odd. Pisces sun , aqua venus. Cap rising. I have always enjoyed work until bored., overload uranus
    Queen yes!!!! And then I enjoy being by myself a lot. Uranus seventh. Friends any time. Lovers or friends. And lover Friend!!!!!!!

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